Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Algo Mas del Evangelio... (Something more about the Gospel...)

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Well it was great to see and hear about a fun birthday Week! I guess we finish it up today with Cory. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SADIE, DAD, and CORY! I feel bad I didn't mention anything about birthdays last week, but it's sure good to know it all is going good and well as it should!

I can add my testimony to that of Elder the Elder, many times we begin to focus on completing our will in our way and time, but in simple terms That is not His Way. I have been trying to improve in my personal characteristics and accomplishing what is the will of the Lord: It is not easy, but I have a great reminder right now that it is definitely more enjoyable. So for P-day we played soccer... we ate lunch and then my companion and I went to work trying to replace our toilet seat (as there wasn't one when I got here). I was determined that we would complete "the needful things" before focusing efforts in other areas. However Hermano J., who provided us with the tools came and insisted that we play soccer once more and he would take care of our replacement job. As I was leaving the house I had the thought of "the Mediator," the video based on the talk of Boyd K Packer, how the young man placed things of foolishness before those of greater and wiser purposes. Well, I played, I scored 3 or 4 in succession against Elder Duran, our district leader from Veracruz Mexico, and proved a vital player, the whole time playing more or less against my will. Now I am more red than the "red skin" with white to contrast (still true to the school colors it seems) very much in pain; a humble reminder to be more humble and seek first the Lord's will in all things. As Cory said come what may and Love it. I will continue forward in the Faith and Hope that as I STRIVE TO BE OBEDIENT and trust in the Lord and be Happy in all things, His work will move along through me. Love yall and Hope that blessings may continue to come to yall in all things! Keep up the good work. I too will try to do my best!

Love Elder Farnsworth (the Younger)


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