Friday, October 24, 2014

More pure and happy today!

Monday, 20 October 2014

No truer words were ever spoken like the ones you all sent me.

"That your body will be accepting of the different foreign foods like messed up hamburgers! My first foreign food also! Be patient in affliction and ask for whatsoever thing you need. Matthew 7:7-11. It is true that the refiner's fire burns hot at times in our lives but you will feel purer after passing thru it."


So lately I have definitely been able to feel all your prayers for me and we have been receiving extra meals here and there or fruit along the way to keep me going and it was all well until a meal that had tomatoes in it. I think it was the tomatoes that nearly killed me, I have heard you have to be careful with fruits and vegetables to make sure they are clean and prepared properly. I'm afraid that tomato was not properly prepared. Anyway I woke up the next morning, this Sunday, with a killer gut ache which lasted till about one o clock this morning. I had to be extremely patient and I had to endure to the end. I can say that I definitely feel more pure and happy today! 
"The topic of 'how I can be more Christlike' sent me to Matt 26:36-45. It is when Christ is in Gethsemane and he asks three different times if the cup may be removed from him. But he says, 'nevertheless not as I will but as Thou wilt' and the second time he says, 'if this cup may not pass away from me, except I drink it, thy will be done.' He was the perfect example of being obedient and letting our wills be swallowed up in the Father's will, even when it is difficult to bear or unpleasant to pass through. It also showed to me that it is okay that we express that we really would rather not have to experience certain things, but then be willing to subject ourselves to his will."

What you said here hit the point on the head. I asked many times to have my cup taken from me and did all that I had in my power to do. At one point I had the thought that my stomach was paralyzed, don't get too scared about this, but it felt like it and the thought crossed through my mind. I had endured to the greatest extent I could alone but it hadn't been enough. I made it to bed and was writhing in pain and was finally able to ask my companion for a blessing. Almost immediately my stomach felt freed and released from the grip of pain and I was able to rest. I testify the power of the priesthood is in fact and very deed the power of God here on earth and I have no right to doubt it. It turned out my ordeal was not yet over, but I definitely had Divine help and strength to overcome the rest of the night when otherwise it would have been impossible. I don't know what would've happened to me without the blessing, but I do know with a stronger assurance God Loves me and works through those that are worthy, male and female, to bring about His desire and works. The priesthood is His Power. 

On another topic, Saturday night I performed my first baptism!  
The investigator was one that the hermanas are teaching, but I was asked to perform the baptism.

 It was definitely not flawless, but it was accepted of the Lord and His servants according to the faith of the investigator, G. It was special, but I worried if I had done everything as I was supposed to. Like I say, in the end it was accepted and G. received the Gift of The Holy Ghost Sunday. I didn't have the opportunity to play piano again.

Finger printing went well, I am surviving once more, yes it is hot and gets hotter here. I seem to be the only one that is never bothered by the air conditioning in the chapel. It feels great! Everyone else says it is too cold. Yes I am serving in a Branch of about 50, more or less. 

We are going shopping today after email. I will answer some of your ?'s through pictures when I can.

Love everyone.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

From The Land of Zarahemla (tal vez)‏

Monday, 13 October 2014

Note to friends:
Hola como están ustedes? Hope all is well. I received many experiences this past week that allow me to testify more strongly now of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the necessity for us to read it. It testifies of Christ and through this Book we can come closer to God and Christ and receive answers to our prayers. Hope you all have a wonderful week. Adios until next time! May we all strive to strengthen our faith and serve others to feel God's love.


 Hola familia, being able to read your letters and write home to you is like breathing in fresh air and getting joy and strength once more. It was fun to read your letters and la carta de Elder Cory (algunas frases no puedo escribir porque no se como con the keyboard I am using, it is a little difficult). Hope all is well where the air is clear and crisp. This morning we woke up to cooler weather and fog. It was a different morning for sure. How are things going? Well like the worst roller coaster I have ever been on, very long, every day, with extremely high and exhilarating thrills, then sudden crashes, but for the most part just rough roads and a foreign language and great people. The hermanas had another baptism on Saturday, but we got an urgent call while at an investigators house saying there was no water in the chapel to fill the font. We got to the church and tried figuring out what to do and had a group prayer. We went to the bomberos (firemen) to see if they could fill up the font and they said no, so we went back. We tried again to check the tank at the chapel and were able to get water. We had the font filled just in time for the baptism. I also got to participate en la clase de ingles which was kind of fun because I am on the same level in español as most people are in ingles. I got to meet a missionary dog this past week, black and white as happy as ever to see us and he tried following us all the way to our next lesson. Kind of fun and uplifting for me to find a friend in someone here. I do have other friends, just not all of them understand me, or pretend to understand me when I talk.

I know the Book of Mormon is true and the power of prayer is true. These tools have been just about my only comforts some days but I do have them and I have been comforted. We have group activities here very similar to what we used to have in the Spanish Branch, very fun and great missionary tools. We played soccer and I scored two goals, pretty good for a white guy playing with latinos who were born with a soccer ball at their feet and already registered to vote for a Costa Rica team. 

