Thursday, October 16, 2014

From The Land of Zarahemla (tal vez)‏

Monday, 13 October 2014

Note to friends:
Hola como están ustedes? Hope all is well. I received many experiences this past week that allow me to testify more strongly now of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the necessity for us to read it. It testifies of Christ and through this Book we can come closer to God and Christ and receive answers to our prayers. Hope you all have a wonderful week. Adios until next time! May we all strive to strengthen our faith and serve others to feel God's love.


 Hola familia, being able to read your letters and write home to you is like breathing in fresh air and getting joy and strength once more. It was fun to read your letters and la carta de Elder Cory (algunas frases no puedo escribir porque no se como con the keyboard I am using, it is a little difficult). Hope all is well where the air is clear and crisp. This morning we woke up to cooler weather and fog. It was a different morning for sure. How are things going? Well like the worst roller coaster I have ever been on, very long, every day, with extremely high and exhilarating thrills, then sudden crashes, but for the most part just rough roads and a foreign language and great people. The hermanas had another baptism on Saturday, but we got an urgent call while at an investigators house saying there was no water in the chapel to fill the font. We got to the church and tried figuring out what to do and had a group prayer. We went to the bomberos (firemen) to see if they could fill up the font and they said no, so we went back. We tried again to check the tank at the chapel and were able to get water. We had the font filled just in time for the baptism. I also got to participate en la clase de ingles which was kind of fun because I am on the same level in español as most people are in ingles. I got to meet a missionary dog this past week, black and white as happy as ever to see us and he tried following us all the way to our next lesson. Kind of fun and uplifting for me to find a friend in someone here. I do have other friends, just not all of them understand me, or pretend to understand me when I talk.

I know the Book of Mormon is true and the power of prayer is true. These tools have been just about my only comforts some days but I do have them and I have been comforted. We have group activities here very similar to what we used to have in the Spanish Branch, very fun and great missionary tools. We played soccer and I scored two goals, pretty good for a white guy playing with latinos who were born with a soccer ball at their feet and already registered to vote for a Costa Rica team. 

My companion is Latino es de Honduras, but speaks plenty of english to get me along well, I have been blessed. My bus ride was fine, lots of genuine rainforest, think I saw a sloth or two hanging in the trees. Zone Conference went really well, I got a package of cookies to curb my hunger, which leads to another one of your questions. No I don't usually get enough food, nothing for breakfast, a large lunch of beans, rice, some type of meat, and really good fruit juice, and usually nothing for dinner uness we order hamburgers, but the last one did bad for my body. Food wise I am getting used to it and doing well enough, and when I figure out a money budget I plan on getting SOMETHING to eat at least cereal and milk for breakfast. There are many little stores, meat stores, bread, animal food, leather works, mechanic repairs, etc. not much as far as a supermarket to view all the options. Yesterday I got swamped with one of those Real Costa Rica storms and am wearing my other dress shoes today. Yes we have a cocinera for almuerzo pero on mondays we fend for oursleves and go buy fried chicken. I would try to do better but I don't know enough about my money and how to budget it yet so I'm stuck for a while. This wednesday is my official Pday this week because they are going to finger print me and other official stuff. And no I didn't have a window seat on the airplane, another elder took the pictures for me.  Keep up the good cookin up yonder so I can at least think of smelling it.

Oh can you believe your son played the piano for Sacrament meeting? (He played the clarinet at home and would plunk on the piano occasionally, so good for him!! He loves the hymns)

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