Monday, November 3, 2014

Seguir Adelante

Monday, 27 October 2014

Note to friends:
I bear my testimony God Lives. He is answering our prayers. I have seen the answers of your prayers for me and thank you all for your support. Jesus is our Redeemer and through Him I find my strength. May we all take more courage this coming week and step forward in the prayer of Faith to do His will more fully. I commend each of you for your best of efforts to lead good lives and be friends and examples to all, especially to me. God is ahead of us preparing the way we must go to do and accomplish His will. He is preparing the minds and wills of others to find the Savior and Everlasting Joy of the Gospel, of which is Eternal Family. Share your testimonies and the heavens will be opened for good upon us all. Of these things I testify and commend you all for your efforts, In the Name of Him who has Redeemed us, Jesus Christ, AMEN!

P.S. Remember, even the widows mite is acknowledged in the sight of God. Even if all you can do to spread His gospel is Smile Do it! We will all rejoice together.
Como Están Ustedes (how are all of you)? I don't know where to start. I feel rushed for time because I have lots of things I could say, want to say, and others that I will say, but only limited time to do it. I find every letter sent to me as precious as good food. The hermanas (sister missionaries) brought up the topic of what food I ate back home and that got me real anxious to have more recipes from home, in case I ever have the chance to cook with one of the recipes.
I got to see leaf cutter ants, the big red ones carrying leaves in a path about 4 inches wide and who knows how long. Saw some fish that people caught. Visited an area inside my area that is very much rainforest. It was very interesting because when we came upon one house, it was very familiar to me. I have also seen one hummingbird, one skunk, and too many mosquitoes. The climate isn't too bad with clouds, but when it's full sun it is very hot.

I love you all very much. Everyday your prayers are being answered on my behalf and the behalf of my companion. We've had a few moments recently where drunk people follow us for a ways trying to get us to stop and talk to us and each time it is scary, but my companion does well in those situations. He just says, Lo siento tenemos una cita, Adios (I'm sorry but we have an appointment, Bye), and we keep walking in the safety of the Lord. I had several wonderful experiences this week. The main one was that I was able to turn my day around one day from feelings of self-pity to having a fullness of Charity. We were teaching a recent convert who has just received a calling and I felt to tell her, Put your all into your calling to magnify it, enjoy every moment, ignore what others say about all the bad things and focus on the good and seguir adelante (continue forward/onward). At this moment my day changed as that was the message I needed to hear. I took courage and was able to cast out fear, the greatest hindrance to the Work of The Lord.

In brief I know that God Is hastening his work. We need your help, here and there, to continue the work.  I know God Lives, His Children are important. I want to magnify my calling and hope you can all find the same desire and instill it in others. The missionary work is for all who are willing. I love you my family. I hope all truly is well. May we find God's will for us more strongly this week and see His hand more often. 
With todo mi Corazon (with all my heart), Elder the Younger Terrance Farnsworth.

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