Sunday, December 28, 2014

Opportunity to Move Forward and Improve

Tuesday, 16 December 2014
What a day! We are in San Jose right now because tomorrow we are going to the temple! I still have no clue what we are going to do as far as Skype, we don`t have anyone yet that can help us out as far as members go. We are going to ask Pres. Saenz (Branch President) on Thursday. This past week was crazy. We have basically white washed the area, because my companion is new to the area and I still don`t know all the members and our area. We are working very hard to overcome, like Cory mentioned in his letter. Sunday (was a little discouraging). Luckily I was too tired to worry and we kept going forward and were blessed to enter a home and have a family home evening with them. Our spirits were greatly lifted. This was just after we found out that the evening Sacrament Meeting had been removed and none of our investigators had attended the regular meetings. We had however visited several less active elderly sisters and two showed to church. I believe that is where we need to focus our work is with the less actives and also "conocer" todos los miembros (getting to know the members). "well we are at the very bottom, there`s only room for improvement and just like Christ was rejected we are in His work and drawing near to the date that Celebrates His birth in a humble manger. We have the opportunity to move forward and improve."  I believe that All will work out well in the end. We have met with many small miracles in the past two days. The busier we get the more we are led in the work and the more miracles we are allowed to witness. We were "tracting" the other day looking for members and I saw a man working out of the corner of my eye and said to my companion Let`s go talk to him. (By the way my companion is into wood working as well; father was a cabinet maker) We came to find out this man was in the process of crafting a beautiful wooden door. We talked for quite a while and he taught us quite a bit about his work. He actually grows trees to help replace the ones being cut down. He`s an all around good man. Come to find later he`s catholic, but he has accepted a return visit!

I wonder if I look like Emmett (coming off of nitrous oxide) at times when I am trying to speak and no one seems to understand. Hunger luckily hasn`t been too much of a problem lately, people have been generous and I think my body is catching up on what it lost my first 2 to 3 weeks of starvation. We followed the spirit yesterday and went to the home of some members and were able to have a family home evening with them and after they fed us. We really are having a good time and success as far as the spirit and testimony. With this family we read chapters 25 and 26 of Alma and never before in my life has scripture related so closely to the experiences of the day. What great missionary examples in Alma!
During our trip to San Jose I saw an ox cart, really cool! Later I managed to see a monkey, and further on EL MAR (the ocean) and lots of beautiful mountains and jungles.
I love you all very much. I know and feel your prayers for me stronger each day. Christ lives and loves, and knows us perfectly and more importantly who and how we can help others receive of his love. May the work of Salvation continue. ¡Feliz Navidad! And great times with the family! I Know the Book of Mormon is true and is for us. It coupled with prayer are my best friends and companions. Can`t wait to talk more again!

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