Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Como esta mi familia? I am fine and doing well. It is good to hear about all the progress back home even it if is going to be as hard as Wood for one of us back there (referring to his sister starting woodworking class). It has finally started raining again here in my area. All good things seem to come after trials, toil, and pain, but as I´ve read in many an email today, every single one is well worth it! The article I mentioned last week is in the Aug. 2014 ensign titled 'Act upon This Land as for Years (for y'all to read). I am still working diligently on getting hand-written letters to everyone. They may come later than I have been hoping we´ll see what happens. New rule for misión, writing on Tuesdays rather than on P-days in hopes to free up some more time to ensure some rest on this day and give initiative to have better district meetings before we can write home. Thanks for the pictures!

Meetings went very well, as my companion would say President was chopping our heads with amor (love). We´ve had some poor numbers lately as a misión but after meetings and training we are ready toimprove and move forward smiling in faith. I read the article by Elder Bednar 'Bearing up Their Burdens with Ease,' realizing a little more clearly that the Atonement is here to empower and uplift us. When we realize our mistakes and weaknesses, we need to rely on this power, stand up, shake the dust off, tell mom "I hope you Know we had a hard time," then put yourself together and in faith and with a smile seguir adelante (continue onward)!

Dad I hope your dream was just a dream. I did have a few rough spells last week, but nothing terrible and in fact, right now I feel great and enstrengthened by Him. We had a great district meeting today on the importance of Helping members amar uno a otro (love one another). This is the key to success, or one of many. Also one key is the fact that we as representatives of Christ and members of His church, We can´t except a Tal Vez (perhaps/maybe) for an answer, it is yes or no. We need to act and we need others to act. It is not enough to listen. Along with this the Book of Mormon really is the keystone of our religión. It must be read and a testimony gained to continue in this great work and endure to the end. With all this knowledge our teaching, my understanding, and the actions of those we teach, are beginning to change and take purpose. It´s great to hear that others are taking a step of faith back home, especially S. and C. working towards missions. I hope all is well in the Ward Family and in The Stake. This part of the wold is dependent on your examples back home, especially examples of love and success through Christ. Thank You for all you do and the Thanks that you give To Him on High. Love you all Very Much. May Miracles continue. Thank you for your perserverance.  Keep doing what´s right! More Later!

Hasta Luego mi Familia Amada! (Until next time my Beloved Family)!


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