Monday, July 20, 2015

The Work....‏

Monday, 20 July 2015
(note to friends)
The work is going strong and fast. Trust in the Lord and keep holding Fast.
With Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth ;)

Just another day of heat and water to breathe‏ 

Well where to start? We had one of the most memorable baptisms for me. D. finally got baptized after four months of preparation, I was pleased to be the Elder who baptized him! We were then treated the Saturday after to a party in the branch with the wonderful (but damaging) meal of "rice and beans." From painful experience I have found that meals cooked with coconut don`t set well with my stomach (I am doing better today). The same night as D.`s baptism it rained like the arc of Noah was preparing to launch once more, the little creek that separates my old home from the church filled all the way then filled the street so we had to cross "the river to the missionaries house we go." Sunday was very very special. It was the birthday of O. (one of my favorite members) and F. (O. is F.`s home teacher!) We received a phone call from D. saying that they were just about to arrive at the church, We were just arriving ourselves, and to our surprise the greeting couple at the chapel was D. (the newly baptized member) and A! We hardly recognized D. in his Sunday clothes. He received the gift of the Holy Ghost and the Aaronic Priesthood as well. We had a wonderful day, my companion teasing me the whole time about changes. We met with most of the families that have impacted me most, including D., then at 9:00 I got the call, (I would be transfering to) Puerto Viejo Sarapiqui (part of Heredia and the 'northern lowlands').
Puerto Viejo Sarapiqui is located at the upper yellow rectangle

It is a white wash (replacing both previous missionaries with two new ones). We have a new house and we are replacing Elder Cuevas and his companion.... But the members want to help and I feel they have been praying us here. I will still be in the New Stake that they will be creating next Sunday, so I have an opportunity to see my converts and members from Siquirres. It has been an interesting day and week.

I had a tough time with the weight of my luggage today; I have to go through and throw extra weight out. Thanks for everything. We`ll see you later. (sorry no pictures this week)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Our Heritage (Nuestro Legado)‏

 Monday, 13 July 2015
(note to friends)
       As we strive daily to overcome our challenges, I have found it works better to focus on helping others overcome their challenges. That is the way that the Lord has prepared it. As well, it helps to focus on the way that He helped to mold and change our forefathers and also learn from their faith and sacrifices. From them and Christ we can learn to act with more faith, courage, love, diligence, and selfless-ness (if that is how you write it). I have learned to become more patient and full of love and find that I am searching for more ways to help other people and meanwhile the Lord is searching for ways to help me. I pray that I might more fully live as He desires of me and that we may all strive to further help those who are falling away from the happiness and peace which are found in the gospel, that they may once more stand firm and sing with joy the "songs of Zion."  
              With Love and respect, Elder Terrance Farnsworth

On The Road Again!‏

              Well Cory, it`s good but weird to see you home again with the family. Have you done your daily planning, contacting, teaching, etc? Thanks for what you all shared with me. Sometimes I wonder why things are so hard and it`s because I get thinking too much on those things that really don`t matter. We were very blessed this last week. I had felt for a week or two to travel a little farther down the road to the Branch President`s house, I didn`t know why but we finally went when plans went down the drain and immediately we started feeling better. We only found President`s wife at home but asked for referrals and she gave us two for the children of ....F.! We went and contacted the daughter K.  and her son A. They were glad to receive us and have interest in the church. When we went searching for the son of F., we found two other families instead that have interest in our message. It has been tough this week again because we didn`t have much time to work in our area because we had divisions twice in the week, we had an "Actividad Misional" that was close to a disaster, and none of our investigators showed up to church. However, a plus side to the week, I am doing a lot better with my health and I studied almost all of the week on how to help our recent converts and less active members and found peace and happiness that come from the simple steps of the gospel that keep us on the straight and narrow. As I studied I have felt my love grow, my patience, and more strength from the Holy Ghost. I decided to send messages to all of our recent converts yesterday which ended up breaking my heart. The family with whom we worked so long in Cultivez to be able to baptize M. now doesn`t want us to visit or talk with them. To make it better F. called in response to my message and the things he told me literally broke the last which I had. He is very sick, has had operations on his shoulder, in his eye, fell down on the tile in his home which further damaged him, etc. He told me that he feels as if there just isn`t love anymore from the part of the missionaries and hasn`t been able to come to church. Knowing my spiritual side and how I respond when my spirit is broken I`m sure you can imagine how that broke my heart. A change of topic; we met with D. last night, he has a strong testimony of Joseph Smith and the Prayer which changed the world and described the First vision to his sister in law! He will now be baptized this Friday at 9:00 in the morning and confirmed on Sunday. As we were wrapping up the lesson someone brought up different languages and I mentioned telling a joke of sorts, but I`m terrible for telling jokes and had to ask Elder Lopez how to say eagle. He got mixed up and was thinking of Igor, some sort of monster, and began to describe Eagle as "un burro gordo (a fat burro)" and we all lost it. I feel bad about laughing so hard with investigators like that, but it relieved a lot of stress and I learned one thing; I should never try telling jokes as a missionary or in spanish. I love you all lots. I hope that I may learn more fully to live and sacrifice as did our forefathers, Joseph Smith, and many others, love and live, serve and smile as they did in times of difficulty always choosing the better way and walk of life.
Con Amor el Elder Terrance Farnsworth


 Monday, 6 July 2015
(note to friends)
 To every time there is a season, every person a better reason, to keep on searching for the potential that God gave to us, you and Me. Even though we are as a rock being shaped and changed and sometimes hurt a lot, at least in the end we will be viewed as more valuable and we won`t want to take back those moments that made us who He wanted us to be. I know I am not perfect, but He perfectly knows me, I want to become the Son of God that He knows I can be. May we all seek to find His will for us in our life and seek to follow His counsel, that we may be more happy.
                           Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Times of Tribulation‏

