Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Gifts of God

Tuesday, 17 March 2015
The gifts of God are given to all of those in need. What he asks of us is Obedience that in Him we may succeed. Keep up the good work! Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Los Tiempos De Cambio (the times of change)

Well I don't think you'll be getting new pictures. I am in a different area today, I officially 'killed off' my companion Elder Gonzalez. He got orders yesterday to go to San Jose with other elders that have changes. Meanwhile I will be stationed in Guacimo, west of Siquirres. We haven't been affected at all luckily from the volcano. I have been able to see it once or twice but only after the eruption. My guess is that it is 2 hours away. When there are no clouds and rain I can see it quite clearly from my area.

My companion and I were able to end on a highnote. We both learned to love each other and were able to make plans for me to continue forward in the work. Last Wednesday I was struggling alot. I then felt a great desire to fast. One of the first times for a while that I have felt the desire, need, and Faith to do so. The following day was our weekly planning session. For once I felt uplifted and relaxed by the end. I noticed that the spirit had been working on my companion as well and we began to understand each other. I forgot to say that in the night before I read Alma 34 and learned that I was the problem, focusing on things I hoped I could receive and then be grateful rather than being grateful in the moment for the sacrifices that each of us had made. I saw in simple maneras (ways) the Hand of The Lord. Later in viernes (Friday) we decided to go to a part of our area that we hadn't visited before which is made up of a mountainside. We continued to the top to where we could see all of Siquirres. We then met an old investigator out of the blue and someone (with firewater) stopped us to ask us what it is that we do and when we explained he asked us why we never had stopped at his house. Reason for exploring? Saturday was filled with 7 baptisms for our district. Several of which were solely to make a membership record because their information had been lost. We were invited to be present and participate in which we lost much of our day. Then after the baptisms we were invited to a dinner with a member as a district. I wanted to go, but had greater desires to be out and working. I thank my companion for his sacrifice because I know he wanted to go but we decided to go to work. As I thought more about that, the more my love grew for him and the more the spirit entered me, and the more peace and relaxing that took place in my spirit. I felt the spirit and the words of all we visited were thanks for passing by and making the sacrifice to share with them. I learned that for me it is hard to talk about obedience because how do we accomplish the act of obedience? By sacrificing our will to accomplish God's will. Because we chose to go to work we had other opportunities. We both got a haircut, got to home on time, had the opportunity to do some quick shopping where I had a divine experience. I was in line behind an old tattered looking man, all he bought  was some hamburger, however when he went to pay, he was short cien colones, probably like 25 cents, but there was a debt to be paid. He looked bewildered and troubled. As my eyes were yet taking in the scene before it unfolded much, my hand reached into my pocket where I had cien to offer. The debt was paid. That experience gave me a greater understanding of the Atonement. Sacrament the next day took on a clearer understanding. I will be forever grateful for our decision to be obedient and make the sacrifice to do so, and then walk in the faith knowing that the Lord would provide for the sacrfices we have made. The knowledge I gained is greater than what I paid to help that man. I know the Atonement was the price paid for us. No matter what the price is we lack He is there willing and ready to pay the balance that all may be rewarded. I love yall lots and hope all continues well. For now my companion is an Elder Black from Nephi, Utah. His dad is a taxidermist:) Keep up the good work and have fun in the journey! Elder The Younger.

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