Monday, April 6, 2015

Oh There´s Sunshine!‏

Monday, 6 April 2015
I Know God Lives! Christ is Risen! May we all take courage once more to proclaim the Good News! I love and thank you all for your support and prayers. Keep serving those around you with the intent that they too may Know God and Live!
Elder Farnsworth
Well, I just want to share that The Lord Lives. He has been my Light and my Hope. As I listened to Conference I received Healing through Him and the words of the Prophets. I still had sorrow, for those who made the decision to place other things before the Lord in their Life, but this quickly turned to joy. We left the church to talk with people and I have never truly felt such joy and love before in my life for ALL that I talked to. We talked to Testigos De Jehova (Jehovah Witnesses) as well and only felt true joy from the heavens. We are enjoying our time here, and it is going too fast. I have much to improve upon so I can repent, and prepare my ground in my heart and soul to become a place where the Good Sower can sow his seeds. This was one of my favorite talks even though they were all divinely guided and needed by me. We were able to contact D. y A., some of our best progressing investigators. They are trying to work towards marriage that they, or D. can be baptized, A. is a less active, but very pure of heart, as well D. I love my sheep that I have found here. We have to go searching for one who is lost. M., our last baptism, broke up with his girlfriend and we haven´t been able to contact him. We are hoping and praying for each one. I feel as the person in the parable of the talents who had few but kept trying and still didn´t gain much. I lack much in the way of planning but with the help and patience of my companion we are getting there. Thanks Jalysa for reminding me of that silly piece of wood, it´s almost as important as the missionary´s shoes that were bronzed in remembrance of the sacrifices made. I never would have guessed that my own sister would find my testimony. But with that purpose it was left. " For we labor diligently to write to persuade our brethren and also our children to believe in Christ." I may not have the best journal or plates of brass or gold, but I do have my testimony of Christ and have tried my best to share it. Keep pressing onward everyone. I love you all. This work is amazing and wonderful! May God be our Guide and His hosts our support.
Elder Farnsworth, The Younger

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