        Well we haven`t washed away yet, but a lot of zona Limon has been flooded and have been making rescue efforts on a daily basis from what I`ve heard. I`m finally doing better in health especially after my fast yesterday, even though I decided not to fast quite as long as normal. We`ve found some good people that want to hear the gospel, a lot of which are family to a recent convert of our zone leaders. A. is still strong in his testimony, his dad and brother went to work again yesterday, they finally repaired their car and had clear weather. Noooo! D. went to the beach; we previously made plans so that we could have his baptism today, but with the rain today they got trapped outside of Siquirres for flooding and we don`t know if he will arrive in time. We`ve had many people turn down our message, old investigators, inactives, etc. I have really been struggling spiritually. I know I need to forget myself and go to work; I don`t know if not being able to have strength to work, then seeing so many investigators stop in their progress, failing to reach goals, etc has taken it`s toll? I feel many times that my body just needs a rest, which I KNOW IS ONLY possible to do relying on the Lord, working all that much harder, doing all I can to accomplish goals, and loving and serving with all my heart. So in my time of spiritual weakness I want to ask you all to be patient with me, pray for me and I want to share my testimony because I was not with you all yesterday.

       I know when we are baptized our wrongs are washed away, I know I am a child of God and I have the hope to live with Him someday, I believe in Christ! I know They hear and answer our prayers. I know the scriptures carry a power of healing as well as the sacrament. I do not yet understand All things of His gospel, but I know the gospel plan is true and it is what He has given to prophets in all ages. We are privileged to have Living word from Him as well as the Book of Mormon, the balm for the soul and weakened heart. I know it is a true Book and I can not deny it. I am not a perfect teacher, but the Spirit is. I know that Families are Eternal, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints is the only Church with the permission, power, and authority to form Eternal families. Why it is that People don`t desire to hear this message I don`t know. I could listen to our prophets every day if it were possible and I joy to read their words every day that I can. I know I have a part in Heavenly Father`s plan. My hope is to fulfill my purpose every day more. I love you all so very much. I pray that I may overcome the battle within me and cast out the natural man which is and ever will be an enemy to God and His Son. I hope I may further come to understand the Atonement and apply it more fully in my life. I share these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

       P.S. I had a traditional meal of fish on the fourth of July, bought a snickers and M&M`s, and saw "fire works" from the welder of J., A.'s dad, and We sang a patriotic hymn for studies. For those 100 dollars a while back I managed to pay to receive my cedula. I also learned from O. (my favorite member here waiting for a mission call) that one of the first missionaries here in Costa Rica was a Jack Farnsworth.

        I also learned a relation between pretty pointed rocks and missionary work; even though there are days we may look like loco`s searching in a whole bunch of possibilities the more we search the more we find and sometimes we are deceived by those who really aren`t ready or willing to accept changes to become closer to God, and no matter how much we may have hoped that everything was real we have to make other sacrifices to be able to see better results. I love yall, keep up the good work back home. Thanks for keeping my desires pointed the right way. Elder Farnsworth The Elder may you help move the work along back home. Until next time, I desire to bring news of good tidings.
     Elder The Younger.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

First cutting....‏ (of hay at home and self-haircut on mission)

Monday, 29 June 2015
        Well another week gone by very fast meeting the close of the San Jose Costa Rica Mission.
Terrance is back row center--left of the white column
Original MTC district together before mission split (Photo courtesty of Elder Moss)
 It will now divide and we will receive our new mission president, President Hayes from Idaho (I believe this means he will be part of the San Jose East mission). This past week was rough. I'm not sure of all that happened. We were in San Jose Monday and Tuesday (without sun). Wednesday a recent convert had some hardships. Thursday night I literally felt hit with a fever which knocked me down pretty good. We all thought it was dengue and I was pretty weak finishing out the week. Saturday we baptized A. and his father and older brother came with him to church and we are now working with them to get them baptized.

         I twisted my foot real hard two Saturday`s ago when I was crossing the train track and fell in a puddle and broke my umbrella. To top it off when I saw what my companion got out of a paid hair cut I took courage and oiled up the hay cutter (personal hair trimmers) like dad done taught me to do and that leaves my companion with a lot of baling to do........ something like that.
First attempt at cutting his own hair
          Well, I feel like I finally learned from my companion what I have been lacking most of my time in the mission, which Cory emphasized today, Christlike attributes, "how to obtain them." I now feel better prepared to be able to further set worthy goals and see success. D. has promised to take his sister-in-law to the beach this 4th of July. I don´t know why, but we are going to be working hard to be sure he is baptized this day instead, as it is a goal we have all had for him for about 5 months now.
         I love yall. It was good to see pictures and hear that you´re all pieced together. Oh yeah, last night we had a good thunderstorm. I think it even out did the thunder in Moab! We would hear the click of the shotgun and then the boom right above us. I look forward to hearing from yall. Keep care. Elder The Younger. 

