Friday, January 30, 2015

The Vision‏

Tuesday, 27 January 2015
When we gain the vision our Father has for us we begin to realize that All we need to do is move forward with more faith and prayers, striving daily to better ourselves and acheive our potential. He has given us all we need to just share in His vision for us and share that vision of purpose and Everlasting Joy with all around us. I know that God lives and Christ is our Redeemer. That families are eternal. AS we strive to be obedient and seek His blessings for us they come. The greatest joy that can ever come to us is to really see that joy come to those we love, who may not have had the opportunity to taste of the Fruit of our Savior and His Atonement. Yo sé que Dios vive y Jesucristo también y Él es nuestro Redentor. Familias son Eternas. Cuando tratamos de ser obediente y buscar Sus bendiciones por nosotros, ellos vienen. El mayor gozo que podría venir a nosotros es para ver el mismo gozo entrar en las vidas de aquellos por quien tenemos amor y a quien no han tenido la oportunidad a probar el Fruto del nuestro Salvador y Su Expiación.
Of these things I testify in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.(de estás cosas doy testimonio en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen)

Ether 12:27

Well "long days in the saddle, spent working with cattle, lets this cowboy know he´s still free, It´s what the Lord has given to me."

I love hearing once more about the family, hope you all get better soon. All I can say is that we are pretty well tired here. Long days in the shoes spent walking to find and lift those who have the blues. Well I don´t know what all I can say. I´m happy, we´ve got plenty of work to do, and sometimes "it all begins with me," for helping others.  I´ve been reading pretty faithfully in the Conference Ensign and have found that every talk was given for me. I read one that was about a shared vision, what a blessing and miracle. Like I said, it´s obvious, but only for those who "continually seek" to have the spirit and keep a clear focus, like in another talk titled The Book, and talking about the brand new hatchet. Too many times we become distracted by things around us and don´t go to work with a clear focus and light to lead us. We have improved here as far as visions and goals go. Now we need to follow through on the actions to make them be successful.

Sad news, two baptismal dates fell through. H. was too sick to leave her house and our other candidate S. was away attending to a newborn grandchild. However I was given the opportunity to baptize a youth of a family of members. A special honor, but I felt bad that even though we tried to encourage her family to do it they insisted I do it. I did it but never want to let priesthood members in a family miss out on that opportunity ever again. Something I feel bad about but at the same time happy because the covenant has been made. 

Good News! Our investigator P. and her husband have accepted (really accepted) a baptismal date for the 14 of February! P. was one of those who was really searching for the gospel and just didn´t know where to find it and when we taught her about the plan of Salvation the spirit entered so strong she knew that our message was true. She has made many efforts trying to contact her family members everywhere to share with them! She has quit coffee and is living the Word of Wisdom and helping her husband break his addiction. We are more than excited to see them continue in the gospel! 

Thank you all for your encouragement and Love. The true key to all heavenly success. Emmett how are you doing? what is your favorite thing to do in the wintertime? We wish it was colder here. Guess what last week I forgot to tell you that I got bit by a dog! Good thing it was only tall enough that it could bite my shoe. So I didn´t get hurt!

I couldn´t get my pictures to download today. We´ll try again next week. Continue forward in the faith! I hope we can ALL Strive to live more fully the potential He has given us. Love yall. Adios!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The hand of Our Father

Tuesday, 20 January 2015
As we strive to be grateful, and genuinely spread the Love of Christ to those around us, we can be happily surprised with the joy we can find and with the people who are willing and ready to recieve more of the lightof Christ in their lives. I will say once more that Christ Lives! That Families have the potential of being eternal! Everyone has the chance to recieve salvation and eternal happiness! I know and feel of this more and more day by day. May we all move forward with Christ always in our hearts to guide our actions. May we be forever more grateful for all our blessings. I love all of you and am grateful for your prayers and love for me. May you all find more purpose and joy in your lives and success in all that you do to Help one another!  With Love and gratitude, Elder Terrance Farnsworth

