Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Oh how wonderful the Love of Jesus Christ!

Monday, 25 May 2015
Well, what a week. I'm out of time to write because I was downloading photos and everything. Good to hear about C! We had a practice this morning and I used him as my investigator role! Last night we found Two Golden Families while walking in water up to my calves! I've never seen two happier people during Noah's flood waters than two missionaries following the Spirit. We had the baptism of W. and two of his children! We watched Meet the Mormons! I had an interview with President once more. Oh how wonderful the Love of Jesus Christ! Well, time is gone. Thanks for all you do. I'm loving the work!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

I know...‏

Monday, 18 May 2015

I know is a powerful statement... I know because I´ve used it. There is no other way to explain my life, the Book of Mormon, or Christ. I know He lives, the Work is true, and to "negar" or deny it would ruin who I have become. I cannot separate my testimony from those of the prophets "This is the testimony last of all which we give... that He Lives!" I have seen His power and felt His love. May I find that you all are strong in the same testimony and seeking the truth.
 Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Talents and time (What the Lord Thinks of us)‏ 

Well I had an interesting and numerically devastating week. But of those numbers are some very important people. We had to go to San Jose to start some paperwork to receive my cedula once more. Turns out I wasn´t the only one with problems. Hermana C. (that was in Cañas when I arrived) was there as well. Her and her companion were in a situation and told to leave all they had (it was P-day so they lost food, scriptures, cameras, and cedulas). It was good to remember a little about Cañas. Meanwhile, in the office of the lawyer, good old G. de Cañas called me back. He is kind of like Uncle Bob, really loud, boy was it good to feel like a farmboy in front of a lawyer! I also spoke with Elder Giles. He told me that Hermana N., one of our beloved members with cancer, finally passed on as well as a recent convert Hma N., convert of Elder Rivera. Through one of our best "ward missionaries" here in Siquirres, I learned that Guanacaste now is a Stake! Assistance (attendance) in the church in Cañas is about 105! 
Well, we found a person here that was living in California, speaks good english, just got out of jail. I felt I should talk to him; before the mission I would´ve died first. He shows that he has lived a hard life but was very open and polite with us. I felt the power and love that comes through the Atonement sufficient that I left the man feeling to "sing the song of Redeeming Love". 
Sunday....... Well I have a new calling to be in charge of Retention here in Zona Limón. So I have to call everyone and see if their recent converts are coming to church or not. I´m excited, but as I put in the title, the Lord knows our potential, as we start to see and reach toward that worthy goal and potential, He gives us more. Now to see if I can please Him with my efforts. We went in search of our investigators yesterday, didn´t have any members to help give rides until late, but we ended up with a family, S. and his children, J, and A; A. showed up on his own. He was one of those few numbers with great potential. He wants to be baptized. We´re going to have a family baptism this week! A father and two of his children! W.´s wife was baptized as a youth and as of recent has found the church once more! What a wonderful family. We had a lesson with them last night, giving a Book of Mormon to our taxi driver (well he asked for it politely enough:) And when it was time to return W.´s car didn´t work. We pushed it several hundred feet and nothing. Eventually a friend of his took us home. What a day..........
Well I´ve said enough. It was great to hear your stories. I love yall lots. I have started to see what rain really is down here... Maybe need to buy water boots.

Keep up the good work and I´ll keep a trying here. I have realized that a plan is only enough to give a direction and timing to goals placed. How it actually turns out in the end depends on the change of priorities; we place priorities by always remembering Christ and doing what will lead us and others más cerca a Él (closer to the Savior). Love ya lots and hasta el proximo (until next time), Les quiero (I love you all)!  Elder Farnsworth the younger.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Looking back on where we've been and ahead at where we're going....‏

 Monday, 11 May 2015

The Love of Our Lord for Us‏

Every one of us is a seed of Faith that our Heavenly Father has planted. We All have Potential. Take in the light and truth at every moment and share it with others. Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth
I can hardly believe that I've been out as long as I have. It was good to see Cory and receive a few tips from him even though it's like the advice we all hear often, "Study it out in your minds and in your hearts" and "ask the Father in my name if it be not true." I guess I have a price yet to pay to understand and use the concept of planning. I don´t have a whole lot to say. We had D. and his family in the church yesterday, I., W. and his family, M. (18 yr old boy my companion found when we were on divisions) and F. is still holding true! We had a meeting with the Elders quorum president which was an answer to prayers on Saturday. We actually felt ackowledged by the branch through him and we have more desires and guidance as to what we need to do and what the members can do. So, as of right now, we have four baptisms in waiting. Y., a friend of Hermana C., still has a baptismal date but we got a message from the Hermana that the next time we go to have a lesson with Y., the family of Catholics would be waiting with machetes for us.... We´ll see where that goes. I feel like Ammon and his brothers after receiving that threat. We are waiting the direction of the Lord before we go, but they did say the WHOLE family would be waiting, why not teach them all?

One more time I want to thank you all for your efforts to help in the missionary work and I pray that you may all find more opportunities to help form the bridge between the work of the missionaries and the conversion of our brothers through the efforts of the members. I have been sweetly surprised and reminded of the power of the members in helping the investigators, even if the most the members do is sit by them in church, smile, wave, talk, laugh. All it has to be is something simple as the "small and simple things bring great things to pass." I also learned more about Faith yesterday. It is the small and simple things that we do constanly and consistently to allow our "seed" to grow, not like the garden I was taking care of a while ago. I focused well in taking out the weeds one week, but lost focus on the nourishment of the plants. So, most times it seems we must do a little a lot, and a lot very little. Only when it comes time for the planting or the harvest must we focus every intent and desire on that one thing. Meanwhile, we must focus on being dilligent, meeting the individual needs of every plant. (I learned a lot from Jacob 5 this morning : )

I love yall lots, I hope you recognized it´s hard for me to speak in English, ha ha ha. Keep up the good work. I would sure like to hear more from Sadie, Emmett, and Jalysa, but if they´re that dedicated in the work, I´ll just be waiting for Christmas;)
Love Elder the Younger

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

When there´s no time to have time

Monday, 4 May 2015
(Note to friends)

 He lives!

 Yo sé que vive mi Señor! I know that my Redeemer Lives. In Him I have trusted and in Him I will trust forever! May we all seek to serve Him more fully and lift those around us! Thank you all for your prayers and love. You have all been angels of support even when you don´t know it. The Lord our God works in loving and quiet ways to show us His Glory and bring us closer to Him. To all have a good week and search for someone to serve! (especially our mothers!)
Well through thick and thin we have a convert again! F. was baptized and confirmed. He is really a gift prepared from God. He bore his testimony yesterday and our Branch President actually smiled a real smile! We are still trying with I. He has a firm testimony of the Church and the Book of Mormon, but sadly his wife doesn´t. We are still working towards helping them get married along with another couple. We have a new family with whom we are working. They are working towards the 30th of this month to be baptized. We have a lot to change and mejorar (improve, better) but we are doing it poco a poco (little by little). I was blessed to bear my testimony and was filled once more with the Love of God. The members and our leaders are beginning to take on the urgency of the work and we saw many miracles amongst them yesterday. We are working with less actives L. and J. They will be great ward missionaries. I feel they were just neglected by the other members; they are wonderful people.
I don´t think I´ve seen time fly so fast! I love you Lots. Thanks for the pictures. We´ll talk more later! I liked all the words and messages sent to me today, and they connected very well with thoughts and feelings I´ve been having. Farewell, until we meet again!

(We found a dead rat and gecko in our house this past week, all is fine. We have seen the protective hand of our Father this week!)