Spam and potatoes

Friday, June 26, 2015

Remember Him!‏

Monday, 22 June 2015

 (note to friends)
         When we think to pray, do we really remember Him? He who suffered all that we might live? When we pray do we pray to do the will of Him who sent us or do we seek our will thinking it is the better way? I was reminded of what was said in the video "The Other Side of Heaven," that we must "pray for a good wind" which allows Him to do His will and therefore bless ALL of His children as He sees fit. I was blessed to see the faith of a 16 year old man, who after learning that we receive all blessings according to our faith prayed diligently that it might rain hard enough that his father would not be able to work on Sunday so that the both of them could come and keep the commandments of God, and it happened! What would have happened had we prayed that there would be sufficient sun that the members could all come to church? I also learned that the Lord tells us to treasure up His words in our Hearts that we may be able to help one person, one on one, with what they need when they need it, usually in the form of prayer and blessings given by servants of God. May we seek this faith and knowledge that we may more easily and effectively serve our God and Fellowmen! I thank you all for your support, prayers, and service. May we all "pray for a good wind" and then do our part. With love and respect Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Can´t kill beans, but they can kill.....Well sometimes it would be easier ; )‏

            I understand why Grandpa was always so proud he didn´t ever have to eat that jar of beans. I´ve just learned you eat less to control your time wasted in the servicio (bathroom).   Maybe I shouldn´t say something like that, but it might come in handy for someone in the future. Well, thanks for the pictures! 
        Some quick things that have happened that I forgot to mention. Mom the cake mix..........Well it was the best cake we´ve had since leaving the states. We used it for Hno J.´s birthday. Elder Ferrin said "Hermana, this is just as good as a cake from the states!" I then replied "Well, it´s from the states."
         I found out that the young mens leader from Cañas that we tried finding for all my time there lives here in my branch! What a small world. I was told early on that he was inactive, but he is a very good member. We finally got the father of A. to come to church because of the faith that A. exercised. He prayed it would rain sufficiently hard that his father wouldn´t be able to leave to work, and well "the rain came down and the floods came up!" and they both made it to church! D. is on track to be baptized the fourth of July! We got another family to come to church, our hope is that they will progress well now, a family of 6!
        I love yall lots. I will soon know in which mission I continue to serve! But wherever it is, it will be the mission of the Lord! We had breakfast with president! I think I finished with 8 pancakes and two servings of eggs! It was well received. It is great to hear of all the success yall are having. Keep it up! We´ll write more next week.
       Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth

The Love that Never Fails‏

Monday, 15 June 2015

(note to friends)
I want to once more thank you all for the friends you are to me. I really don´t claim to be anyone great or grand, all I try to be is obedient and share the love God has shown for me. I hope that you all may find the hope and joy that come from Knowing that Christ lives. I am not perfect. I am not free from pain and sorrow. Christ IS. He overcame death and sin, He is perfect, and because He is perfect he can give freely and perfectly of His love to ALL people. I hope that I may achieve this much in my life, be able to have Christlike love and share it with everyone! Thank you all for your love and examples you have given me to help me in my path to be a little more kind, a little more caring, have a little more patience and have more faith in Christ. May His light and love carry you all through this week and lead you to opportunities to share that love and hope with others.
Elder Terrance Farnsworth

One Eternal Round‏ 

This life is found
with enemies all around,
the pain of darkness and fear,
But there is one
who Shines as the Son
through whom we will all live again.
Oh may we all strive
to choose that eternal life;
May we help All in our day!

      Well this week has been very hard on me. I don´t exactly know why but we too, as Cory (older brother currently serving a mission as well), had many people in our path that didn´t desire the sunshine that comes from the only One and True living God. We did manage to have A. in the church yesterday. He wants to be baptized, but his father doesn´t know what to think about our message, he hasn´t felt it is true. We also had a father come to church named V. He came first to the church to tell his family how it went and he said that they´ll all try and come next week. I hope so. We are still preparing D. for his baptism this 4th of July! I am trying today to focus my thoughts on the counsel President Gordon B. Hinkley received, "Forget yourself and go to work." I believe I am finally coming to understand that counsel. I love you lots. ¡Felicidades a Reuben and Summer! (Congratulations to Uncle and Aunt that just had a baby boy.) The family just keeps a growing. Sounds good to hear about everyone. Thank you for doing your part to help in the "obra misional"! Hey Emmett, I love you! ¿Cuándo Va a aprender Español? (When are you going to learn/understand Spanish?) I love ya'll a lot.

P.S. I had a great laugh the other day when tracting. We found a path that connected two roads and just as we made it half way my mind slowed way down to connect the attached to a run wire...........I am in the path of the dog run.........Oh NO!!! Luckily I was faster than my companion. Oh, and don´t worry too much, he bought a new umbrella and used that to keep a minimum distance between him and the teeth. What a great laugh!

Seek Him, For He lives, The Christ‏

Monday, 8 June 2015

(note to friends)
        Well when all else fails, seek to do His will. That´s all He asks in the first place, so if all seems to be failing, we aren´t doing what He wants. I know He lives and loves us. His grace is sufficient for all who seek Him with a humble heart and willing spirit. Choosing to DO is the hard part, because it is the only part we really have to do, He does the rest. I also know the Book of Mormon is true, it is His word. Take care my friends and seek the Faith, hope, and Charity that saves.
 Elder Terrance Farnsworth

 Back to Agency...‏

       How did you guys know that would be the trouble of the week? Agency? Well, we had lots of doors shut, rejections to the message, we didn´t get permission to have a baptism of A., a fine youth of 15. His father works all day Sunday and needs the help of his son. A. is coming to seminary on his own, we went once with him, the second time he was there waiting for us. We had the marriage of D. and A. which was wonderful with one problem, we acted as witnesses, and I wasn´t informed until all was said and done the possible consequences of such a thing as that. We need lots of prayer and fasting in their part so that D. can be baptized the latest by the 4th of July and they can have a temple marriage before I end the mission.

