Monday, July 20, 2015

The Work....‏

Monday, 20 July 2015
(note to friends)
The work is going strong and fast. Trust in the Lord and keep holding Fast.
With Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth ;)

Just another day of heat and water to breathe‏ 

Well where to start? We had one of the most memorable baptisms for me. D. finally got baptized after four months of preparation, I was pleased to be the Elder who baptized him! We were then treated the Saturday after to a party in the branch with the wonderful (but damaging) meal of "rice and beans." From painful experience I have found that meals cooked with coconut don`t set well with my stomach (I am doing better today). The same night as D.`s baptism it rained like the arc of Noah was preparing to launch once more, the little creek that separates my old home from the church filled all the way then filled the street so we had to cross "the river to the missionaries house we go." Sunday was very very special. It was the birthday of O. (one of my favorite members) and F. (O. is F.`s home teacher!) We received a phone call from D. saying that they were just about to arrive at the church, We were just arriving ourselves, and to our surprise the greeting couple at the chapel was D. (the newly baptized member) and A! We hardly recognized D. in his Sunday clothes. He received the gift of the Holy Ghost and the Aaronic Priesthood as well. We had a wonderful day, my companion teasing me the whole time about changes. We met with most of the families that have impacted me most, including D., then at 9:00 I got the call, (I would be transfering to) Puerto Viejo Sarapiqui (part of Heredia and the 'northern lowlands').
Puerto Viejo Sarapiqui is located at the upper yellow rectangle

It is a white wash (replacing both previous missionaries with two new ones). We have a new house and we are replacing Elder Cuevas and his companion.... But the members want to help and I feel they have been praying us here. I will still be in the New Stake that they will be creating next Sunday, so I have an opportunity to see my converts and members from Siquirres. It has been an interesting day and week.

I had a tough time with the weight of my luggage today; I have to go through and throw extra weight out. Thanks for everything. We`ll see you later. (sorry no pictures this week)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Our Heritage (Nuestro Legado)‏

 Monday, 13 July 2015
(note to friends)
       As we strive daily to overcome our challenges, I have found it works better to focus on helping others overcome their challenges. That is the way that the Lord has prepared it. As well, it helps to focus on the way that He helped to mold and change our forefathers and also learn from their faith and sacrifices. From them and Christ we can learn to act with more faith, courage, love, diligence, and selfless-ness (if that is how you write it). I have learned to become more patient and full of love and find that I am searching for more ways to help other people and meanwhile the Lord is searching for ways to help me. I pray that I might more fully live as He desires of me and that we may all strive to further help those who are falling away from the happiness and peace which are found in the gospel, that they may once more stand firm and sing with joy the "songs of Zion."  
              With Love and respect, Elder Terrance Farnsworth

On The Road Again!‏

              Well Cory, it`s good but weird to see you home again with the family. Have you done your daily planning, contacting, teaching, etc? Thanks for what you all shared with me. Sometimes I wonder why things are so hard and it`s because I get thinking too much on those things that really don`t matter. We were very blessed this last week. I had felt for a week or two to travel a little farther down the road to the Branch President`s house, I didn`t know why but we finally went when plans went down the drain and immediately we started feeling better. We only found President`s wife at home but asked for referrals and she gave us two for the children of ....F.! We went and contacted the daughter K.  and her son A. They were glad to receive us and have interest in the church. When we went searching for the son of F., we found two other families instead that have interest in our message. It has been tough this week again because we didn`t have much time to work in our area because we had divisions twice in the week, we had an "Actividad Misional" that was close to a disaster, and none of our investigators showed up to church. However, a plus side to the week, I am doing a lot better with my health and I studied almost all of the week on how to help our recent converts and less active members and found peace and happiness that come from the simple steps of the gospel that keep us on the straight and narrow. As I studied I have felt my love grow, my patience, and more strength from the Holy Ghost. I decided to send messages to all of our recent converts yesterday which ended up breaking my heart. The family with whom we worked so long in Cultivez to be able to baptize M. now doesn`t want us to visit or talk with them. To make it better F. called in response to my message and the things he told me literally broke the last which I had. He is very sick, has had operations on his shoulder, in his eye, fell down on the tile in his home which further damaged him, etc. He told me that he feels as if there just isn`t love anymore from the part of the missionaries and hasn`t been able to come to church. Knowing my spiritual side and how I respond when my spirit is broken I`m sure you can imagine how that broke my heart. A change of topic; we met with D. last night, he has a strong testimony of Joseph Smith and the Prayer which changed the world and described the First vision to his sister in law! He will now be baptized this Friday at 9:00 in the morning and confirmed on Sunday. As we were wrapping up the lesson someone brought up different languages and I mentioned telling a joke of sorts, but I`m terrible for telling jokes and had to ask Elder Lopez how to say eagle. He got mixed up and was thinking of Igor, some sort of monster, and began to describe Eagle as "un burro gordo (a fat burro)" and we all lost it. I feel bad about laughing so hard with investigators like that, but it relieved a lot of stress and I learned one thing; I should never try telling jokes as a missionary or in spanish. I love you all lots. I hope that I may learn more fully to live and sacrifice as did our forefathers, Joseph Smith, and many others, love and live, serve and smile as they did in times of difficulty always choosing the better way and walk of life.
Con Amor el Elder Terrance Farnsworth


