Thursday, September 4, 2014

Like drinking in Spring Water

Thursday, 4 September 2014
         Hola from the MTC West campus. This has been a great week. I feel I have learned much at the beginning of each day and by the time I get home and hit the hay I have nothing to say. First off, la comida de la MTC es only good when you view it as, "Yes! Spaghetti! something I can recognize and know I can eat. Shawn Shumway was right though, this food is rough if you've had my momma's cooking. I have made the effort and commitment to eat what I take, it tastes okay, I am still alive, but the part I usually have to pray about are the vegetables. I can eat them, they taste okay, pero I wouldn't normally eat them. The Temple was wonderful, no lunch for us though, we ate at main campus. Elder Adams, Elder Wilkinson (both from Idaho), Elder Bullecer (Temple, Texas), Elder Moss (Arizona) and I are all headed to Costa Rica. There is another district with five or so also going. Elder Adams got a picture of Elder Wilkinson and I in front of the Temple. I don't have that picture, but Elder Adams has a blog somewhere (Mom would like to know where). TRC teaching was great on Monday. Teaching a member that is not our age is like drinking in Spring Water, refreshing.
          As far as injuries go..... I have received a soccer ball slightly across my face, design on my knee from ball impact (I was acting like a goalie for the first time in my life), I received a volleyball pretty hard on my face, and been hit on the head once by a volleyball, once by a soccer ball. I had a few jammed fingers after basketball; they are feeling okay today. Most of our district is getting sick, hopefully all I have is my seasonal nasal drip.
          Sunday meetings are like mission prep and Spanish Branch, it is Great! I really can't tell the difference between food here and at the main MTC. None of it is homemade, and too many people like their meat the same color as their cat soup (ketchup). Daily shaving for me has made it almost necessary to shave twice daily, it grows fast. Oh I found out that I didn't have any soap after my first one ran out. I was able to get some here. I don't know how it got left out. The elders joke about not joking with me because Elder Wilkinson has told them that I attack my alarm when it goes off. I guess I have been attacking it.... It hasn't dared wake me up for a week now. I'll probably need a new one. The sensor seems to be worn out.
         We had a Devotional given by Don R. Clarke of the Seventy. He told us that our main goal is to retain everyone who enters into the Gospel path. Any person worthy of baptism is worthy also of the efforts to bring them to conversion and get them to the temple.
        The Book of Mormon is our companion and guide. Let others Know The Truth.  Stay Strong in your studies. 
          We also learned in a recorded devotional by Elder Bednar, The Doctrine Is The Answer, not applications. First we need to understand the Doctrine, because true doctrine understood changes lives. We then have principles that act as a guide to live the doctrine. Applications simply help us do what is needed of us to change our actions. 
         I love you all and the support from all our friends. I love the mission and missionary work, not because the food is good because it really isn't completely desirable, but the Spirit is able to work through me. It has happened already.
         Con Amor, tu hijo, hermano, y amigo, Elder Farnsworth. P.S. can't quite get pictures to work.

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  1. So glad to hear from you. Glad that you are "hittin' the ground runnin'!!"