Monday, April 27, 2015

Hastening the Lord´s Work!‏

Monday, 27 April 2015
(Note to friends)

 I know that God Lives. He loves us all but he is trying to wake us up and lift us higher, to help ALL of His children. All is possible for Him and Through Him! I Love Jesus Christ and hope to serve Him Better! Thank you all for all you do! Elder Terrance Farnsworth


The work Moves along... Jump in the cart and Hold on!

Well another great week of miracles even though Satan is busy at work. I believe I contracted dengue Saturday, however I did my best to fight through the whole day. We were blessed to find some of our lost sheep, we now have the call to bring them back to the fold. We walked great distances through bananeras (banana fields/plantations) to find our members. We mainly received sun burn, dust, rain, sore muscles and a few popsicles that we just about died to get. F. will be baptized this saturday! We had a stake conference in which he felt he need not wait longer. D. and A. "couldn´t come" because they were without water on Sunday :( We lost contact with I., turns out he went looking for work. We have had a fair share of trials but I don´t think I´ve ever had a faster week. We are happy, my companion is true to his calling and through a priesthood blessing I am now better. I don´t know when Mother´s day is nor cuando escribirémos (when we will write). We were told that if it works out better during the week sometime it would be fine but right now I really don´t know a whole lot. My mind is finally focusing more in the work of salvation and our wonderful investigators. Well I love you all, hope all is well.  My main focuses are trying to become a more powerful missionary, learn how to plan, and achieve goals. Keep up the happiness and continue forth in the straight and narrow. With lots of Love, Elder Farnsworth, The younger.

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