It´s almost as if we were pre-programmed to be multi-tasking. It´s easy to say, "Well I´m just going to focus on doing this one thing so it gets done right and well and then move on," but the patterns of the Lord seem to be aligned differently. As soon as we start making progress in our lives it seems He blesses us with more options to enrich our lives and make us stronger and to help shape us and to help us grow. I felt some of that (or I feel a lot of that) every day. There is always more to improve. I guess that is what gives the true definition and reason to the scripture 'See that ye are diligent that thereby ye may gain the reward.' It reminds me of someone trying to build a house (or me trying to build a chair) you begin with an initial decision, thinking of an end product or potential, along the way you have several different plans that all have to be worked on at the same time to keep progress going, someone from the outside can say that we look like a chicken running around with our heads chopped off; but our daily and momental actions are essential to meet the deadline, have the quality, and be satisfied with the finished project when the end comes.
This week I experienced one of the best days yet in the mission field. I had the opportunity to go on divisions with one of our zone leaders in Liberia. I don´t know exactly what happened, however I believe this particular elder, Elder Pérez, has mastered the ability to love with the pure love of Christ. We went straight to work, each lesson we had a strong spirit with us, one lesson the investigator was a friend of a recent convert that was also there with us and he accepted baptism and he was able to recognize the tranquilidad del Espíritu (peace of the Spirit). I felt like I was grinning ear to ear the whole night. The next morning as well I felt a spirit so pure with Elder Pérez that I felt I had complete confidence in him to receive correction and encouragement without the slightest bad feelings. I almost felt like I was in an interview with Christ receiving counsel and forgiveness and support. On the way home on the bus (while I was filled with this spirit) I had the opportuntiy to share a Book of Mormon with a lady that has definitely been prepared by God. She seemed very glad to receive the Book. Unfortunately she does not live in my area. (We passed her information on to other elders and hopefully she and her family will be able to enter into the waters of baptism soon.) This Sunday we had two investigators come to church. We went by their home after church (even though she told us we shouldn´t because her house would be full of visitors;) and found her with her daughter and began to teach the Plan of Salvation. When we told her that we do proxy work for the dead and that everyone has a second chance to be redeemed, she broke into tears and said that this was the solace she has been searching for because her brother died without ever receiving Christ fully into his life. We then asked her when she would like to be baptized and gave her the option of the 14 of February to which she said she loved the thought! She is a great miracle and was well prepared before we met her. One of the best things is that she is really studying the Book of Mormon! She is in 1 Nephi ch 5. We are seeing great miracles here! I Know the gospel is true! I know our Father loves us and that we can have families forever! I know and Love the Book of Mormon! I know Christ Lives and Loves and prepares us to do His will if we will but seek Him! Love you all lots. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your prayers! Más en el futuro! (More in the future)
P.S. We´ve made more milkshakes, just about all of which I enjoy. We´ve also tried 2 of the mug recipes both of which are good (and Improving;)
I got a coconut to drink from, then eat on divisions!

We visited Bebedero to see crocodiles, we saw one (a small one) as well as a basilisk and a monkey.

Monument to soldiers of the Battle of Santa Rosa, March 1856

Canas District missionaries

We also had a miracle of finding one of our members that had moved there recently and with whom we had lost connection. Great day! (Fun fact: people have been eaten by the crocodiles that live in the Bebedero they are anywhere from 18 to 20 feet long or 9 meters!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Del Calor de Canas, Costa Rica (the warmth of Canas)

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Well sounds as if everyone is enjoying the natural air conditioning going on up north. Yesterday in the house my thermometer on my clock read 91 degrees. Right nice and cozy huh? Well today humidity is higher so I sweat about a bottle worth of water in about five minutes. I tried the recipe for sponge cake in a mug and it tasted just fine. This morning I made pancakes from scratch for the first time en la misión. They were definitely higher quality and more filling than the box mix. (I doubled the recipe without my companion knowing, started cooking then left the cooking to him to take a shower. When I came out he grinned at me and said, pointing to a pile of great looking pancakes (plate sized) that´s not 8 small pancakes! Apparently he read the recipe. I think he got away with a larger portion of pancakes than me. All well. More next time;)

(Responses to questions I asked about previous pictures)
I was thinking Dad would say those pictures were of the waters of Mormon! We went with the first councilor in the branch presidency and his family and some of their friends. As the Southerners like to say, "Tem brid-jes iz scetchy!" We ate Ham sandwiches with a type of ground meat sauce, tortilla chips, and ginger ale, as most mormons do on a trip, in the car. (those sandwiches weren´t too bad). The plate of food I believe is from our New Years eve Party, the meat really good sausage type meat, good enough that I´m not planning on asking what it is I´ll just eat it and enjoy! Yes the circles are the magnets (made from gourds)
 I have received all (two) of my packages so far, the best present was definitely the (family) calendar!
The jelly is great! I haven´t made the opportunity to use the spam. I do think it is easier to put extra money on the card and I can get along fine here. I do always enjoy letters or other surprises from the mail though. The missionaries in my disrict are Yo, Elder Giles, Hermanas Yardley and Nuñez.