 Monday, 6 July 2015
(note to friends)
 To every time there is a season, every person a better reason, to keep on searching for the potential that God gave to us, you and Me. Even though we are as a rock being shaped and changed and sometimes hurt a lot, at least in the end we will be viewed as more valuable and we won`t want to take back those moments that made us who He wanted us to be. I know I am not perfect, but He perfectly knows me, I want to become the Son of God that He knows I can be. May we all seek to find His will for us in our life and seek to follow His counsel, that we may be more happy.
                           Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Times of Tribulation‏

        Well we haven`t washed away yet, but a lot of zona Limon has been flooded and have been making rescue efforts on a daily basis from what I`ve heard. I`m finally doing better in health especially after my fast yesterday, even though I decided not to fast quite as long as normal. We`ve found some good people that want to hear the gospel, a lot of which are family to a recent convert of our zone leaders. A. is still strong in his testimony, his dad and brother went to work again yesterday, they finally repaired their car and had clear weather. Noooo! D. went to the beach; we previously made plans so that we could have his baptism today, but with the rain today they got trapped outside of Siquirres for flooding and we don`t know if he will arrive in time. We`ve had many people turn down our message, old investigators, inactives, etc. I have really been struggling spiritually. I know I need to forget myself and go to work; I don`t know if not being able to have strength to work, then seeing so many investigators stop in their progress, failing to reach goals, etc has taken it`s toll? I feel many times that my body just needs a rest, which I KNOW IS ONLY possible to do relying on the Lord, working all that much harder, doing all I can to accomplish goals, and loving and serving with all my heart. So in my time of spiritual weakness I want to ask you all to be patient with me, pray for me and I want to share my testimony because I was not with you all yesterday.

       I know when we are baptized our wrongs are washed away, I know I am a child of God and I have the hope to live with Him someday, I believe in Christ! I know They hear and answer our prayers. I know the scriptures carry a power of healing as well as the sacrament. I do not yet understand All things of His gospel, but I know the gospel plan is true and it is what He has given to prophets in all ages. We are privileged to have Living word from Him as well as the Book of Mormon, the balm for the soul and weakened heart. I know it is a true Book and I can not deny it. I am not a perfect teacher, but the Spirit is. I know that Families are Eternal, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints is the only Church with the permission, power, and authority to form Eternal families. Why it is that People don`t desire to hear this message I don`t know. I could listen to our prophets every day if it were possible and I joy to read their words every day that I can. I know I have a part in Heavenly Father`s plan. My hope is to fulfill my purpose every day more. I love you all so very much. I pray that I may overcome the battle within me and cast out the natural man which is and ever will be an enemy to God and His Son. I hope I may further come to understand the Atonement and apply it more fully in my life. I share these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

       P.S. I had a traditional meal of fish on the fourth of July, bought a snickers and M&M`s, and saw "fire works" from the welder of J., A.'s dad, and We sang a patriotic hymn for studies. For those 100 dollars a while back I managed to pay to receive my cedula. I also learned from O. (my favorite member here waiting for a mission call) that one of the first missionaries here in Costa Rica was a Jack Farnsworth.

        I also learned a relation between pretty pointed rocks and missionary work; even though there are days we may look like loco`s searching in a whole bunch of possibilities the more we search the more we find and sometimes we are deceived by those who really aren`t ready or willing to accept changes to become closer to God, and no matter how much we may have hoped that everything was real we have to make other sacrifices to be able to see better results. I love yall, keep up the good work back home. Thanks for keeping my desires pointed the right way. Elder Farnsworth The Elder may you help move the work along back home. Until next time, I desire to bring news of good tidings.
     Elder The Younger.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

First cutting....‏ (of hay at home and self-haircut on mission)

Monday, 29 June 2015
        Well another week gone by very fast meeting the close of the San Jose Costa Rica Mission.
Terrance is back row center--left of the white column
Original MTC district together before mission split (Photo courtesty of Elder Moss)
 It will now divide and we will receive our new mission president, President Hayes from Idaho (I believe this means he will be part of the San Jose East mission). This past week was rough. I'm not sure of all that happened. We were in San Jose Monday and Tuesday (without sun). Wednesday a recent convert had some hardships. Thursday night I literally felt hit with a fever which knocked me down pretty good. We all thought it was dengue and I was pretty weak finishing out the week. Saturday we baptized A. and his father and older brother came with him to church and we are now working with them to get them baptized.

         I twisted my foot real hard two Saturday`s ago when I was crossing the train track and fell in a puddle and broke my umbrella. To top it off when I saw what my companion got out of a paid hair cut I took courage and oiled up the hay cutter (personal hair trimmers) like dad done taught me to do and that leaves my companion with a lot of baling to do........ something like that.
First attempt at cutting his own hair
          Well, I feel like I finally learned from my companion what I have been lacking most of my time in the mission, which Cory emphasized today, Christlike attributes, "how to obtain them." I now feel better prepared to be able to further set worthy goals and see success. D. has promised to take his sister-in-law to the beach this 4th of July. I don´t know why, but we are going to be working hard to be sure he is baptized this day instead, as it is a goal we have all had for him for about 5 months now.
         I love yall. It was good to see pictures and hear that you´re all pieced together. Oh yeah, last night we had a good thunderstorm. I think it even out did the thunder in Moab! We would hear the click of the shotgun and then the boom right above us. I look forward to hearing from yall. Keep care. Elder The Younger. 

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