Monday, April 27, 2015

Hastening the Lord´s Work!‏

Monday, 27 April 2015
(Note to friends)

 I know that God Lives. He loves us all but he is trying to wake us up and lift us higher, to help ALL of His children. All is possible for Him and Through Him! I Love Jesus Christ and hope to serve Him Better! Thank you all for all you do! Elder Terrance Farnsworth


The work Moves along... Jump in the cart and Hold on!

Well another great week of miracles even though Satan is busy at work. I believe I contracted dengue Saturday, however I did my best to fight through the whole day. We were blessed to find some of our lost sheep, we now have the call to bring them back to the fold. We walked great distances through bananeras (banana fields/plantations) to find our members. We mainly received sun burn, dust, rain, sore muscles and a few popsicles that we just about died to get. F. will be baptized this saturday! We had a stake conference in which he felt he need not wait longer. D. and A. "couldn´t come" because they were without water on Sunday :( We lost contact with I., turns out he went looking for work. We have had a fair share of trials but I don´t think I´ve ever had a faster week. We are happy, my companion is true to his calling and through a priesthood blessing I am now better. I don´t know when Mother´s day is nor cuando escribirémos (when we will write). We were told that if it works out better during the week sometime it would be fine but right now I really don´t know a whole lot. My mind is finally focusing more in the work of salvation and our wonderful investigators. Well I love you all, hope all is well.  My main focuses are trying to become a more powerful missionary, learn how to plan, and achieve goals. Keep up the happiness and continue forth in the straight and narrow. With lots of Love, Elder Farnsworth, The younger.

Monday, April 20, 2015

I love to see the temple!‏

Monday, 20 April 2015

(note to friends)
I know the Lord Lives and we are all on the same journey to find Him once more! For this reason He has called many to serve missions, have callings in the church, build families, be brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers and just simply walk in faith following His Footsteps. Everyone is in need of the love and joy, hope and future that lies within the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You would be surprised just how many are willing to listen and share what we live and have to share. May we keep our sight on the Eternal, Everyone counts. With Love, Elder Terrance Farnsworth

 I like to look for rainbows...‏ 

 Well I am moving along in the work with hardly time to think, and without a mind to think running to and fro, wet head to toe, especially when it`s not raining... well that´s humidity for ya. My gym clothes this morning hardly had a dry spot and we were only playing soccer for about 45 minutes. We finally found a mop and were able to clean up the apartment pretty well, at least it´s smelling better ;) I. went out of contact for most of the week last week and we finally got a text message saying he was sick. Sunday we called him and he said he would come to church but was still sick (for some reason half of his face went paralyzed and for this didn`t want to be seen out in public). We decided to go and bring him to church without really knowing what was wrong. With gentle persuasion, a lot of love, and a blessing, we got him to church! He is now improving in health, but it is still a worry for us. He has a great testimony of the commandments and the Book of Mormon. He, along with F., in church is awesome! They basically have led the lessons and discussions the past two weeks now! Their testimonies and desires to learn have awakened the members to where they are beginning to act more naturally in the way that the Lord intended for the church, center the work on the investigators in all phases and in the end all are uplifted! D. and A. are still working on marriage as well as G. and I.! One of our menos activos (less active members) whom I met one of my first nights here in Siquirres is reactivating. I don´t know exactly what happened other than a grand change of heart! He and F. came to a Pizza party that the Elders quorum put on and enjoyed it to the very last (we did as well). This Sunday we finally were asked for help by the Rama (Branch) or the presidency of the stake to search out our less active priesthood holders or prospective elders and reactivate them all and get them ordained to the priesthood. We need 8 more worthy, active priesthood holders to qualify for a Ward! We started looking at our possibilities and we have about 14 brethren to search out and reactivate. Oh, what joy to have a goal to work towards for the Branch. We have been working very hard here, but sadly, the Branch has no missionary-related goals up to now, so much of our work has been like starting up a train going full speed to baptism and then hitting the Brick Wall of the Members. I love all those who are here serving along with us, but as missionaries, without a clear view of the goals of the organization in which we serve, our mission goals don´t get us very far. M. now lives closer to us! He is one whom we are preparing to receive the Priesthood to increase the success rate here as well. What more can I say? Are we busy yet? Thanks for the pictures! It´s good to see tulips and snow, good to hear about the successes back home. Lately I have learned a lot once more about sacrifice, obedience, planning, and being diligently engaged in a good cause of our own free will. I hope all continues to go well and that you may all do your very best to help those missionaries there. Our success as a church depends on the success of everyone as an individual and as a whole. That is why the Family is the main unit! I love yall. Les amo Elder The Younger, Spanish Speaking, bean and rice eating, Terrance Farnsworth ;)

Que guapo este gaucho, no! (What a handsome cowboy!)
He says he has gained 25 lbs, up to 175 now. Where did he put it all?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Key To Finding Christ‏

