Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hope in the Future through Christ

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Our Future is as bright as our Hope is in Christ and as we seek to find the need to really repent each day, the Key: being obedient with exactness to uphold our standards and Share His word With His Children. Thank you all for your love, patience, and prayers for me. May we all "go on in such great a cause as this" that we may bring "the good news" to All.
D&C 130:20-21 The Law of Obedience
Well, as for what I've learned and experienced this past week. I had my second Divisions (being paired with a zone leader or district leader for a day or two) of the mission. Another great experience! We taught our recent convert J. and her family and it was as if the windows of heaven really did open up and knowledge and truth were distilled upon us and this family. Our topic was the temple and how important our works are that we can accomplish there. Their minds were opened up to understanding as well as ours concerning our purpose here in this life, and the plan of Salvation as a whole. We had the opportunity to explain to them the reason for the gospel, making the home a heaven here on earth, and in those precious moments, I felt as if I was really in the temple feeling the Father's love for us. How gentle and great His Plan! 

However, as mentioned by Dad, there must be opposition in all things... The rest of the week was difficult. We've had a hard time meeting our goals, and I began to feel lost. I can testify that  obedience is the key or plan of how we can repent; it is not just a commandment but in and of itself it is the key to happiness and true forgiveness and repentance. The future is bright, and I have re-shined my sword and cinched down the saddle. I am now ready to serve once more with all my heart, mind, and strength. I write these things that I may ask for your prayers as I strive forward in my continual path of repentance through being obediente con exactitud
(obedient with exactness). I love you all, your prayers, and examples. 
Elder Farnsworth, The Younger

(A field of pineapples, I think)
Banana trees
Iguana (pet or dinner?)

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