Friday, June 26, 2015

Remember Him!‏

Monday, 22 June 2015

 (note to friends)
         When we think to pray, do we really remember Him? He who suffered all that we might live? When we pray do we pray to do the will of Him who sent us or do we seek our will thinking it is the better way? I was reminded of what was said in the video "The Other Side of Heaven," that we must "pray for a good wind" which allows Him to do His will and therefore bless ALL of His children as He sees fit. I was blessed to see the faith of a 16 year old man, who after learning that we receive all blessings according to our faith prayed diligently that it might rain hard enough that his father would not be able to work on Sunday so that the both of them could come and keep the commandments of God, and it happened! What would have happened had we prayed that there would be sufficient sun that the members could all come to church? I also learned that the Lord tells us to treasure up His words in our Hearts that we may be able to help one person, one on one, with what they need when they need it, usually in the form of prayer and blessings given by servants of God. May we seek this faith and knowledge that we may more easily and effectively serve our God and Fellowmen! I thank you all for your support, prayers, and service. May we all "pray for a good wind" and then do our part. With love and respect Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Can´t kill beans, but they can kill.....Well sometimes it would be easier ; )‏

            I understand why Grandpa was always so proud he didn´t ever have to eat that jar of beans. I´ve just learned you eat less to control your time wasted in the servicio (bathroom).   Maybe I shouldn´t say something like that, but it might come in handy for someone in the future. Well, thanks for the pictures! 
        Some quick things that have happened that I forgot to mention. Mom the cake mix..........Well it was the best cake we´ve had since leaving the states. We used it for Hno J.´s birthday. Elder Ferrin said "Hermana, this is just as good as a cake from the states!" I then replied "Well, it´s from the states."
         I found out that the young mens leader from Cañas that we tried finding for all my time there lives here in my branch! What a small world. I was told early on that he was inactive, but he is a very good member. We finally got the father of A. to come to church because of the faith that A. exercised. He prayed it would rain sufficiently hard that his father wouldn´t be able to leave to work, and well "the rain came down and the floods came up!" and they both made it to church! D. is on track to be baptized the fourth of July! We got another family to come to church, our hope is that they will progress well now, a family of 6!
        I love yall lots. I will soon know in which mission I continue to serve! But wherever it is, it will be the mission of the Lord! We had breakfast with president! I think I finished with 8 pancakes and two servings of eggs! It was well received. It is great to hear of all the success yall are having. Keep it up! We´ll write more next week.
       Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth

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