Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Joy of the Gospel

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Well sorry for the long wait of one day to hear more from me. I forgot to mention last week that I would be going to San Jose for my month check with President Wilkinson.

MTC district together again for a day
I also had a tooth chip, I don't know if I told you or not. But I got it fixed the best we could while in San Jose. Best checkup I've had. I walked right in and the member dentist went to work. My tooth seems to be doing just fine.

We had 2 baptisms this past Saturday. The younger man is J., a great investigator and good friend. The lady is G. That was a miracle in itself to accomplish 2 baptisms in a day.

 I played piano again in Sacrament meeting. We had a great capacitacion (training) meeting for members to strengthen their desires to support the misiĆ³n work. I shared pictures of the family to show that that is our goal--have happiness centered on Christ and the Gospel, become converted ourselves, teach our families and convert them and get them started on the straight and narrow, then share the gospel with friends THROUGH THE FAMILY, AS a FAMILY. Small tender acts of kindness and service or showing interest in the life and families of others is a great way to Share SALVATION and EXALTATION ultimately--this should be our goal.

I love you LOTS family. I am having a great time and feeling more connected to the work and Spirit and spirit of the work each day. Each day I have more to improve upon, and that is the joy of the gospel, each day we have the opportunity to undergo trials to receive change to become more like our Heavenly Father and His Son. Keep up the fun times back home and the WORK OF SALVATION and share the GOOD NEWS of the GOSPEL con todo (with all). I love your emails and pictures, and sharing my family con otros personas (with other people).

If we live each day with the goal in mind to do what is needed--with the knowledge we are doing it to BAUTIZAR y RETENER (baptize and retain) and share our ETERNAL happiness--learning and growing has more purpose, is more exciting, and there will always be a reason, time and place for sharing the things we learn and the person we BECOME.

I found a wood worker in our branch, got some picts of the work place, none of me sanding, maybe today when we go to help more!

I think I can find most ingredients here, please send hard copies of recipes, printing is costly here. If you could send hard copies of my wood projects, pictures not wood hard copies dad, that would be great to share with my member woodworker.

P.S. We actually ate fish too! With rice and a real lemon for lemon juice! Delicioso! More next week Love yall!!!! ELDER FARNSWORTH, el Elder the Younger.

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