Friday, June 26, 2015

Remember Him!‏

Monday, 22 June 2015

 (note to friends)
         When we think to pray, do we really remember Him? He who suffered all that we might live? When we pray do we pray to do the will of Him who sent us or do we seek our will thinking it is the better way? I was reminded of what was said in the video "The Other Side of Heaven," that we must "pray for a good wind" which allows Him to do His will and therefore bless ALL of His children as He sees fit. I was blessed to see the faith of a 16 year old man, who after learning that we receive all blessings according to our faith prayed diligently that it might rain hard enough that his father would not be able to work on Sunday so that the both of them could come and keep the commandments of God, and it happened! What would have happened had we prayed that there would be sufficient sun that the members could all come to church? I also learned that the Lord tells us to treasure up His words in our Hearts that we may be able to help one person, one on one, with what they need when they need it, usually in the form of prayer and blessings given by servants of God. May we seek this faith and knowledge that we may more easily and effectively serve our God and Fellowmen! I thank you all for your support, prayers, and service. May we all "pray for a good wind" and then do our part. With love and respect Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Can´t kill beans, but they can kill.....Well sometimes it would be easier ; )‏

            I understand why Grandpa was always so proud he didn´t ever have to eat that jar of beans. I´ve just learned you eat less to control your time wasted in the servicio (bathroom).   Maybe I shouldn´t say something like that, but it might come in handy for someone in the future. Well, thanks for the pictures! 
        Some quick things that have happened that I forgot to mention. Mom the cake mix..........Well it was the best cake we´ve had since leaving the states. We used it for Hno J.´s birthday. Elder Ferrin said "Hermana, this is just as good as a cake from the states!" I then replied "Well, it´s from the states."
         I found out that the young mens leader from Cañas that we tried finding for all my time there lives here in my branch! What a small world. I was told early on that he was inactive, but he is a very good member. We finally got the father of A. to come to church because of the faith that A. exercised. He prayed it would rain sufficiently hard that his father wouldn´t be able to leave to work, and well "the rain came down and the floods came up!" and they both made it to church! D. is on track to be baptized the fourth of July! We got another family to come to church, our hope is that they will progress well now, a family of 6!
        I love yall lots. I will soon know in which mission I continue to serve! But wherever it is, it will be the mission of the Lord! We had breakfast with president! I think I finished with 8 pancakes and two servings of eggs! It was well received. It is great to hear of all the success yall are having. Keep it up! We´ll write more next week.
       Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth

The Love that Never Fails‏

Monday, 15 June 2015

(note to friends)
I want to once more thank you all for the friends you are to me. I really don´t claim to be anyone great or grand, all I try to be is obedient and share the love God has shown for me. I hope that you all may find the hope and joy that come from Knowing that Christ lives. I am not perfect. I am not free from pain and sorrow. Christ IS. He overcame death and sin, He is perfect, and because He is perfect he can give freely and perfectly of His love to ALL people. I hope that I may achieve this much in my life, be able to have Christlike love and share it with everyone! Thank you all for your love and examples you have given me to help me in my path to be a little more kind, a little more caring, have a little more patience and have more faith in Christ. May His light and love carry you all through this week and lead you to opportunities to share that love and hope with others.
Elder Terrance Farnsworth

One Eternal Round‏ 

This life is found
with enemies all around,
the pain of darkness and fear,
But there is one
who Shines as the Son
through whom we will all live again.
Oh may we all strive
to choose that eternal life;
May we help All in our day!

      Well this week has been very hard on me. I don´t exactly know why but we too, as Cory (older brother currently serving a mission as well), had many people in our path that didn´t desire the sunshine that comes from the only One and True living God. We did manage to have A. in the church yesterday. He wants to be baptized, but his father doesn´t know what to think about our message, he hasn´t felt it is true. We also had a father come to church named V. He came first to the church to tell his family how it went and he said that they´ll all try and come next week. I hope so. We are still preparing D. for his baptism this 4th of July! I am trying today to focus my thoughts on the counsel President Gordon B. Hinkley received, "Forget yourself and go to work." I believe I am finally coming to understand that counsel. I love you lots. ¡Felicidades a Reuben and Summer! (Congratulations to Uncle and Aunt that just had a baby boy.) The family just keeps a growing. Sounds good to hear about everyone. Thank you for doing your part to help in the "obra misional"! Hey Emmett, I love you! ¿Cuándo Va a aprender Español? (When are you going to learn/understand Spanish?) I love ya'll a lot.

P.S. I had a great laugh the other day when tracting. We found a path that connected two roads and just as we made it half way my mind slowed way down to connect the attached to a run wire...........I am in the path of the dog run.........Oh NO!!! Luckily I was faster than my companion. Oh, and don´t worry too much, he bought a new umbrella and used that to keep a minimum distance between him and the teeth. What a great laugh!

Seek Him, For He lives, The Christ‏

Monday, 8 June 2015

(note to friends)
        Well when all else fails, seek to do His will. That´s all He asks in the first place, so if all seems to be failing, we aren´t doing what He wants. I know He lives and loves us. His grace is sufficient for all who seek Him with a humble heart and willing spirit. Choosing to DO is the hard part, because it is the only part we really have to do, He does the rest. I also know the Book of Mormon is true, it is His word. Take care my friends and seek the Faith, hope, and Charity that saves.
 Elder Terrance Farnsworth

 Back to Agency...‏

       How did you guys know that would be the trouble of the week? Agency? Well, we had lots of doors shut, rejections to the message, we didn´t get permission to have a baptism of A., a fine youth of 15. His father works all day Sunday and needs the help of his son. A. is coming to seminary on his own, we went once with him, the second time he was there waiting for us. We had the marriage of D. and A. which was wonderful with one problem, we acted as witnesses, and I wasn´t informed until all was said and done the possible consequences of such a thing as that. We need lots of prayer and fasting in their part so that D. can be baptized the latest by the 4th of July and they can have a temple marriage before I end the mission.