Milagros (Miracles): With H. we were able to get her to church finally! She came to a church activity last week and was greatly impressed and made the effort to get up early Sunday to be at church. When she got to church, the members took her under their wings without us even asking for help! I believe she felt a greater peace and love than she has probably ever felt. She is on date (to be baptized) for this Saturday! We also had three other investigators (referrals of members!) and most of our recent converts. We then went to work after church and decided to visit some menos activos (less active members) that didn´t show up to church. On the way there we were talking and having a good time, when we stopped in our tracks as we were beginning to turn down the wrong road. We asked ourselves outloud why we were doing it, but continued because it was the road of a recent convert who we haven´t had contact with for a long time. He was home! For the first time in over two Months! We had a great lesson and my heart was lifted once more. This Sunday was one of my happiest days here. The spirit of the work and the Love of God was very well Present the whole day! The work is moving along! Love yall lots. Keep up the progress and milagros (miracles) up north ya hear. adios!
Fruit smoothies

Ice cream

Milk shakes
(Maybe I'll get the story behind these pictures next week. Looks like they had someone help them with a water tank storage rack for their apartment.)

Monday, January 12, 2015

El Vos de Canas

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

(Note to Friends)
I have learned a lot this Christmas season. We really can and should have the Christmas Spirit ALL YEAR. The best way to do so is really look in at yourself like the scriptures have taught, and the prophets repeated many a time, look not to cast the splinter out of another's eye, but look to cast the beam out of your own first. It´s amazing what you learn when you quit judging others and look inward to see what you can do to become better first. It really does bring us closer to Christ. Hope all is well with those who have all been so good to me, my examples, my friends, mis amigos. May we all strive to "conocer" the words of Christ and act to follow Him, not just "saber" His words and have a belief. Let us be filled with the light and life of Faith this new year and Continually strenghten the Christmas Spirit and Always Remember Him! Con Amor- Elder Terrance Farnsworth

I guess you have to trust the people here when they say nobody will be here on the First of the Year (we went through the streets looking for restaurants to eat at, because our cook was unavailable, and it really looked like a ghost town. We could cross the streets without worrying about any, and I mean any, cars; with the strong winds here and the trash in the street, someone could´ve made a pretty good movie shoot). Anyways no one was to be seen and almost all the restaurants were closed. However during the night of new years (after having a meal with some members and tres leches, and after retiring to bed) I woke up at 12:00 en punto to the sound of war. The real south was rising again. Fireworks were going off all over the place. Back on the subject of our lunch, we found a fruit stand open and bought WATERMELON! Piñas, y Fresas or strawberries, we then went home and made some great smoothies, One of my companion´s specialties. I am converted to fruit smoothies and milkshakes!
To trust the word of the people once more, they all told us that the first Sunday of the year a ton of people come and we saw it happen! Hardly any room to put people. We had 90 people assist church this Sunday! Lately it has been 54 to 60 in attendance. If we can keep 'em coming for a period of time and keep bringing more in, we´ll be needing a ward and a new chapel! That´s the goal!

The story of H., well she woke up very late we did all we could to wake someone up y nada. She´s a tough case to get to church. L. had "mucho trabajo" y didn´t end up coming. With C, well we found out that some "mormon misioneras" hurt his families feelings a long time back calling a picture of the Virgin Maria a Maldito, very very bad to do. Yet he likes talking with us, and apparently doesn´t know that we are mormons as well. We both felt it better to share a very brief message that our purpose is to help others come unto Christ, to which he agreed and thanked us and we left. We have yet to see what happens with him. We felt it better to give some space to let him think and return when he would be willing to hear us out. HQ refferals, we still have yet to contact face to face, but contacted one by phone (who was too busy in the moment) and believe we have found the house of the other.
The two friend requests are of members, G. our convert and the daughter of the president of the other branch, a very good family.
Yesterday for P-day we made P-izza! It turned out very good and I think it was a good activity to have as a district. I also bought ice cream with some of the money I pulled out for the belt. It is good ice cream. We have started to see many miracles as far as members are starting to give more refferals ans we are going to have our first ward council meeting! In which we hope to gain ground in getting a Mission Leader (which we haven´t had for most of my time here). We´re excited for the progress we´re making. The winds of opposition are blowing hard here in Cañas but we´re continuing forward.
It is good to hear about Clint (a cousin that just got married) Kind of strange but really good. I´m glad all is still well back home. Kind of strange, we see rainbows just about every day, eat watermelon, and back home you see your breath everyday. Love yall lots, hope you´re all having fun,  Adios hasta el proximo!

A few more pictures from his previous outing to the rainforest: