Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Feliz Año Nuevo!‏

Tuesday, 30 December 2014
Christmas Skype with family

(Note to friends)
Well I want to let you all know that I love you and hope Christmas went well. I have been busy and time passes too fast for me to write to everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year and keep your spirits bright in your days here on the earth. Thank you all for your prayers and support. With my love and hope for all, Elder Farnsworth.
Well Christmas went well.

Looks like fry bread for Christmas breakfast
We got to see a rainbow after we finished skyping.
Hermano O. was very happy to meet the family and was a little curios as to why I shared my testimony en español. He and his daughter came to church this past Sunday! One investigator didn´t make it to church Sunday because they didn´t have a shower and the water in town had been shut off and they refused to come without a shower. We did however get one investigator to come to church, and G. (the one I baptized) gave his first talk in church! We are still moving forward slowly and surely. We have plans to visit Christian the wood worker today. We also received two referrals today from Church Headquarters! We contacted one by phone, he was busy but he wants to know more. We have yet to contact the other referral. I did buy a belt, along with two belt buckles and the cowboy hat you´ll see in the pictures. It was sure great to see everyone and hear of the progress being made.

We had the opportunity to visit Rio Celeste, close to a volcano. I´ve officially been to a rainforest and got the wet reality of one as well. I then bought two handcrafted magnets made of gourd shell! When I got home I realized I should have taken a picture of the man's artwork, he had alot! I also met a member family from Oregon on the trail. (forgot to ask names, Way to go Farnsworth!) There were a lot of germans, swiss, americans, and natives on the trail. Great Fun! Oh it was refreshingly cool too. I about froze coming home because I was soaked and the air was cool. The heat felt good for once! Love yall lots and hope all continues to go well. I am trying to do my best here for now to continue forward Stalwart in the faith.

People riding horses in front of the vehicle




Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Outside the Costa Rica San Jose Temple

Well, well, well. I don´t know how much of anything I can recount. We have been very occupied and busy, hopefully with the better things we can do here. We had a great branch party here in Cañas Guanacaste. I am putting pictures on drop box but they don´t show the fun like it really was.

Perhaps it wasn´t right, but we splurged (both in money and time) to make a cake for the party. We were trying to find the stuff you need to make rootbeer, good homemade rootbeer, but with little success so we settled with a vanilla cake with condensed carmel milk or dulce de leche on top for the frosting. We got it cooked and looking good, despite the doubtful words of various members and the use of too much time. When it came time for eating at the end of the party, we had pollo con arroz (chicken with rice), different than arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), ice cream, arroz con leche (rice with milk or maybe rice milk), and por fin (at last), our cake was the last thing to be eaten. Everyone was surprised (including me) at how good the cake was. We then had a dinner appointment set up for us to have bbqed pork chops with a member, other members were asking for the recipe (remember it was just a cake mix from the store). Anyway in the end we think that we were able to gain alot of trust from our treat. We had a great capacitación (leadership meeting) for the holders of the Priesthood and felt the spirit very strong as well as the desire of the members to give more support. As of right now we don´t have a ward mission leader so we have very little organization in the work here, but we are moving forward! President Wilkinson and his family visited are branch this sunday to announce that as of June next year there will be TWO missions in COSTA RICA! It was good to have President with us but all of us felt some sorrow because we had an investigator, on date to be baptized and she didn´t show to sacrament meeting so we will have to post pone another week. So I learned directly from the mouth of President that in those cases, always stay with the investigator and make sure they come. Walk with them, get them a ride, do all possible, but never expect them to do it alone or they´ll make up excuses.

I saw the ocean out the bus window coming back from the temple! but it was very dark outside (he mentioned it was around midnight when they got home). At the temple I got to do a session, then I got to do Baptisms! It was very special. I also ran into Elder Wilkinson!

Just in this week alone we have already had 5 tamales! All of which are great! My first taste of them and I love them! 

