Thursday, July 2, 2015

First cutting....‏ (of hay at home and self-haircut on mission)

Monday, 29 June 2015
        Well another week gone by very fast meeting the close of the San Jose Costa Rica Mission.
Terrance is back row center--left of the white column
Original MTC district together before mission split (Photo courtesty of Elder Moss)
 It will now divide and we will receive our new mission president, President Hayes from Idaho (I believe this means he will be part of the San Jose East mission). This past week was rough. I'm not sure of all that happened. We were in San Jose Monday and Tuesday (without sun). Wednesday a recent convert had some hardships. Thursday night I literally felt hit with a fever which knocked me down pretty good. We all thought it was dengue and I was pretty weak finishing out the week. Saturday we baptized A. and his father and older brother came with him to church and we are now working with them to get them baptized.

         I twisted my foot real hard two Saturday`s ago when I was crossing the train track and fell in a puddle and broke my umbrella. To top it off when I saw what my companion got out of a paid hair cut I took courage and oiled up the hay cutter (personal hair trimmers) like dad done taught me to do and that leaves my companion with a lot of baling to do........ something like that.
First attempt at cutting his own hair
          Well, I feel like I finally learned from my companion what I have been lacking most of my time in the mission, which Cory emphasized today, Christlike attributes, "how to obtain them." I now feel better prepared to be able to further set worthy goals and see success. D. has promised to take his sister-in-law to the beach this 4th of July. I don´t know why, but we are going to be working hard to be sure he is baptized this day instead, as it is a goal we have all had for him for about 5 months now.
         I love yall. It was good to see pictures and hear that you´re all pieced together. Oh yeah, last night we had a good thunderstorm. I think it even out did the thunder in Moab! We would hear the click of the shotgun and then the boom right above us. I look forward to hearing from yall. Keep care. Elder The Younger. 

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