Sunday, January 25, 2015

The hand of Our Father

Tuesday, 20 January 2015
As we strive to be grateful, and genuinely spread the Love of Christ to those around us, we can be happily surprised with the joy we can find and with the people who are willing and ready to recieve more of the lightof Christ in their lives. I will say once more that Christ Lives! That Families have the potential of being eternal! Everyone has the chance to recieve salvation and eternal happiness! I know and feel of this more and more day by day. May we all move forward with Christ always in our hearts to guide our actions. May we be forever more grateful for all our blessings. I love all of you and am grateful for your prayers and love for me. May you all find more purpose and joy in your lives and success in all that you do to Help one another!  With Love and gratitude, Elder Terrance Farnsworth

It´s almost as if we were pre-programmed to be multi-tasking. It´s easy to say, "Well I´m just going to focus on doing this one thing so it gets done right and well and then move on," but the patterns of the Lord seem to be aligned differently. As soon as we start making progress in our lives it seems He blesses us with more options to enrich our lives and make us stronger and to help shape us and to help us grow. I felt some of that (or I feel a lot of that) every day. There is always more to improve. I guess that is what gives the true definition and reason to the scripture 'See that ye are diligent that thereby ye may gain the reward.' It reminds me of someone trying to build a house (or me trying to build a chair) you begin with an initial decision, thinking of an end product or potential, along the way you have several different plans that all have to be worked on at the same time to keep progress going, someone from the outside can say that we look like a chicken running around with our heads chopped off; but our daily and momental actions are essential to meet the deadline, have the quality, and be satisfied with the finished project when the end comes.
This week I experienced one of the best days yet in the mission field. I had the opportunity to go on divisions with one of our zone leaders in Liberia. I don´t know exactly what happened, however I believe this particular elder, Elder Pérez, has mastered the ability to love with the pure love of Christ. We went straight to work, each lesson we had a strong spirit with us, one lesson the investigator was a friend of a recent convert that was also there with us and he accepted baptism and he was able to recognize the tranquilidad del Espíritu (peace of the Spirit). I felt like I was grinning ear to ear the whole night. The next morning as well I felt a spirit so pure with Elder Pérez that I felt I had complete confidence in him to receive correction and encouragement without the slightest bad feelings. I almost felt like I was in an interview with Christ receiving counsel and forgiveness and support. On the way home on the bus (while I was filled with this spirit) I had the opportuntiy to share a Book of Mormon with a lady that has definitely been prepared by God. She seemed very glad to receive the Book. Unfortunately she does not live in my area. (We passed her information on to other elders and hopefully she and her family will be able to enter into the waters of baptism soon.) This Sunday we had two investigators come to church. We went by their home after church (even though she told us we shouldn´t because her house would be full of visitors;) and found her with her daughter and began to teach the Plan of Salvation. When we told her that we do proxy work for the dead and that everyone has a second chance to be redeemed, she broke into tears and said that this was the solace she has been searching for because her brother died without ever receiving Christ fully into his life. We then asked her when she would like to be baptized and gave her the option of the 14 of February to which she said she loved the thought! She is a great miracle and was well prepared before we met her. One of the best things is that she is really studying the Book of Mormon! She is in 1 Nephi ch 5. We are seeing great miracles here! I Know the gospel is true! I know our Father loves us and that we can have families forever! I know and Love the Book of Mormon! I know Christ Lives and Loves and prepares us to do His will if we will but seek Him! Love you all lots. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your prayers! Más en el futuro! (More in the future)
P.S. We´ve made more milkshakes, just about all of which I enjoy. We´ve also tried 2 of the mug recipes both of which are good (and Improving;)
I got a coconut to drink from, then eat on divisions!

We visited Bebedero to see crocodiles, we saw one (a small one) as well as a basilisk and a monkey.

Monument to soldiers of the Battle of Santa Rosa, March 1856

Canas District missionaries

We also had a miracle of finding one of our members that had moved there recently and with whom we had lost connection. Great day! (Fun fact: people have been eaten by the crocodiles that live in the Bebedero they are anywhere from 18 to 20 feet long or 9 meters!)

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