          Well, we had some miracles last night. One that was very plain was that we said a prayer asking specifically to find someone willing to receive the message if possible, someone that would call us to their house and receive us......... and so it happened.  R. now has a date for baptism. Yesterday was very precious for my spiritual growth. The Peterson´s are in charge of self-sufficiency for Costa Rica. What they taught not only will help after the mission, but I believe can help me in my mission planning to have more success. Today are changes and ............. I´m going to................. Siquirres (in other words--staying put). Our companionship is still together. I figure the Lord want´s us to learn more as of yet together.
Photo courtesy of Sis. Peterson.  Missionaries serving in Siquirres.
            I love ya´ll lots. It´s amazing how even the Atonement can heal something that was as dead as those onions. What a miracle of mercy and love. When all else fails seek charity and strive for forgiveness from Him. Bye until next week! Elder The Younger

 Q&A's between Mom and Elder:
Q:If there is something that you kind of miss or don't really see there, let us know, like a favorite candy or jerky or ? How are your clothing, shoes, and supplies doing? One mother mentioned her missionary struggling with allergeries. How are you doing with yours?
A:  If you want to send jerky that´s great!! Just about everything else I can get here. I don´t have problems with allergies right now.

Q: How is your clothing doing?
A:  Well, other than turning yellow I think it´s all doing fine. As of right now, my shoes are still intact and walking, well I guess the walking part would be my problem wouldn´t it?

Q:  So what might be the possible consequences of being witnesses to their wedding?
A: Well if something goes wrong in their relationship, they have to call upon the witnesses to be able to divorce or something like that. It would be like if dad had two witnesses that knew the farm fully and rightfully belonged to him, they die and if written information is lost it would make a really big mess because you would need the word of the witnesses to do anything more. Plain and simple I can´t or shouldn´t do it again.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Work of Salvation‏

Monday, 1 June 2015
Christ lives, if you don´t believe it please rethink it and test His promises. He does live and answers our prayers. If we don´t trust in Him and don´t try and seek Him to know if He exists, well farewell. We have to test the promise in the book of Mormon to know. Our LIFE and SALVATION depend on it. Trust me, I have seen the consequences pass through the lives of many others here in Costa Rica. The time to search the truth was in the PAST and RIGHT NOW. We must act or we will be acted upon. I love you all as Christ loves. Stay in the straight and narrow and he will guide thy paths.
Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Mis ojos ya perciben la gran gloria del Señor!‏  (My eyes behold the glory of the Lord!)

202 baptisms in the mission this month! We were blessed to participate in the preparation of 4 of them. What a glorious work. Well this past week was a new battle with more wounds but progress hasta la gloria (towards glory). We have an investigator A. of 15 años (15 years old) (how many A.´s am I going to work with in this mission?) that had plans for baptism this week but didn´t make it to church yesterday. We had an assistance (attendance) of 130 persons in the church yesterday. We found a young father yesterday and a hard lesson of the commandments. He´s not married but has a child and a partner, but she is leaving him for another man. When my companion heard the situation, he made a reference to the words of the Lord "it is better that one man perish by the sword and not a whole nation by iniquity" something like that. The more I thought about it the truer it is and I share my testimony with that of the prophets of old, wickedness never was happiness and if you´re not living the commandments you can´t expect the blessings and as the Tico´s say "salado" or too bad so sad. There was nothing more for us to say to the man other than sorry he didn´t keep the commandments. If we focus first on the blessings of the world before those of the Lord we will lose all, the opposite is true as well. Directly afterwards we happened upon a family who let us in. The father asked that I pray for unity in the family. Sadly right afterwards we explained a little about the Book of Mormon and watched yet another prophecy fulfilled. The husband accepted the fact and the wife rejected it with all her heart "we have a bible and we need no more bible." Yet further an investigator told us of a peculiar dream that he had that confirms the parables of Christ, that in the last days, one of every two would be taken the other left for naught. Two in the field one would be taken up the other left. And so we see it happen in the families, the father will accept the gospel, the mother will not etc. D. and A. finally have a date set for marriage! This Saturday. I hope and pray that we may overcome Satan in his desires to destroy the family. To top it all off I´m not carrying buffalo chips;) Today we had an interesting encounter with the ancient teachings of the devil and Zeezrom (before he repented). A man came to us who desires that we all show more Christlike love to all men primarily to him. At one point he said 'you can´t show your love without knowing my heart and you don´t know my heart.' I KNOW the heart of that man and it is pure priest-craft. He used all true words but his "intentions are as crooked as the Mississippi." I being confined by the Spirit to speak told him the love of Christ is not gratis, He paid to give us of that love with His life. So in a like manner we cannot expect to lower that standard to partake of it. I love my Savior and His atonement for Me. I know and feel His love. We must pay a price to know it. In the end it is very much worth it.  Last night I also learned to appreciate more of who I am, a son of God with an ancient identity given me by Him and likewise my companion is vitally different and therefore we are both special and have our independent needs, strengths, and weakness.
I love ya´ll. I want you to know God Lives and Loves us. Let us live to discover our potential and keep the commandments to avoid heartache. Christ is our Savior and will come soon.
Elder Farnsworth the Defender and the Obedient. With love.

View from apartment
Apartment--upstairs through the black door

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Oh how wonderful the Love of Jesus Christ!

