Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Algo Mas del Evangelio... (Something more about the Gospel...)

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Well it was great to see and hear about a fun birthday Week! I guess we finish it up today with Cory. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SADIE, DAD, and CORY! I feel bad I didn't mention anything about birthdays last week, but it's sure good to know it all is going good and well as it should!

I can add my testimony to that of Elder the Elder, many times we begin to focus on completing our will in our way and time, but in simple terms That is not His Way. I have been trying to improve in my personal characteristics and accomplishing what is the will of the Lord: It is not easy, but I have a great reminder right now that it is definitely more enjoyable. So for P-day we played soccer... we ate lunch and then my companion and I went to work trying to replace our toilet seat (as there wasn't one when I got here). I was determined that we would complete "the needful things" before focusing efforts in other areas. However Hermano J., who provided us with the tools came and insisted that we play soccer once more and he would take care of our replacement job. As I was leaving the house I had the thought of "the Mediator," the video based on the talk of Boyd K Packer, how the young man placed things of foolishness before those of greater and wiser purposes. Well, I played, I scored 3 or 4 in succession against Elder Duran, our district leader from Veracruz Mexico, and proved a vital player, the whole time playing more or less against my will. Now I am more red than the "red skin" with white to contrast (still true to the school colors it seems) very much in pain; a humble reminder to be more humble and seek first the Lord's will in all things. As Cory said come what may and Love it. I will continue forward in the Faith and Hope that as I STRIVE TO BE OBEDIENT and trust in the Lord and be Happy in all things, His work will move along through me. Love yall and Hope that blessings may continue to come to yall in all things! Keep up the good work. I too will try to do my best!

Love Elder Farnsworth (the Younger)


Monday, February 23, 2015

Faith and a Work in Progress

Tuesday, 17 February 2015
I have continued my studies and thoughts about faith. What a wonderful principle! We have heard several times in the past 3 or 4 days about Peter walking on water. He had great faith in the Lord to start, but not finish his journey to the Savior. Later the Lord says that Peter had little faith. So what does that mean for us? I think for me it means that I have gained a testimony in some things and I have the faith to act, but usually I find myself reaching my hand out to the Savior in fear saying "save me for I know thou canst do all things; please do this for me." We need to arrive to the point where we not only rely on the concept of faith to believe, but use the Power of Faith to its potential to the point where we are obediently acting on all the words of Christ immediately out of Faith. Then there will come the day when Satan can cross our path and instead of us having fear or temptaions, he will have fear and tremble in OUR presence. Remember it needs to be OUR presence, that of ourselves, The Holy Ghost, and our Savior in whom we have anchored our Faith. Then will come the day when we can act in power as Nephi of old and Ammon, "For I know in whom I have Trusted" and now "I will go and do." I will continue to think and ponder on this great principle, and I hope to act and see the rewards.

May we all strive to Gain and strengthen our faith in Christ! Thank you everyone for your great examples and prayers. Elder Farnsworth
A Work in Progress
         Well, I don´t have a whole lot to say; I feel like we´ve been a working, but with very little to show for it. We did however have a great Multi-zone meeting with Elder Cordon, a past mission president for Belize and Salvador, I think. I felt a great boost of energy in the things that were said and taught. We also received direction from Sis. Wilkinson in regards to the Book of Mormon; three ?´s that we need to ask Old Investigators as follows: 
            Are you willing to have us back in your home to teach you?
            Are you willing to read the Book of Mormon each Day?
            Are you willing to live by the principles in the Book of Mormon and the principles taught by the missionaries?
           If we receive a 'no' to any of these questions, we have been directed to retrieve the Book of Mormon, ask for referrals from this person to whom we may give the Book because "We have no time to let the Book of Mormon gather dust; The Lord has prepared people to receive and read this Book and perhaps it isn´t the person that has it right now. We are hastening the work."
Pretty strong but sound council. We were also told that we are in the work of Salvation now, not just the missionary work. We are to plan our efforts more closely with the members. 

As a companionship we had a very important miracle of understanding occur, after which we made plans to have a more efficient work schedule. A miracle desperately needed by me. 

The Latinos have started saying that I am doing well with playing soccer. We have started playing just about every morning. I can´t of myself say that I´m very good but things are improving! 

