Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stunned Mosquito

Tuesday, 9 December 2014
Well I´m not sure where to start. I feel like I have been slammed pretty hard, like a stunned mosquito, confused but ever ready. Yes my companion was changed. In fact most of the experienced leaders in Guanacaste region were moved out. Elder Rivera is now a zone leader in San Jose Central. My companion now is an Elder Giles from Colorado, tall(er than me) Likes to ski, very experienced with planning, only has six months in the mission, and we´re plowing ahead. I feel very lost as far as investigators go and all because Elder Rivera was always able to describe them to me and help me find them and now we´re basically back at step one. We cleaned the area book or part of it today to help us track and move the work along, sounds boring and like a waste of time but it really was and is necessary. We are going to have a temple trip next Wednesday! No tengo más tiempo hoy (I don't have anymore time today) because of the confusion of computer vs pictures today. I'm not the district leader but sure feel like it. Love you all very much. I will say that the Christmas Devotional was a great time of healing and peace for me although I didn´t understand much of the words I understood the feelings and whisperings of the spirit. I love your letters and look forward to next week! Hopefully more to share and read! Love Yall. Oh By the way I´ve been praying for the Spanish Families that you have mentioned to come back to Him. So It´s good to hear that they feel His Love once more.

Last week's carnival

Looks like might be Guanacaste Zone before transfers ?

Elders Adams, Bullecer, Farnsworth together again briefly
Elder Farnsworth and Elder Giles

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