My companion is Latino es de Honduras, but speaks plenty of english to get me along well, I have been blessed. My bus ride was fine, lots of genuine rainforest, think I saw a sloth or two hanging in the trees. Zone Conference went really well, I got a package of cookies to curb my hunger, which leads to another one of your questions. No I don't usually get enough food, nothing for breakfast, a large lunch of beans, rice, some type of meat, and really good fruit juice, and usually nothing for dinner uness we order hamburgers, but the last one did bad for my body. Food wise I am getting used to it and doing well enough, and when I figure out a money budget I plan on getting SOMETHING to eat at least cereal and milk for breakfast. There are many little stores, meat stores, bread, animal food, leather works, mechanic repairs, etc. not much as far as a supermarket to view all the options. Yesterday I got swamped with one of those Real Costa Rica storms and am wearing my other dress shoes today. Yes we have a cocinera for almuerzo pero on mondays we fend for oursleves and go buy fried chicken. I would try to do better but I don't know enough about my money and how to budget it yet so I'm stuck for a while. This wednesday is my official Pday this week because they are going to finger print me and other official stuff. And no I didn't have a window seat on the airplane, another elder took the pictures for me.  Keep up the good cookin up yonder so I can at least think of smelling it.

Oh can you believe your son played the piano for Sacrament meeting? (He played the clarinet at home and would plunk on the piano occasionally, so good for him!! He loves the hymns)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zone meeting last week

Picture posted by Sis. Wilkinson of the Guanacaste zone:
Elder Farnsworth is standing five from the left

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Extra tidbits from senior Hermana Petersen

We received an email from Hermana Petersen that is the mission nurse specialist. She included some pictures:

Elder Farnsworth mentioned in a letter home: I've met so many good elders here (at the MTC) and wish it was possible to keep in contact with all of them, but it's not very possible.

Monday, October 6, 2014

I am now in Cañas Guanacaste area

Monday, 6 October 2014
Guanacaste is in the northwest part of Costa Rica and Canas is on the eastern/central side of Guanacaste

 Gracias por sus oraciones para mi. (Thank you for your prayers for me.) The flight was quite nice, but very long. I had quite a nice discussion with a lady from Virginia. I felt the Holy Ghost as I invited her to act on the Words of Moroni because she had already read the Book of Mormon, but has not acted. She was grateful for the discussion and we both left uplifted. To be honest the first sight of Costa Rica was quite awesome. A lot of humidity here. My first tracting was in the most dangerous area of San Jose supposedly or so I was told later. It was very strange. We would take a bus to a corner of down town central, get off, walk to the end of the street take a sharp right or left turn and enter the dark and narrow alley ways of the shacks.

I am now in Cañas Guanacaste area. One of the hotter areas.

My companion is great, I just stuggle comprehending everything we are doing, the español, the showering situation (we live in a very nice apartment for what I have seen but it is not as nice as it could be as far as the bathroom goes). Ants are an everyday occurance on the walls, we found a giant and very ugly spider under my bed when we were cleaning, I have seen a few geckos come in and out of our apartment. On the ride to Cañas we passed through some beautiful rainforest, the real deal. The strangest food I have eaten is an American style hamburger with too much of everything except la carne (meat), which is not ever enough to fill me. I love the rice and beans and potatoes or plantains that are usually a side dish. I am still alive and surviving, now all I need to do is thrive both physically and spiritually to carry on the work. The best snacks I have had were a milkshake, chocolate mint oreo combination (delicioso!) and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

Going to General Conference with preguntas (questions) is also a very good thing to do. You don't know just how excited I was to be where I could hear more truth from God. I got to hear most of conference and bilingual. A few times I was able to borrow members electronics to watch in ingles (English), but I felt I understood more simply through the spirit in español. It was a needed experience.

Con mucho amor, El Elder Farnsworth. 

Yo testifico que Dios vive y contesta nuestras preguntas por medio de las escrituras especialmente por medio del Libro de Mormón. Yo se que Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador y por medio de él podemos encontrar paz y fuerza por nuestras almas. El libro de Mormón es verdadero. Yo testifico de esto. José Smith fue un profeta llamado de Dios. Nosotros recibimos respuestas de nuestros oraciones. De estos cosas yo testifico en El Nombre De Jesucristo, AMEN! 
(Translation as good as Mom can do it: I testify that God lives and answers our questions through the scriptures, especially through the Book of Mormon. I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and through him we can find peace and strength for our souls. The Book of Mormon is true. I testify of this. Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God. We receive answers to our prayers. Of these things I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.)

Note to friends: 
Take hope from our Savior. His message is of great hope and inspiration in my life. I know that as we keep and follow his invitations we receive of His greatest blessings. Take hope as He freely gives it to all who are willing to ask and seek after it. If we can, let us take His message to all. I learned in General Conference that we ALL are a necessary part of His church we cannot receive our full potential if we never reach out as He does to us. This is my invitation, make all those around you important and seek to be their friend, be the one to give the hand of hope and help to lift them out of obscurity and distress. How great truly is our joy when we bring another to Christ and His outstretched arms. Con Mucho amor y un gran deseo para servir a otros y traer el Evangelio a todas personas uno por uno (with much love and a great desire to serve others and to bring/carry the gospel to all people one by one), Su amigo (your friend) Elder Terrance Farnsworth.