Sunday, December 7, 2014

Choose Life and Liberty Through Christ our Mediator

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My week went well with all said and done. Missionary life is improving. All the pictures I´ll be sending home with youth will be from P-day. My companion decided with the change of writing on Tuesdays to use most of our time with the youth. YES I did receive the package! Hip Hip Hooray!
I got it the day after Thanksgiving along with a letter from Sis Scow and the letter with recipes. My tooth is doing fine but is still broken. No pain or anything. This past P-day was long and a little crazy.

All is well down here. Thanks for the emails. This is what I sent to Cory regarding his email,"Hey Cory, they don´t celebrate Thanksgiving down here so I missed out on the "stuffing" of the year. We did have a great Sunday meal with the President of our branch and his wife, Presidente Saenz. It was all you could eat arroz y frijoles (rice and beans), con pork chops and baked potatoes, small ones and flavored like the ones you used to make at the ranch. After eating all that I could, Mama Saenz (as my companion calls her) brought out the brownies. Let´s just say I managed not to get hungry later. Another thing the custom down here is kind of like, eat as fast as you can, hands in the mouth and all, to show that you love the food, not just appreciate it. They must be used to feeding starving white boys and find joy that no matter what they give, it gets eaten. If you take their time they wonder what you´re doing."

I understand the thing about pigs feet. We were given some sort of cartilage and bone one day in a soup and no matter how I tried I couldn´t get anything off to swallow. One good thing about having a native speaker, you get to trust his counsel in what is good or not to eat, so I eat just about everything, I even ate a hawaiin style pizza yesterday, not too bad, but then again the hermanas paid for it. It was one food that I had to agree with my companion's train of thought, who would put pineapple on a pizza. I have been trying to gather ingredients to make food but it´s not as easy as you would think. My companion is certain there is no such thing as baking powder and acts like I´m crazy for buying the things I buy. All well, he likes the pancakes I´ve made from a mix I bought. So we´ll see. He believes he will be transferred on the 8th. If not, he said we´ll be enjoying the Christmas season down here with tamales just about every day, not thanksgiving but we´ll see what happens.

Town transformed this past week. It now looks more like Lagoon (an amusement park in Utah), especially last Saturday. It was like watching Charlotte's Web and seeing the party the rat went to. Sunday hardly anyone showed up to church, many of our investigators are losing desire, but I have learned much. Sunday morning I woke up from an interesting dream. From my dream I realized that I am here to carry their (the prophet and Apostles) words and testimony to the people, not only their words but those of Christ and the Gospel, in a means so pure, filled with love that the hearers will understand the clarity of the message and a love so divine that they will gain the desire through the Spirit to change. Later during companionship study Elder Rivera shared Alma 17:10-11 & 14 showing the sorrow that Alma had for the wickedness of the people and connecting it to his feelings, after all that we do through love they still reject Him and His gospel. I then realized a little more clearly how hurt our dear prophet is, with his pure love and testimony and that of the apostles and other leaders, when we hear their messages and never act and in reality reject what they say. I realized I need to be more careful and apply and read their words and the scriptures more readily and thoroughly.

I learned during Gospel Principles that really each one of us was created with pure and Divine potential, therefore none of us were created to fail or with the knowledge that we would in the end reject the path. God in His great and Divine love put His confidence in us, in reality He gave us the Perfect Path and all that is needed--the gospel, church, prophets, scriptures--all to help us stay on the path and realize our power and potential as His children. We in reality are the ones that "choose life and Liberty Through Christ our Mediator, or death and captivity of Satan." I further learned this morning, as I followed some scriptures in PMG (Preach My Gospel) ch 8 that with the knowledge we have we are commanded to help all realize their potential and agency to help them home, for it is possible for all. I know God Lives and is hastening the work. We must learn our duty and act in all diligence. I know Christ Lives and it is through Him the Plan was Perfected and our return and potential possible to be realized in the fulness. I love you all very much your prayers and examples. Firm in The Faith, Let us Continue. Adios!
Common Phrases: Tengo La Bilblia y no necesto más. (I have a Bible and I need no more)
                               Es la acostumbre de mis padres, realmente no sé si es correcto. (It is the custom of my parents, I really don't know if it's correct.)
With Love Elder Farnsworth

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