Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Work of Salvation‏

Monday, 1 June 2015
Christ lives, if you don´t believe it please rethink it and test His promises. He does live and answers our prayers. If we don´t trust in Him and don´t try and seek Him to know if He exists, well farewell. We have to test the promise in the book of Mormon to know. Our LIFE and SALVATION depend on it. Trust me, I have seen the consequences pass through the lives of many others here in Costa Rica. The time to search the truth was in the PAST and RIGHT NOW. We must act or we will be acted upon. I love you all as Christ loves. Stay in the straight and narrow and he will guide thy paths.
Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Mis ojos ya perciben la gran gloria del Señor!‏  (My eyes behold the glory of the Lord!)

202 baptisms in the mission this month! We were blessed to participate in the preparation of 4 of them. What a glorious work. Well this past week was a new battle with more wounds but progress hasta la gloria (towards glory). We have an investigator A. of 15 años (15 years old) (how many A.´s am I going to work with in this mission?) that had plans for baptism this week but didn´t make it to church yesterday. We had an assistance (attendance) of 130 persons in the church yesterday. We found a young father yesterday and a hard lesson of the commandments. He´s not married but has a child and a partner, but she is leaving him for another man. When my companion heard the situation, he made a reference to the words of the Lord "it is better that one man perish by the sword and not a whole nation by iniquity" something like that. The more I thought about it the truer it is and I share my testimony with that of the prophets of old, wickedness never was happiness and if you´re not living the commandments you can´t expect the blessings and as the Tico´s say "salado" or too bad so sad. There was nothing more for us to say to the man other than sorry he didn´t keep the commandments. If we focus first on the blessings of the world before those of the Lord we will lose all, the opposite is true as well. Directly afterwards we happened upon a family who let us in. The father asked that I pray for unity in the family. Sadly right afterwards we explained a little about the Book of Mormon and watched yet another prophecy fulfilled. The husband accepted the fact and the wife rejected it with all her heart "we have a bible and we need no more bible." Yet further an investigator told us of a peculiar dream that he had that confirms the parables of Christ, that in the last days, one of every two would be taken the other left for naught. Two in the field one would be taken up the other left. And so we see it happen in the families, the father will accept the gospel, the mother will not etc. D. and A. finally have a date set for marriage! This Saturday. I hope and pray that we may overcome Satan in his desires to destroy the family. To top it all off I´m not carrying buffalo chips;) Today we had an interesting encounter with the ancient teachings of the devil and Zeezrom (before he repented). A man came to us who desires that we all show more Christlike love to all men primarily to him. At one point he said 'you can´t show your love without knowing my heart and you don´t know my heart.' I KNOW the heart of that man and it is pure priest-craft. He used all true words but his "intentions are as crooked as the Mississippi." I being confined by the Spirit to speak told him the love of Christ is not gratis, He paid to give us of that love with His life. So in a like manner we cannot expect to lower that standard to partake of it. I love my Savior and His atonement for Me. I know and feel His love. We must pay a price to know it. In the end it is very much worth it.  Last night I also learned to appreciate more of who I am, a son of God with an ancient identity given me by Him and likewise my companion is vitally different and therefore we are both special and have our independent needs, strengths, and weakness.
I love ya´ll. I want you to know God Lives and Loves us. Let us live to discover our potential and keep the commandments to avoid heartache. Christ is our Savior and will come soon.
Elder Farnsworth the Defender and the Obedient. With love.

View from apartment
Apartment--upstairs through the black door

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