Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bien y Mejorando

Monday, 17 November 2014

I´m quite enjoying my time here. Every day has difficulties, every day has blessings of mercy, every day should have or at least end with miracles. We had a District Conference meeting in Liberia with four or five different areas attending.
We are fighting hard to gain a stake here. We received wonderful instruction and counsel from President Wilkinson and our other leaders here. Like Cory´s experience I learned that it is after we express sincere desire to follow the Holy Ghost that miracles happen. We had a companionship study where we introduced the Book of Mormon. Above all we were trying to focus our efforts on letting the person know "God wants," "Christ wants," we tried to take out the phrase "we want." By the way, on who´s errand are we? We found through this method, acting in faith, we were able to develop a Charity, pure love and desire for this person, to help them "come to a True knowledge of their Redeemer," and as we did so the Holy Ghost would enter and touch their hearts. What a great experience!

One of our investigators is doing well, he has testimonies of several parts of the gospel, but still does not see the importance of trusting fully in the Lord and sacrificing on his own part to do His will. Sounds kind of like the struggle we all face every day doesn´t it? We have another investigator doing quite well and he can see the blessings that come from Following up and doing his part. How good it is to put the Gospel to the test and see if it works. It does!
My Companion and everyone else tells me I am improving, and when asked yesterday, I said más o menos (more or less); I happened to say this right after my companion had finished saying that there are no más o menos respuestos por los miembros de este Iglesia (more or less answers for members of this Church). I was then corrected by the member who was corrected and can now answer "bien y mejorando (good and getting better)." What a good answer for the members of this church that Have Faith in Christ. I am getting along well with food, still figuring out the shopping and budgeting thing. My companion keeps telling me that he´s sure he´s going to be transferred this coming 8th of December. I hope not he has been very good. So I probably have another season of treading water to come, in the fact that I can´t give up but I may feel weak, in this I hope to find more strength.
Assignment from Sis. Wilkinson, maybe we can apply; pray consecutively for 21 days to know what family we can invite to hear the gospel, pray their hearts will soften, pray that we can find ways to be kind, etc, but pray for a family and share the gospel and invite the missionaries to teach the family.We have been promised as we act in faith on this invitation blessings will come and more importantly miracles. Boy do I have a list, but maybe we can combine efforts for someone special back home. I have work here to do but am more than willing to extend my efforts where I can. From President Wilkinson; Tengan Más Fe y Actuar Ser (have more faith and act as) or be representatives of Christ and Share because He wants us to, invite because Christ is inviting, Do His Work and Share His Love.

Be grateful for the opportunity to learn more and do better. Always be seeking to learn more and be better, that is the Way of Christ and this Gospel. We tell our investigators, the commandments are nothing of the sort like restrictions, really all they are and more are blessings that we can choose to follow to gain greater rewards. Your rewards come, trust me.  Everything God gives us to learn, he gives with the purpose that we will have opportunities given to us, to help Him accomplish His purpose Moses 1:39. So one day someone will come across your path and something you have learned, you will be able to use to help show God´s love for them and Bring them To Christ.

Dad I need some evidence of your work, it´s hard to "Be back later to check on your work" if it´s not here for me to check on. True to the fact the quote you sent. I had another gut attack (finding out tomatoes are a killer for me 5 mins and "it´s out a here"!) and was dearly grateful for every moment without pain and the fact He let me finish the day with strength, rather than being stuck on the golden throne del Baño (bathroom). What a blessing you all have been for me and our Famiy here in Costa Rica. I experienced an increase in love and desire to help this people as I was assigned Sunday after conference to stand by the door and greet (or say good bye to everyone) I was able to glimpse once more the feeling of love I felt when I opened my call, but now I am among them and they are my Family to whom I must share His Love. 

Hope all is well and you can always feel my love for you as well as the Savior´s. Remember our goal, Help all to receive of His love in His Temples. Keep smiling! thanks for your prayers! I am always glad for your help, So is Heavenly Father, he helps us all smile more when we do what´s right.


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