Friday, January 30, 2015

The Vision‏

Tuesday, 27 January 2015
When we gain the vision our Father has for us we begin to realize that All we need to do is move forward with more faith and prayers, striving daily to better ourselves and acheive our potential. He has given us all we need to just share in His vision for us and share that vision of purpose and Everlasting Joy with all around us. I know that God lives and Christ is our Redeemer. That families are eternal. AS we strive to be obedient and seek His blessings for us they come. The greatest joy that can ever come to us is to really see that joy come to those we love, who may not have had the opportunity to taste of the Fruit of our Savior and His Atonement. Yo sé que Dios vive y Jesucristo también y Él es nuestro Redentor. Familias son Eternas. Cuando tratamos de ser obediente y buscar Sus bendiciones por nosotros, ellos vienen. El mayor gozo que podría venir a nosotros es para ver el mismo gozo entrar en las vidas de aquellos por quien tenemos amor y a quien no han tenido la oportunidad a probar el Fruto del nuestro Salvador y Su Expiación.
Of these things I testify in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.(de estás cosas doy testimonio en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen)

Ether 12:27

Well "long days in the saddle, spent working with cattle, lets this cowboy know he´s still free, It´s what the Lord has given to me."

I love hearing once more about the family, hope you all get better soon. All I can say is that we are pretty well tired here. Long days in the shoes spent walking to find and lift those who have the blues. Well I don´t know what all I can say. I´m happy, we´ve got plenty of work to do, and sometimes "it all begins with me," for helping others.  I´ve been reading pretty faithfully in the Conference Ensign and have found that every talk was given for me. I read one that was about a shared vision, what a blessing and miracle. Like I said, it´s obvious, but only for those who "continually seek" to have the spirit and keep a clear focus, like in another talk titled The Book, and talking about the brand new hatchet. Too many times we become distracted by things around us and don´t go to work with a clear focus and light to lead us. We have improved here as far as visions and goals go. Now we need to follow through on the actions to make them be successful.

Sad news, two baptismal dates fell through. H. was too sick to leave her house and our other candidate S. was away attending to a newborn grandchild. However I was given the opportunity to baptize a youth of a family of members. A special honor, but I felt bad that even though we tried to encourage her family to do it they insisted I do it. I did it but never want to let priesthood members in a family miss out on that opportunity ever again. Something I feel bad about but at the same time happy because the covenant has been made. 

Good News! Our investigator P. and her husband have accepted (really accepted) a baptismal date for the 14 of February! P. was one of those who was really searching for the gospel and just didn´t know where to find it and when we taught her about the plan of Salvation the spirit entered so strong she knew that our message was true. She has made many efforts trying to contact her family members everywhere to share with them! She has quit coffee and is living the Word of Wisdom and helping her husband break his addiction. We are more than excited to see them continue in the gospel! 

Thank you all for your encouragement and Love. The true key to all heavenly success. Emmett how are you doing? what is your favorite thing to do in the wintertime? We wish it was colder here. Guess what last week I forgot to tell you that I got bit by a dog! Good thing it was only tall enough that it could bite my shoe. So I didn´t get hurt!

I couldn´t get my pictures to download today. We´ll try again next week. Continue forward in the faith! I hope we can ALL Strive to live more fully the potential He has given us. Love yall. Adios!

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