Love You all lots. 
Are you praying for snow? If I can remember I will. I want to see pictures of you and the family building Snowmen okay? Meanwhile it´ll stay nice and humid here in the bananeras y piñeras (banana and pineapple fields) Take care! Love Elder Farnsworth The Younger.
 I forgot to say I finally got my cedula! (or "card of recognition")

baptism in new area
baptism in last area!! after he left (photo courtesy of Elder Giles)
 New Living Space and New Area

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

From Heaven

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

From Heaven
All blessings come from heaven, 
Our Father gives us all,
So if we came from heaven 
Why do we seek to fall?

Every time we reach discouragement
Our Father smiles down
With a loving caring hand he reaches
So why then do we Frown?

Our Savior Came down from Heaven,
The greatest blessing of all,
His Son came down to save us
So we might each one of us Rise and Conquer!

So when I remember heaven,
I rise and STAND TALL.

I know Our Savior Lives, Almost every single email I received today was a Blessing Divinely given From Heaven. He does NEVER FORGET us! I Love CHRIST! I love you all. May blessings continue to come upon us all in marvelous manners this Week! 
Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Worn out and Happy in the Long Run

Tuesday, 3 February 2015
Well I still can´t down load photos. All well. I probably need to start a new camera card. We had a great last week with lots of work. We found over 20 nuevos (new possible investigators) to return to and teach later. Several of which were ready to come to church with us, but we had low attendance this past Sunday, and only one of our investigators showed. We are continuinig to see success in our plans and seeing more miracles among the members. We had a great day on Saturday, we had the opportunity to visit N. R., a sick member who has cancer but is on one of those uphill mending stages. That was after we had a great personal and companion study. I read "Personal Ministry" in the conference issue and felt the love of Christ grow to envelop me with more love and peace and a better understanding of sharing the gospel with all. Connected with Matt. 25: 23-30 algo así (or something like that--I believe he meant Matt 25:32-40), and one of my favorite hymns "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief," I was able to feel more of the power of the Atonement in my life. So we shared that scripture with N. It was a precios (precious) moment. That morning reminded me of an Easter Morning, especially with the love I gained for my Savior. I was blessed to also hear a song similar to that of a robin. Everything seemed to be pointing to The FACT that Christ is risen and through him WE WILL PREVAIL. THROUGH CHRIST all is made well. She shared some empanadas with us (after I had dreamed that night about searching for some and not finding them:) Then we were more than obliged to serve Pres. Saenz, clean the church, and water the church lawn with a new watering system put in that day! Oh how that soothed the heart, the smell of water on dirt and dry grass!
After teaching a lesson to P. and P. (going to be baptized this 14th) we got the phone call. I had felt five minutes earlier that five minutes later the call would come. I was called to be transfered from Cañas to Siquirres. My companion answered the call and told me " You're going to Limon, Si quieres" I thought "what I have an option?" (The name of his new city, Siquirres, sounds like the words that mean 'if you want')
 Siquirres in Limón (region) with it's 18,231 inhabitants is located in Costa Rica - about 41 mi (or 66 km) East of San José, the country's capital.

So we had the rest of the evening to contact people. Some visits were difficult because the humidity was getting to my eyes;) I got everything packed and we left the following morning, getting up at 3. We had problems right off the bat because my companion was so preoccupied about getting a taxi he left the house without the keys. Luckily our neighbors were nice enough to wake up and help us out to use a thin butcher knife to pry the dead bolt open. Long story short we got to the bus and got to San Jose. My new companion is Elder Gonzalez de Mexico. We spent the entire day in the city then traveled for about two or three hours to get to my new area. I went from hot dry and windy, to hot humid and rainy. One of my suitcases busted both of the rollers, but i´ll figure out a way to work with that later. I´ll be "killing off" this companion (be his last companion before finishing the mission)--he goes home in a month. Back to square one in alot of ways, and like it is when we leave this life, all I have to help me restart is the knowledge I gained in my last area. I´m still not unpacked, I did get a shower but what a long day ayer (yesterday). I woke up for the first time I really know of with baggy eyes. Well, that´s about all my mind can muster for now. I do remember one more thing about the atonement. In a talk by someone in a past general conference they said that we never forget our sins, this for a purpose, but if and as we put our trust in the Savior and the Atonement He has pormised to forgive our sins and remember them no more! I love yall lots and hope all continues to go well. Con mucho amor Mi familia (with much love My family), Adios.