Wednesday, 15 April 2015
(Note to friends)
         If we want to find Christ we must continually seek Him, If we want to help others return to Christ we must represent Him, and when or How should we do it? Be thou an example of the believers in all times in all things and all places that ye be in, and stand thou ALWAYS on Holy Ground and ALWAYS help others to seek and find The light of Christ. He needs us to be more Actively engaged in a good cause.
        As we strive to be more bold and are more eager to share, we begin to find those with similar needs and feelings to know and feel. Also as we strive to keep daily contact the spirit is able to more thoroughly work on our friends and family. ALL my wonderful stories of conversion here in the mission have been through DAILY CONTACT. So, if we want our friends to join the Fold we should strive to have daily contact with them, invite them to have daily contact with the Father, through scripture and prayer, and pray by name for them, and always show our love and support. This is the importance and the Role of the Family. I love you all, your examples, prayers and growth, May God Be with us (hear that daily contact phrase in there;) Till we MEET again. Love Terrance Farnsworth
Elder Farnsworth and Elder Lopez

 La Obra De Dios!

Hola Familia Mia!
           I have had a great week! mainly because I suffer from short term memory, so if something bad happens in the morning of one day by the evening of the same day it has been forgotten. What was it that I wanted to tell yall now? All well.
           I can hardly grasp that things are still moving forward (age-wise) back home. Well, all I can tell you is that after the month check for my companion and a multizone meeting I have caught more fire and vision. Sunday we had 6 investigators in the church, two of which, I. and F., basically taught themselves the lesson in Priesthood meeting. They were both very active and I could see the true intent of the church. Have the lessons planned around the needs of the investigators to allow them to understand and feel welcomed, it allows the members feel like sharing their testimonies and by the end all are uplifted and changed for the better. Last night we had an appointment with F. and happened to pass him in the street. All he could tell us right then is "Tengo Buenas Nuevas! (I have good news!)" I had a strange but familiar feeling enter my heart when he said that. We finished the other lesson that we were at then went to talk with him. My companion being a newbie full of fire after our meetings was determined to have a lesson to explain the Priesthood, but luckily I was able to interrupt and say "First however, we would like to hear what you have to say." F. then opened up and expressed a beautiful testimony that he had gained of the Book of Mormon and Latter-Day prophets (he was also studying Ezra Taft Benson`s teachings to prepare thoughts for the following Sunday). He simply told us that as he was reading an inexpressable feeling entered his heart. I was all smiles with a few tears of joy over that! We proceeded to teach, but he simply told us "Yes, I understand it all; He gave me the ability to understand that it`s all true." I. (other investigator) as well has gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon, he said, "It just has to be true, it talks of Christ and baptism." We explained last night as well to him tithing and he said, "Well it`s a commandment. We need to do it, we can`t just pick and choose." We have also found a few more people that seem more than eager to listen and learn.
 Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth

(following pictures courtesy of Sis. Wilkinson)

(following pictures courtesy of Elder Ferrin)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Oh There´s Sunshine!‏

Monday, 6 April 2015
I Know God Lives! Christ is Risen! May we all take courage once more to proclaim the Good News! I love and thank you all for your support and prayers. Keep serving those around you with the intent that they too may Know God and Live!
Elder Farnsworth
Well, I just want to share that The Lord Lives. He has been my Light and my Hope. As I listened to Conference I received Healing through Him and the words of the Prophets. I still had sorrow, for those who made the decision to place other things before the Lord in their Life, but this quickly turned to joy. We left the church to talk with people and I have never truly felt such joy and love before in my life for ALL that I talked to. We talked to Testigos De Jehova (Jehovah Witnesses) as well and only felt true joy from the heavens. We are enjoying our time here, and it is going too fast. I have much to improve upon so I can repent, and prepare my ground in my heart and soul to become a place where the Good Sower can sow his seeds. This was one of my favorite talks even though they were all divinely guided and needed by me. We were able to contact D. y A., some of our best progressing investigators. They are trying to work towards marriage that they, or D. can be baptized, A. is a less active, but very pure of heart, as well D. I love my sheep that I have found here. We have to go searching for one who is lost. M., our last baptism, broke up with his girlfriend and we haven´t been able to contact him. We are hoping and praying for each one. I feel as the person in the parable of the talents who had few but kept trying and still didn´t gain much. I lack much in the way of planning but with the help and patience of my companion we are getting there. Thanks Jalysa for reminding me of that silly piece of wood, it´s almost as important as the missionary´s shoes that were bronzed in remembrance of the sacrifices made. I never would have guessed that my own sister would find my testimony. But with that purpose it was left. " For we labor diligently to write to persuade our brethren and also our children to believe in Christ." I may not have the best journal or plates of brass or gold, but I do have my testimony of Christ and have tried my best to share it. Keep pressing onward everyone. I love you all. This work is amazing and wonderful! May God be our Guide and His hosts our support.
Elder Farnsworth, The Younger