Monday, March 30, 2015

God Loves ALL of His Children!

Monday, 30 March 2015

I know that God lives and loves me too, for He has been with me in the storms that have tried to weaken me and take me captive. I know in whom I have trusted! It is upon the Rock of Our Redeemer who is Christ the Son of God that we must build our foundation so that we will not fall. If and When all else fails, trust in Christ and that He lives. I know that this Gospel brings true love, Charity, into our lives, the combining of our mortal Love with His to make all things possible through the Faith of Him who will always prevail. This gospel is happy and full of hope. I know! and no one can take my testimony away. Please seek Him, the Son of God, to receive the blessings of eternal happiness and joy that cannot be dimmed. I love you all and hope that "all will be for thy good" because it is if you trust in Him! Elder Terrance Farnsworth.
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 Being Tried in all things and Gaining confidence in the presence of God‏

Well after hearing all of what has been going on around the world my week doesn't sound quite as eventful. To start off I don't think I've mentioned that I have gained 25 pounds here in the mission, I didn't believe it either when I saw it on the scale. My umbrella finally broke. As a trainer I've had a wonderful time with my companion, he's very willing and ready to work and we are just having fun. We went to San Jose last wednesday, standing for 2 hours in the bus to get my companion started in the process to be made legal here in Costa Rica. When trying to find the bus stop to come back to Siquirres I followed I guess my instincts and we ended up at the bus stop that used to take me back to CaƱas. We got in a taxi there and got back in the right direction. As I was explaining the new church video with the taxi driver I was also paying for the ride. In the midst of it all, we got out.... without my wallet and without any way to recover it except the goodness and mercies of God on his poor farm boy missionary. I have had quite the week of learning patience and moving on with His will. We offered a prayer and I felt a glimpse of peace, so I know all will be well, however I'm still not sure how. I made the poor decision to have ALL my important cards and information in my wallet. So I no longer have my personal money cards, drivers license, temple recommend, cedula, mission money card, emergency money from the mission, password for skype etc. Some people just have to go and choose to learn some lessons a harder way than others. However in the midst of everything, a pastor came to bible bash with us, we found a member who offered support for trip and food money, an investigator the same night paid for our groceries plus more. We had a wonderful Baptism! and we found 25 new investigators! 

We saw a sloth and it's baby, and best of all we got news that we're going to watch conference here in Siquirres and on the 15 we're going to the temple. All that I can say is that the gospel is the only true and happy way, I know and understand the experiences of Nephi and Lot better. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and His redemptive power and Love. I know God lives! and He loves me. As we strive to fill our lives with the service of others our burden becomes easy and light, for we are then acting as Our Savior and His power enters our lives. I love you all. I hope that we may all stay centered on Christ even though the very gates of hell may open against us I know in whom I have trusted and All these things will be for our good. Elder the Younger. I love yall keep hanging in the saddle;)

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