Friday, June 26, 2015

Seek Him, For He lives, The Christ‏

Monday, 8 June 2015

(note to friends)
        Well when all else fails, seek to do His will. That´s all He asks in the first place, so if all seems to be failing, we aren´t doing what He wants. I know He lives and loves us. His grace is sufficient for all who seek Him with a humble heart and willing spirit. Choosing to DO is the hard part, because it is the only part we really have to do, He does the rest. I also know the Book of Mormon is true, it is His word. Take care my friends and seek the Faith, hope, and Charity that saves.
 Elder Terrance Farnsworth

 Back to Agency...‏

       How did you guys know that would be the trouble of the week? Agency? Well, we had lots of doors shut, rejections to the message, we didn´t get permission to have a baptism of A., a fine youth of 15. His father works all day Sunday and needs the help of his son. A. is coming to seminary on his own, we went once with him, the second time he was there waiting for us. We had the marriage of D. and A. which was wonderful with one problem, we acted as witnesses, and I wasn´t informed until all was said and done the possible consequences of such a thing as that. We need lots of prayer and fasting in their part so that D. can be baptized the latest by the 4th of July and they can have a temple marriage before I end the mission.

          Well, we had some miracles last night. One that was very plain was that we said a prayer asking specifically to find someone willing to receive the message if possible, someone that would call us to their house and receive us......... and so it happened.  R. now has a date for baptism. Yesterday was very precious for my spiritual growth. The Peterson´s are in charge of self-sufficiency for Costa Rica. What they taught not only will help after the mission, but I believe can help me in my mission planning to have more success. Today are changes and ............. I´m going to................. Siquirres (in other words--staying put). Our companionship is still together. I figure the Lord want´s us to learn more as of yet together.
Photo courtesy of Sis. Peterson.  Missionaries serving in Siquirres.
            I love ya´ll lots. It´s amazing how even the Atonement can heal something that was as dead as those onions. What a miracle of mercy and love. When all else fails seek charity and strive for forgiveness from Him. Bye until next week! Elder The Younger

 Q&A's between Mom and Elder:
Q:If there is something that you kind of miss or don't really see there, let us know, like a favorite candy or jerky or ? How are your clothing, shoes, and supplies doing? One mother mentioned her missionary struggling with allergeries. How are you doing with yours?
A:  If you want to send jerky that´s great!! Just about everything else I can get here. I don´t have problems with allergies right now.

Q: How is your clothing doing?
A:  Well, other than turning yellow I think it´s all doing fine. As of right now, my shoes are still intact and walking, well I guess the walking part would be my problem wouldn´t it?

Q:  So what might be the possible consequences of being witnesses to their wedding?
A: Well if something goes wrong in their relationship, they have to call upon the witnesses to be able to divorce or something like that. It would be like if dad had two witnesses that knew the farm fully and rightfully belonged to him, they die and if written information is lost it would make a really big mess because you would need the word of the witnesses to do anything more. Plain and simple I can´t or shouldn´t do it again.

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