Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Still Alive and Kicking Here in the Jungle

Tuesday, 10 March 2015
Well I've had another experience in the rainforests of Costa Rica. We got to see poison dart frogs, toucans, and an eyelash viper.

 Amidst all the beauty that we saw there are many hidden principles given to us to act as testimony that God lives. The river that we visited was very calm and peaceful; ideal to enjoy and desire as a goal later in the future, but a constant act of change. 
It can be very similar in our lives. We may have ideal times where we feel the overpowering Love of our Savior and that of our Father, but time brings changes, and those changes can be rough, but are refining. I was able to see the signs in this river that showed it has seen some very hard times when there has been an excess of water that causes damage to some things in the short term, but in the long term those changes add beauty and a sense of humility and wisdom wit the work of art it is becoming. Let us be like the river, powerful, yet humble, experience trials, but take joy in the beauty that follows, and always be willing to follow the counsel and the Will of Him who has created all and seek the potential He has given us. I thank you all once more for your examples and the special parts you have all played in my life. I hope that I may gain more Charity as you have all expressed for me and seek to be more grateful, for all He has given me. Elder  Terrance Farnsworth
Well I don't think that I've ever had as much opportunities to be grateful for yall and the ways in which you taught me to walk. Sunday night I was able to view one of these miracles that helps us to see our Father's love. Our planned appointments fell through, and Elder Gonzalez said "Whatever you would like to do." Well, I was reminded of some menos activos (less-active members) and said,"okay we'll visit M. y Y."  I did the only thing I could do, I kept walking with a prayer in my heart and mind that we would be able to teach them what they were in need of. We got to the home, had a hymn, a prayer and we carried on. I opened my bag, took out an Ensign from November 2010 that I had found in the church, and opened up to the message of the first presidency by Henry B. Eyring about the Book Of Mormon. From there unfolded a great lesson in which I asked for input from a returned missionary that had come with us. He explained a miracle of the Book of Mormon that he had had about prayer and what he had read. After his experience Y. opened her heart and told us the reasons she doesn't read or attend church. I felt that we had received the miracle needed with her and now we know a little better in how we can help her return with her family. The miracle of the lesson was that the one previous lesson we had had with her was about the Book of Mormon as well, and she could have easily ignored us but The Lord's hand was present. We have had several other lessons that have been equally guided by the spirit and uplifting. I hope to be able to report with more success in the following weeks.

We visited a privately owned reserve of a member yesterday, and they fed us lunch and everything. There are pictures of poison dart frogs, an eyelash viper, and well rainforest. We were all worried that we were going to get dengue from all the mosquitoes there. We had a great time.

Love yall lots and hope all works for the better this week and that we can all be ready and preparing to receive further counsel form the prophets this coming conference. Keep up the good work and keep love in the home! Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth.

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