Monday, 25 May 2015
Well, what a week. I'm out of time to write because I was downloading photos and everything. Good to hear about C! We had a practice this morning and I used him as my investigator role! Last night we found Two Golden Families while walking in water up to my calves! I've never seen two happier people during Noah's flood waters than two missionaries following the Spirit. We had the baptism of W. and two of his children! We watched Meet the Mormons! I had an interview with President once more. Oh how wonderful the Love of Jesus Christ! Well, time is gone. Thanks for all you do. I'm loving the work!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

I know...‏

Monday, 18 May 2015

I know is a powerful statement... I know because I´ve used it. There is no other way to explain my life, the Book of Mormon, or Christ. I know He lives, the Work is true, and to "negar" or deny it would ruin who I have become. I cannot separate my testimony from those of the prophets "This is the testimony last of all which we give... that He Lives!" I have seen His power and felt His love. May I find that you all are strong in the same testimony and seeking the truth.
 Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Talents and time (What the Lord Thinks of us)‏ 

Well I had an interesting and numerically devastating week. But of those numbers are some very important people. We had to go to San Jose to start some paperwork to receive my cedula once more. Turns out I wasn´t the only one with problems. Hermana C. (that was in Cañas when I arrived) was there as well. Her and her companion were in a situation and told to leave all they had (it was P-day so they lost food, scriptures, cameras, and cedulas). It was good to remember a little about Cañas. Meanwhile, in the office of the lawyer, good old G. de Cañas called me back. He is kind of like Uncle Bob, really loud, boy was it good to feel like a farmboy in front of a lawyer! I also spoke with Elder Giles. He told me that Hermana N., one of our beloved members with cancer, finally passed on as well as a recent convert Hma N., convert of Elder Rivera. Through one of our best "ward missionaries" here in Siquirres, I learned that Guanacaste now is a Stake! Assistance (attendance) in the church in Cañas is about 105! 
Well, we found a person here that was living in California, speaks good english, just got out of jail. I felt I should talk to him; before the mission I would´ve died first. He shows that he has lived a hard life but was very open and polite with us. I felt the power and love that comes through the Atonement sufficient that I left the man feeling to "sing the song of Redeeming Love". 
Sunday....... Well I have a new calling to be in charge of Retention here in Zona Limón. So I have to call everyone and see if their recent converts are coming to church or not. I´m excited, but as I put in the title, the Lord knows our potential, as we start to see and reach toward that worthy goal and potential, He gives us more. Now to see if I can please Him with my efforts. We went in search of our investigators yesterday, didn´t have any members to help give rides until late, but we ended up with a family, S. and his children, J, and A; A. showed up on his own. He was one of those few numbers with great potential. He wants to be baptized. We´re going to have a family baptism this week! A father and two of his children! W.´s wife was baptized as a youth and as of recent has found the church once more! What a wonderful family. We had a lesson with them last night, giving a Book of Mormon to our taxi driver (well he asked for it politely enough:) And when it was time to return W.´s car didn´t work. We pushed it several hundred feet and nothing. Eventually a friend of his took us home. What a day..........
Well I´ve said enough. It was great to hear your stories. I love yall lots. I have started to see what rain really is down here... Maybe need to buy water boots.

Keep up the good work and I´ll keep a trying here. I have realized that a plan is only enough to give a direction and timing to goals placed. How it actually turns out in the end depends on the change of priorities; we place priorities by always remembering Christ and doing what will lead us and others más cerca a Él (closer to the Savior). Love ya lots and hasta el proximo (until next time), Les quiero (I love you all)!  Elder Farnsworth the younger.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Looking back on where we've been and ahead at where we're going....‏

 Monday, 11 May 2015

The Love of Our Lord for Us‏

Every one of us is a seed of Faith that our Heavenly Father has planted. We All have Potential. Take in the light and truth at every moment and share it with others. Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth
I can hardly believe that I've been out as long as I have. It was good to see Cory and receive a few tips from him even though it's like the advice we all hear often, "Study it out in your minds and in your hearts" and "ask the Father in my name if it be not true." I guess I have a price yet to pay to understand and use the concept of planning. I don´t have a whole lot to say. We had D. and his family in the church yesterday, I., W. and his family, M. (18 yr old boy my companion found when we were on divisions) and F. is still holding true! We had a meeting with the Elders quorum president which was an answer to prayers on Saturday. We actually felt ackowledged by the branch through him and we have more desires and guidance as to what we need to do and what the members can do. So, as of right now, we have four baptisms in waiting. Y., a friend of Hermana C., still has a baptismal date but we got a message from the Hermana that the next time we go to have a lesson with Y., the family of Catholics would be waiting with machetes for us.... We´ll see where that goes. I feel like Ammon and his brothers after receiving that threat. We are waiting the direction of the Lord before we go, but they did say the WHOLE family would be waiting, why not teach them all?

One more time I want to thank you all for your efforts to help in the missionary work and I pray that you may all find more opportunities to help form the bridge between the work of the missionaries and the conversion of our brothers through the efforts of the members. I have been sweetly surprised and reminded of the power of the members in helping the investigators, even if the most the members do is sit by them in church, smile, wave, talk, laugh. All it has to be is something simple as the "small and simple things bring great things to pass." I also learned more about Faith yesterday. It is the small and simple things that we do constanly and consistently to allow our "seed" to grow, not like the garden I was taking care of a while ago. I focused well in taking out the weeds one week, but lost focus on the nourishment of the plants. So, most times it seems we must do a little a lot, and a lot very little. Only when it comes time for the planting or the harvest must we focus every intent and desire on that one thing. Meanwhile, we must focus on being dilligent, meeting the individual needs of every plant. (I learned a lot from Jacob 5 this morning : )

I love yall lots, I hope you recognized it´s hard for me to speak in English, ha ha ha. Keep up the good work. I would sure like to hear more from Sadie, Emmett, and Jalysa, but if they´re that dedicated in the work, I´ll just be waiting for Christmas;)
Love Elder the Younger

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

When there´s no time to have time

Monday, 4 May 2015
(Note to friends)

 He lives!