Can´t wait to talk tyall en la dia de Navidad! Love yall lots. Keep smiing everyone, especially you Emmett okay keep being silly and tickling our sisters. Elder Farnsworth
Mission Christmas dinner

Enjoying French toast with his companion

Bought some helpful cooking tools

Opportunity to Move Forward and Improve

Tuesday, 16 December 2014
What a day! We are in San Jose right now because tomorrow we are going to the temple! I still have no clue what we are going to do as far as Skype, we don`t have anyone yet that can help us out as far as members go. We are going to ask Pres. Saenz (Branch President) on Thursday. This past week was crazy. We have basically white washed the area, because my companion is new to the area and I still don`t know all the members and our area. We are working very hard to overcome, like Cory mentioned in his letter. Sunday (was a little discouraging). Luckily I was too tired to worry and we kept going forward and were blessed to enter a home and have a family home evening with them. Our spirits were greatly lifted. This was just after we found out that the evening Sacrament Meeting had been removed and none of our investigators had attended the regular meetings. We had however visited several less active elderly sisters and two showed to church. I believe that is where we need to focus our work is with the less actives and also "conocer" todos los miembros (getting to know the members). "well we are at the very bottom, there`s only room for improvement and just like Christ was rejected we are in His work and drawing near to the date that Celebrates His birth in a humble manger. We have the opportunity to move forward and improve."  I believe that All will work out well in the end. We have met with many small miracles in the past two days. The busier we get the more we are led in the work and the more miracles we are allowed to witness. We were "tracting" the other day looking for members and I saw a man working out of the corner of my eye and said to my companion Let`s go talk to him. (By the way my companion is into wood working as well; father was a cabinet maker) We came to find out this man was in the process of crafting a beautiful wooden door. We talked for quite a while and he taught us quite a bit about his work. He actually grows trees to help replace the ones being cut down. He`s an all around good man. Come to find later he`s catholic, but he has accepted a return visit!

I wonder if I look like Emmett (coming off of nitrous oxide) at times when I am trying to speak and no one seems to understand. Hunger luckily hasn`t been too much of a problem lately, people have been generous and I think my body is catching up on what it lost my first 2 to 3 weeks of starvation. We followed the spirit yesterday and went to the home of some members and were able to have a family home evening with them and after they fed us. We really are having a good time and success as far as the spirit and testimony. With this family we read chapters 25 and 26 of Alma and never before in my life has scripture related so closely to the experiences of the day. What great missionary examples in Alma!
During our trip to San Jose I saw an ox cart, really cool! Later I managed to see a monkey, and further on EL MAR (the ocean) and lots of beautiful mountains and jungles.
I love you all very much. I know and feel your prayers for me stronger each day. Christ lives and loves, and knows us perfectly and more importantly who and how we can help others receive of his love. May the work of Salvation continue. ¡Feliz Navidad! And great times with the family! I Know the Book of Mormon is true and is for us. It coupled with prayer are my best friends and companions. Can`t wait to talk more again!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stunned Mosquito

Tuesday, 9 December 2014
Well I´m not sure where to start. I feel like I have been slammed pretty hard, like a stunned mosquito, confused but ever ready. Yes my companion was changed. In fact most of the experienced leaders in Guanacaste region were moved out. Elder Rivera is now a zone leader in San Jose Central. My companion now is an Elder Giles from Colorado, tall(er than me) Likes to ski, very experienced with planning, only has six months in the mission, and we´re plowing ahead. I feel very lost as far as investigators go and all because Elder Rivera was always able to describe them to me and help me find them and now we´re basically back at step one. We cleaned the area book or part of it today to help us track and move the work along, sounds boring and like a waste of time but it really was and is necessary. We are going to have a temple trip next Wednesday! No tengo más tiempo hoy (I don't have anymore time today) because of the confusion of computer vs pictures today. I'm not the district leader but sure feel like it. Love you all very much. I will say that the Christmas Devotional was a great time of healing and peace for me although I didn´t understand much of the words I understood the feelings and whisperings of the spirit. I love your letters and look forward to next week! Hopefully more to share and read! Love Yall. Oh By the way I´ve been praying for the Spanish Families that you have mentioned to come back to Him. So It´s good to hear that they feel His Love once more.

Last week's carnival

Looks like might be Guanacaste Zone before transfers ?