          Well, we had some miracles last night. One that was very plain was that we said a prayer asking specifically to find someone willing to receive the message if possible, someone that would call us to their house and receive us......... and so it happened.  R. now has a date for baptism. Yesterday was very precious for my spiritual growth. The Peterson´s are in charge of self-sufficiency for Costa Rica. What they taught not only will help after the mission, but I believe can help me in my mission planning to have more success. Today are changes and ............. I´m going to................. Siquirres (in other words--staying put). Our companionship is still together. I figure the Lord want´s us to learn more as of yet together.
Photo courtesy of Sis. Peterson.  Missionaries serving in Siquirres.
            I love ya´ll lots. It´s amazing how even the Atonement can heal something that was as dead as those onions. What a miracle of mercy and love. When all else fails seek charity and strive for forgiveness from Him. Bye until next week! Elder The Younger

 Q&A's between Mom and Elder:
Q:If there is something that you kind of miss or don't really see there, let us know, like a favorite candy or jerky or ? How are your clothing, shoes, and supplies doing? One mother mentioned her missionary struggling with allergeries. How are you doing with yours?
A:  If you want to send jerky that´s great!! Just about everything else I can get here. I don´t have problems with allergies right now.

Q: How is your clothing doing?
A:  Well, other than turning yellow I think it´s all doing fine. As of right now, my shoes are still intact and walking, well I guess the walking part would be my problem wouldn´t it?

Q:  So what might be the possible consequences of being witnesses to their wedding?
A: Well if something goes wrong in their relationship, they have to call upon the witnesses to be able to divorce or something like that. It would be like if dad had two witnesses that knew the farm fully and rightfully belonged to him, they die and if written information is lost it would make a really big mess because you would need the word of the witnesses to do anything more. Plain and simple I can´t or shouldn´t do it again.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Work of Salvation‏

Monday, 1 June 2015
Christ lives, if you don´t believe it please rethink it and test His promises. He does live and answers our prayers. If we don´t trust in Him and don´t try and seek Him to know if He exists, well farewell. We have to test the promise in the book of Mormon to know. Our LIFE and SALVATION depend on it. Trust me, I have seen the consequences pass through the lives of many others here in Costa Rica. The time to search the truth was in the PAST and RIGHT NOW. We must act or we will be acted upon. I love you all as Christ loves. Stay in the straight and narrow and he will guide thy paths.
Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Mis ojos ya perciben la gran gloria del Señor!‏  (My eyes behold the glory of the Lord!)

202 baptisms in the mission this month! We were blessed to participate in the preparation of 4 of them. What a glorious work. Well this past week was a new battle with more wounds but progress hasta la gloria (towards glory). We have an investigator A. of 15 años (15 years old) (how many A.´s am I going to work with in this mission?) that had plans for baptism this week but didn´t make it to church yesterday. We had an assistance (attendance) of 130 persons in the church yesterday. We found a young father yesterday and a hard lesson of the commandments. He´s not married but has a child and a partner, but she is leaving him for another man. When my companion heard the situation, he made a reference to the words of the Lord "it is better that one man perish by the sword and not a whole nation by iniquity" something like that. The more I thought about it the truer it is and I share my testimony with that of the prophets of old, wickedness never was happiness and if you´re not living the commandments you can´t expect the blessings and as the Tico´s say "salado" or too bad so sad. There was nothing more for us to say to the man other than sorry he didn´t keep the commandments. If we focus first on the blessings of the world before those of the Lord we will lose all, the opposite is true as well. Directly afterwards we happened upon a family who let us in. The father asked that I pray for unity in the family. Sadly right afterwards we explained a little about the Book of Mormon and watched yet another prophecy fulfilled. The husband accepted the fact and the wife rejected it with all her heart "we have a bible and we need no more bible." Yet further an investigator told us of a peculiar dream that he had that confirms the parables of Christ, that in the last days, one of every two would be taken the other left for naught. Two in the field one would be taken up the other left. And so we see it happen in the families, the father will accept the gospel, the mother will not etc. D. and A. finally have a date set for marriage! This Saturday. I hope and pray that we may overcome Satan in his desires to destroy the family. To top it all off I´m not carrying buffalo chips;) Today we had an interesting encounter with the ancient teachings of the devil and Zeezrom (before he repented). A man came to us who desires that we all show more Christlike love to all men primarily to him. At one point he said 'you can´t show your love without knowing my heart and you don´t know my heart.' I KNOW the heart of that man and it is pure priest-craft. He used all true words but his "intentions are as crooked as the Mississippi." I being confined by the Spirit to speak told him the love of Christ is not gratis, He paid to give us of that love with His life. So in a like manner we cannot expect to lower that standard to partake of it. I love my Savior and His atonement for Me. I know and feel His love. We must pay a price to know it. In the end it is very much worth it.  Last night I also learned to appreciate more of who I am, a son of God with an ancient identity given me by Him and likewise my companion is vitally different and therefore we are both special and have our independent needs, strengths, and weakness.
I love ya´ll. I want you to know God Lives and Loves us. Let us live to discover our potential and keep the commandments to avoid heartache. Christ is our Savior and will come soon.
Elder Farnsworth the Defender and the Obedient. With love.

View from apartment
Apartment--upstairs through the black door