Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oh Todo Esta Bien!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Dear Familia! y Amigos! I finally have 2 pictures for you. We finally got a new classroom this week. Our last apartment/classroom flooded every time it rained and has a terrible stench and we assume a lot of mold. We think that it was the mold causing the majority of sickness. I wasn't ever bothered too much by it. We are still greatly enjoying our Preparation Day. We love going to the temple and feeling of the spirit. I met a Shumway this past Tuesday devotional who said he was from Oregon, but recently had a family reunion in Moab, but not with the Shumway Clan. There are many great people here. Now I need to search for Elder Rico (Rich) and Elder Rasmusson. I hope everyone is still reading the Book Of Mormon. We Elders almost fight for time to have Personal Study. It seems there is always something else we have to be doing. It is important for all to know that we truly do receive help and answers through the Book of Mormon and we can answer ?'s that other people have. Heavenly Father Speaks to us if we willingly listen and prepare ourselves.

This Tuesday we cleaned the Thrones of The Kingdom for service. We sang as we went, mainly hymns, but we would be interrupted in our glorious praises by the Hermanas when they would come through to clean the mirrors. Sometimes I think people think that our companionship is crazy, but we were called to be a peculiar people. Anyway, we were able to invite the spirit through our uplifted attitudes.
Elder Farnsworth and Elder Wilkinson

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