Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I am here and sweating‏

(It was good to hear him when he called from the airport in Atlanta, Georgia! Great to be able to follow info on Facebook too.)

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

They told us that all packages need to be well wrapped and to put pictures of Christ or Mary or something along the seams of the box so that people will be more deterred from opening it and cutting those pictures. We saw what rain was like last night and got to take a stop at the temple. What a magnificent beauty to behold with lightning and thunder all around. I am definitely in a new country, the plants are amazing, straight out of the movies, all the tropical plants everywhere. All is well and safe. The weather here really isn't too bad. I slept well after the first twenty minutes of drenching my pillow. You have probably seen my picture in front of the temple. All I have to do now is go onward in the trust and Faith of the Lord to do His work. I have all my luggage. I hope to be able to do all that the Lord expects of me. Thanks for the emails and pictures. I haven't seen them as yet but will later. Happy birthday Emmett!!!!!

The following pictures are courtesy of Sis. Wilkinson's Facebook posts:
At the airport in Costa Rica. Elder Farnsworth is in the back center (just his face--great smile!--good to see!!)
Elder Farnsworth is in the light colored suit on the left.

In front of the Costa Rica temple. Elder Farnsworth is front left (having to crouch down a little)

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