Elders Adams, Bullecer, Farnsworth together again briefly
Elder Farnsworth and Elder Giles

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Choose Life and Liberty Through Christ our Mediator

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My week went well with all said and done. Missionary life is improving. All the pictures I´ll be sending home with youth will be from P-day. My companion decided with the change of writing on Tuesdays to use most of our time with the youth. YES I did receive the package! Hip Hip Hooray!
I got it the day after Thanksgiving along with a letter from Sis Scow and the letter with recipes. My tooth is doing fine but is still broken. No pain or anything. This past P-day was long and a little crazy.

All is well down here. Thanks for the emails. This is what I sent to Cory regarding his email,"Hey Cory, they don´t celebrate Thanksgiving down here so I missed out on the "stuffing" of the year. We did have a great Sunday meal with the President of our branch and his wife, Presidente Saenz. It was all you could eat arroz y frijoles (rice and beans), con pork chops and baked potatoes, small ones and flavored like the ones you used to make at the ranch. After eating all that I could, Mama Saenz (as my companion calls her) brought out the brownies. Let´s just say I managed not to get hungry later. Another thing the custom down here is kind of like, eat as fast as you can, hands in the mouth and all, to show that you love the food, not just appreciate it. They must be used to feeding starving white boys and find joy that no matter what they give, it gets eaten. If you take their time they wonder what you´re doing."

I understand the thing about pigs feet. We were given some sort of cartilage and bone one day in a soup and no matter how I tried I couldn´t get anything off to swallow. One good thing about having a native speaker, you get to trust his counsel in what is good or not to eat, so I eat just about everything, I even ate a hawaiin style pizza yesterday, not too bad, but then again the hermanas paid for it. It was one food that I had to agree with my companion's train of thought, who would put pineapple on a pizza. I have been trying to gather ingredients to make food but it´s not as easy as you would think. My companion is certain there is no such thing as baking powder and acts like I´m crazy for buying the things I buy. All well, he likes the pancakes I´ve made from a mix I bought. So we´ll see. He believes he will be transferred on the 8th. If not, he said we´ll be enjoying the Christmas season down here with tamales just about every day, not thanksgiving but we´ll see what happens.

Town transformed this past week. It now looks more like Lagoon (an amusement park in Utah), especially last Saturday. It was like watching Charlotte's Web and seeing the party the rat went to. Sunday hardly anyone showed up to church, many of our investigators are losing desire, but I have learned much. Sunday morning I woke up from an interesting dream. From my dream I realized that I am here to carry their (the prophet and Apostles) words and testimony to the people, not only their words but those of Christ and the Gospel, in a means so pure, filled with love that the hearers will understand the clarity of the message and a love so divine that they will gain the desire through the Spirit to change. Later during companionship study Elder Rivera shared Alma 17:10-11 & 14 showing the sorrow that Alma had for the wickedness of the people and connecting it to his feelings, after all that we do through love they still reject Him and His gospel. I then realized a little more clearly how hurt our dear prophet is, with his pure love and testimony and that of the apostles and other leaders, when we hear their messages and never act and in reality reject what they say. I realized I need to be more careful and apply and read their words and the scriptures more readily and thoroughly.

I learned during Gospel Principles that really each one of us was created with pure and Divine potential, therefore none of us were created to fail or with the knowledge that we would in the end reject the path. God in His great and Divine love put His confidence in us, in reality He gave us the Perfect Path and all that is needed--the gospel, church, prophets, scriptures--all to help us stay on the path and realize our power and potential as His children. We in reality are the ones that "choose life and Liberty Through Christ our Mediator, or death and captivity of Satan." I further learned this morning, as I followed some scriptures in PMG (Preach My Gospel) ch 8 that with the knowledge we have we are commanded to help all realize their potential and agency to help them home, for it is possible for all. I know God Lives and is hastening the work. We must learn our duty and act in all diligence. I know Christ Lives and it is through Him the Plan was Perfected and our return and potential possible to be realized in the fulness. I love you all very much your prayers and examples. Firm in The Faith, Let us Continue. Adios!
Common Phrases: Tengo La Bilblia y no necesto más. (I have a Bible and I need no more)
                               Es la acostumbre de mis padres, realmente no sé si es correcto. (It is the custom of my parents, I really don't know if it's correct.)
With Love Elder Farnsworth