Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Del Calor de Canas, Costa Rica (the warmth of Canas)

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Well sounds as if everyone is enjoying the natural air conditioning going on up north. Yesterday in the house my thermometer on my clock read 91 degrees. Right nice and cozy huh? Well today humidity is higher so I sweat about a bottle worth of water in about five minutes. I tried the recipe for sponge cake in a mug and it tasted just fine. This morning I made pancakes from scratch for the first time en la misión. They were definitely higher quality and more filling than the box mix. (I doubled the recipe without my companion knowing, started cooking then left the cooking to him to take a shower. When I came out he grinned at me and said, pointing to a pile of great looking pancakes (plate sized) that´s not 8 small pancakes! Apparently he read the recipe. I think he got away with a larger portion of pancakes than me. All well. More next time;)

(Responses to questions I asked about previous pictures)
I was thinking Dad would say those pictures were of the waters of Mormon! We went with the first councilor in the branch presidency and his family and some of their friends. As the Southerners like to say, "Tem brid-jes iz scetchy!" We ate Ham sandwiches with a type of ground meat sauce, tortilla chips, and ginger ale, as most mormons do on a trip, in the car. (those sandwiches weren´t too bad). The plate of food I believe is from our New Years eve Party, the meat really good sausage type meat, good enough that I´m not planning on asking what it is I´ll just eat it and enjoy! Yes the circles are the magnets (made from gourds)
 I have received all (two) of my packages so far, the best present was definitely the (family) calendar!
The jelly is great! I haven´t made the opportunity to use the spam. I do think it is easier to put extra money on the card and I can get along fine here. I do always enjoy letters or other surprises from the mail though. The missionaries in my disrict are Yo, Elder Giles, Hermanas Yardley and Nuñez.

Milagros (Miracles): With H. we were able to get her to church finally! She came to a church activity last week and was greatly impressed and made the effort to get up early Sunday to be at church. When she got to church, the members took her under their wings without us even asking for help! I believe she felt a greater peace and love than she has probably ever felt. She is on date (to be baptized) for this Saturday! We also had three other investigators (referrals of members!) and most of our recent converts. We then went to work after church and decided to visit some menos activos (less active members) that didn´t show up to church. On the way there we were talking and having a good time, when we stopped in our tracks as we were beginning to turn down the wrong road. We asked ourselves outloud why we were doing it, but continued because it was the road of a recent convert who we haven´t had contact with for a long time. He was home! For the first time in over two Months! We had a great lesson and my heart was lifted once more. This Sunday was one of my happiest days here. The spirit of the work and the Love of God was very well Present the whole day! The work is moving along! Love yall lots. Keep up the progress and milagros (miracles) up north ya hear. adios!
Fruit smoothies

Ice cream

Milk shakes
(Maybe I'll get the story behind these pictures next week. Looks like they had someone help them with a water tank storage rack for their apartment.)

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