 Yo sé que vive mi Señor! I know that my Redeemer Lives. In Him I have trusted and in Him I will trust forever! May we all seek to serve Him more fully and lift those around us! Thank you all for your prayers and love. You have all been angels of support even when you don´t know it. The Lord our God works in loving and quiet ways to show us His Glory and bring us closer to Him. To all have a good week and search for someone to serve! (especially our mothers!)
Well through thick and thin we have a convert again! F. was baptized and confirmed. He is really a gift prepared from God. He bore his testimony yesterday and our Branch President actually smiled a real smile! We are still trying with I. He has a firm testimony of the Church and the Book of Mormon, but sadly his wife doesn´t. We are still working towards helping them get married along with another couple. We have a new family with whom we are working. They are working towards the 30th of this month to be baptized. We have a lot to change and mejorar (improve, better) but we are doing it poco a poco (little by little). I was blessed to bear my testimony and was filled once more with the Love of God. The members and our leaders are beginning to take on the urgency of the work and we saw many miracles amongst them yesterday. We are working with less actives L. and J. They will be great ward missionaries. I feel they were just neglected by the other members; they are wonderful people.
I don´t think I´ve seen time fly so fast! I love you Lots. Thanks for the pictures. We´ll talk more later! I liked all the words and messages sent to me today, and they connected very well with thoughts and feelings I´ve been having. Farewell, until we meet again!

(We found a dead rat and gecko in our house this past week, all is fine. We have seen the protective hand of our Father this week!)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hastening the Lord´s Work!‏

Monday, 27 April 2015
(Note to friends)

 I know that God Lives. He loves us all but he is trying to wake us up and lift us higher, to help ALL of His children. All is possible for Him and Through Him! I Love Jesus Christ and hope to serve Him Better! Thank you all for all you do! Elder Terrance Farnsworth


The work Moves along... Jump in the cart and Hold on!

Well another great week of miracles even though Satan is busy at work. I believe I contracted dengue Saturday, however I did my best to fight through the whole day. We were blessed to find some of our lost sheep, we now have the call to bring them back to the fold. We walked great distances through bananeras (banana fields/plantations) to find our members. We mainly received sun burn, dust, rain, sore muscles and a few popsicles that we just about died to get. F. will be baptized this saturday! We had a stake conference in which he felt he need not wait longer. D. and A. "couldn´t come" because they were without water on Sunday :( We lost contact with I., turns out he went looking for work. We have had a fair share of trials but I don´t think I´ve ever had a faster week. We are happy, my companion is true to his calling and through a priesthood blessing I am now better. I don´t know when Mother´s day is nor cuando escribirémos (when we will write). We were told that if it works out better during the week sometime it would be fine but right now I really don´t know a whole lot. My mind is finally focusing more in the work of salvation and our wonderful investigators. Well I love you all, hope all is well.  My main focuses are trying to become a more powerful missionary, learn how to plan, and achieve goals. Keep up the happiness and continue forth in the straight and narrow. With lots of Love, Elder Farnsworth, The younger.

Monday, April 20, 2015

I love to see the temple!‏

Monday, 20 April 2015

(note to friends)
I know the Lord Lives and we are all on the same journey to find Him once more! For this reason He has called many to serve missions, have callings in the church, build families, be brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers and just simply walk in faith following His Footsteps. Everyone is in need of the love and joy, hope and future that lies within the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You would be surprised just how many are willing to listen and share what we live and have to share. May we keep our sight on the Eternal, Everyone counts. With Love, Elder Terrance Farnsworth

 I like to look for rainbows...‏ 

 Well I am moving along in the work with hardly time to think, and without a mind to think running to and fro, wet head to toe, especially when it`s not raining... well that´s humidity for ya. My gym clothes this morning hardly had a dry spot and we were only playing soccer for about 45 minutes. We finally found a mop and were able to clean up the apartment pretty well, at least it´s smelling better ;) I. went out of contact for most of the week last week and we finally got a text message saying he was sick. Sunday we called him and he said he would come to church but was still sick (for some reason half of his face went paralyzed and for this didn`t want to be seen out in public). We decided to go and bring him to church without really knowing what was wrong. With gentle persuasion, a lot of love, and a blessing, we got him to church! He is now improving in health, but it is still a worry for us. He has a great testimony of the commandments and the Book of Mormon. He, along with F., in church is awesome! They basically have led the lessons and discussions the past two weeks now! Their testimonies and desires to learn have awakened the members to where they are beginning to act more naturally in the way that the Lord intended for the church, center the work on the investigators in all phases and in the end all are uplifted! D. and A. are still working on marriage as well as G. and I.! One of our menos activos (less active members) whom I met one of my first nights here in Siquirres is reactivating. I don´t know exactly what happened other than a grand change of heart! He and F. came to a Pizza party that the Elders quorum put on and enjoyed it to the very last (we did as well). This Sunday we finally were asked for help by the Rama (Branch) or the presidency of the stake to search out our less active priesthood holders or prospective elders and reactivate them all and get them ordained to the priesthood. We need 8 more worthy, active priesthood holders to qualify for a Ward! We started looking at our possibilities and we have about 14 brethren to search out and reactivate. Oh, what joy to have a goal to work towards for the Branch. We have been working very hard here, but sadly, the Branch has no missionary-related goals up to now, so much of our work has been like starting up a train going full speed to baptism and then hitting the Brick Wall of the Members. I love all those who are here serving along with us, but as missionaries, without a clear view of the goals of the organization in which we serve, our mission goals don´t get us very far. M. now lives closer to us! He is one whom we are preparing to receive the Priesthood to increase the success rate here as well. What more can I say? Are we busy yet? Thanks for the pictures! It´s good to see tulips and snow, good to hear about the successes back home. Lately I have learned a lot once more about sacrifice, obedience, planning, and being diligently engaged in a good cause of our own free will. I hope all continues to go well and that you may all do your very best to help those missionaries there. Our success as a church depends on the success of everyone as an individual and as a whole. That is why the Family is the main unit! I love yall. Les amo Elder The Younger, Spanish Speaking, bean and rice eating, Terrance Farnsworth ;)

Que guapo este gaucho, no! (What a handsome cowboy!)
He says he has gained 25 lbs, up to 175 now. Where did he put it all?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Key To Finding Christ‏

Wednesday, 15 April 2015
(Note to friends)
         If we want to find Christ we must continually seek Him, If we want to help others return to Christ we must represent Him, and when or How should we do it? Be thou an example of the believers in all times in all things and all places that ye be in, and stand thou ALWAYS on Holy Ground and ALWAYS help others to seek and find The light of Christ. He needs us to be more Actively engaged in a good cause.
        As we strive to be more bold and are more eager to share, we begin to find those with similar needs and feelings to know and feel. Also as we strive to keep daily contact the spirit is able to more thoroughly work on our friends and family. ALL my wonderful stories of conversion here in the mission have been through DAILY CONTACT. So, if we want our friends to join the Fold we should strive to have daily contact with them, invite them to have daily contact with the Father, through scripture and prayer, and pray by name for them, and always show our love and support. This is the importance and the Role of the Family. I love you all, your examples, prayers and growth, May God Be with us (hear that daily contact phrase in there;) Till we MEET again. Love Terrance Farnsworth
Elder Farnsworth and Elder Lopez

 La Obra De Dios!

Hola Familia Mia!
           I have had a great week! mainly because I suffer from short term memory, so if something bad happens in the morning of one day by the evening of the same day it has been forgotten. What was it that I wanted to tell yall now? All well.
           I can hardly grasp that things are still moving forward (age-wise) back home. Well, all I can tell you is that after the month check for my companion and a multizone meeting I have caught more fire and vision. Sunday we had 6 investigators in the church, two of which, I. and F., basically taught themselves the lesson in Priesthood meeting. They were both very active and I could see the true intent of the church. Have the lessons planned around the needs of the investigators to allow them to understand and feel welcomed, it allows the members feel like sharing their testimonies and by the end all are uplifted and changed for the better. Last night we had an appointment with F. and happened to pass him in the street. All he could tell us right then is "Tengo Buenas Nuevas! (I have good news!)" I had a strange but familiar feeling enter my heart when he said that. We finished the other lesson that we were at then went to talk with him. My companion being a newbie full of fire after our meetings was determined to have a lesson to explain the Priesthood, but luckily I was able to interrupt and say "First however, we would like to hear what you have to say." F. then opened up and expressed a beautiful testimony that he had gained of the Book of Mormon and Latter-Day prophets (he was also studying Ezra Taft Benson`s teachings to prepare thoughts for the following Sunday). He simply told us that as he was reading an inexpressable feeling entered his heart. I was all smiles with a few tears of joy over that! We proceeded to teach, but he simply told us "Yes, I understand it all; He gave me the ability to understand that it`s all true." I. (other investigator) as well has gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon, he said, "It just has to be true, it talks of Christ and baptism." We explained last night as well to him tithing and he said, "Well it`s a commandment. We need to do it, we can`t just pick and choose." We have also found a few more people that seem more than eager to listen and learn.
 Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth

(following pictures courtesy of Sis. Wilkinson)

(following pictures courtesy of Elder Ferrin)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Oh There´s Sunshine!‏

Monday, 6 April 2015
I Know God Lives! Christ is Risen! May we all take courage once more to proclaim the Good News! I love and thank you all for your support and prayers. Keep serving those around you with the intent that they too may Know God and Live!
Elder Farnsworth
Well, I just want to share that The Lord Lives. He has been my Light and my Hope. As I listened to Conference I received Healing through Him and the words of the Prophets. I still had sorrow, for those who made the decision to place other things before the Lord in their Life, but this quickly turned to joy. We left the church to talk with people and I have never truly felt such joy and love before in my life for ALL that I talked to. We talked to Testigos De Jehova (Jehovah Witnesses) as well and only felt true joy from the heavens. We are enjoying our time here, and it is going too fast. I have much to improve upon so I can repent, and prepare my ground in my heart and soul to become a place where the Good Sower can sow his seeds. This was one of my favorite talks even though they were all divinely guided and needed by me. We were able to contact D. y A., some of our best progressing investigators. They are trying to work towards marriage that they, or D. can be baptized, A. is a less active, but very pure of heart, as well D. I love my sheep that I have found here. We have to go searching for one who is lost. M., our last baptism, broke up with his girlfriend and we haven´t been able to contact him. We are hoping and praying for each one. I feel as the person in the parable of the talents who had few but kept trying and still didn´t gain much. I lack much in the way of planning but with the help and patience of my companion we are getting there. Thanks Jalysa for reminding me of that silly piece of wood, it´s almost as important as the missionary´s shoes that were bronzed in remembrance of the sacrifices made. I never would have guessed that my own sister would find my testimony. But with that purpose it was left. " For we labor diligently to write to persuade our brethren and also our children to believe in Christ." I may not have the best journal or plates of brass or gold, but I do have my testimony of Christ and have tried my best to share it. Keep pressing onward everyone. I love you all. This work is amazing and wonderful! May God be our Guide and His hosts our support.
Elder Farnsworth, The Younger

Monday, March 30, 2015

God Loves ALL of His Children!

Monday, 30 March 2015

I know that God lives and loves me too, for He has been with me in the storms that have tried to weaken me and take me captive. I know in whom I have trusted! It is upon the Rock of Our Redeemer who is Christ the Son of God that we must build our foundation so that we will not fall. If and When all else fails, trust in Christ and that He lives. I know that this Gospel brings true love, Charity, into our lives, the combining of our mortal Love with His to make all things possible through the Faith of Him who will always prevail. This gospel is happy and full of hope. I know! and no one can take my testimony away. Please seek Him, the Son of God, to receive the blessings of eternal happiness and joy that cannot be dimmed. I love you all and hope that "all will be for thy good" because it is if you trust in Him! Elder Terrance Farnsworth.
​                                              _______________________________

 Being Tried in all things and Gaining confidence in the presence of God‏

Well after hearing all of what has been going on around the world my week doesn't sound quite as eventful. To start off I don't think I've mentioned that I have gained 25 pounds here in the mission, I didn't believe it either when I saw it on the scale. My umbrella finally broke. As a trainer I've had a wonderful time with my companion, he's very willing and ready to work and we are just having fun. We went to San Jose last wednesday, standing for 2 hours in the bus to get my companion started in the process to be made legal here in Costa Rica. When trying to find the bus stop to come back to Siquirres I followed I guess my instincts and we ended up at the bus stop that used to take me back to Cañas. We got in a taxi there and got back in the right direction. As I was explaining the new church video with the taxi driver I was also paying for the ride. In the midst of it all, we got out.... without my wallet and without any way to recover it except the goodness and mercies of God on his poor farm boy missionary. I have had quite the week of learning patience and moving on with His will. We offered a prayer and I felt a glimpse of peace, so I know all will be well, however I'm still not sure how. I made the poor decision to have ALL my important cards and information in my wallet. So I no longer have my personal money cards, drivers license, temple recommend, cedula, mission money card, emergency money from the mission, password for skype etc. Some people just have to go and choose to learn some lessons a harder way than others. However in the midst of everything, a pastor came to bible bash with us, we found a member who offered support for trip and food money, an investigator the same night paid for our groceries plus more. We had a wonderful Baptism! and we found 25 new investigators! 

We saw a sloth and it's baby, and best of all we got news that we're going to watch conference here in Siquirres and on the 15 we're going to the temple. All that I can say is that the gospel is the only true and happy way, I know and understand the experiences of Nephi and Lot better. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and His redemptive power and Love. I know God lives! and He loves me. As we strive to fill our lives with the service of others our burden becomes easy and light, for we are then acting as Our Savior and His power enters our lives. I love you all. I hope that we may all stay centered on Christ even though the very gates of hell may open against us I know in whom I have trusted and All these things will be for our good. Elder the Younger. I love yall keep hanging in the saddle;)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oh there's sunshine!‏

Monday, 23 March 2015
 Oh there's sunshine!‏
            Keep a smiling wherever you may find yourself, because there are others watching, waiting too that they may find themselves, their purpose in life, and the fact that God Loves them just as He loves you, and for this reason we better be smiling! I love you all and thank you all for your service and love towards me! Elder Terrance Farnsworth
           I´ve had a very, very busy past week. After seeing off Elder Gonzalez (who finished his mission and was returning home), I stayed in Gaucimo. The district I stayed with in Guacimo are great missionaries, striving to be obedient with exactness, something that brought a lot of life back into me. They all felt the need to be talking with people and doing the Lords work! I learned to love my companion Elder Black, the area, and the people in my short two days there. I also got to see one of the strangest creatures that lives here, a sloth! It was in the dark, so I don´t have pictures, but very interesting. Elder Black is great with grand desires to do the very best he can. I hope I was as much help for him as he was for me.
            When we took the picture (the big whole-mission picture)... We were standing for about two hours waiting for all to arrive and get in place. (I had commented that it was quite a feat to get them all in the picture and that it must’ve taken at least two minutes.) What a great mission Conference! (Elder Maynes and Elder Duncan of the Quorum of the Seventy were visiting the mission and wanted to meet with all of the missionaries together.)
Can you find him?
I think I found him after zooming in! I believe in the bottom picture he is on the back row just left of the third white column from the right.
   I got my new companion! Elder Lopez de Guatemala!

He came more prepared to the mission than I did, and I believe the Lord is simply trying to retrain me, because I have learned a lot from my companion already. It is special as well because his MTC companion is serving in our district as well. We got a surprise our first night home.... While staying in Guacimo, planning with Elder Black I had the idea to send a chapter to an investigator, M, to study with his girlfriend and their family. 3 Nephi 11. I also sent a message to the mother of the girlfriend, Hma C, with the reference and the invitation to read the chapter with M. and after ask him to bear his testimony....Our surprise was a call from Hma C saying that M wants to know when he can be Baptized! We are working diligently to get it all lined out and accomplished;)   

Well, we are thriving in this companionship, tired and striving to find a good way to be organized to accomplish more for the Savior, but doing well. It's good to see picts of yall and to hear yall're doin fine!
            Love Elder Farnsworth, The Younger.
Looks like about ready to enjoy a meal at the mission home

Waiting to be assigned to new companions
Paired up with new companions