Monday, July 13, 2015

Our Heritage (Nuestro Legado)‏

 Monday, 13 July 2015
(note to friends)
       As we strive daily to overcome our challenges, I have found it works better to focus on helping others overcome their challenges. That is the way that the Lord has prepared it. As well, it helps to focus on the way that He helped to mold and change our forefathers and also learn from their faith and sacrifices. From them and Christ we can learn to act with more faith, courage, love, diligence, and selfless-ness (if that is how you write it). I have learned to become more patient and full of love and find that I am searching for more ways to help other people and meanwhile the Lord is searching for ways to help me. I pray that I might more fully live as He desires of me and that we may all strive to further help those who are falling away from the happiness and peace which are found in the gospel, that they may once more stand firm and sing with joy the "songs of Zion."  
              With Love and respect, Elder Terrance Farnsworth

On The Road Again!‏

              Well Cory, it`s good but weird to see you home again with the family. Have you done your daily planning, contacting, teaching, etc? Thanks for what you all shared with me. Sometimes I wonder why things are so hard and it`s because I get thinking too much on those things that really don`t matter. We were very blessed this last week. I had felt for a week or two to travel a little farther down the road to the Branch President`s house, I didn`t know why but we finally went when plans went down the drain and immediately we started feeling better. We only found President`s wife at home but asked for referrals and she gave us two for the children of ....F.! We went and contacted the daughter K.  and her son A. They were glad to receive us and have interest in the church. When we went searching for the son of F., we found two other families instead that have interest in our message. It has been tough this week again because we didn`t have much time to work in our area because we had divisions twice in the week, we had an "Actividad Misional" that was close to a disaster, and none of our investigators showed up to church. However, a plus side to the week, I am doing a lot better with my health and I studied almost all of the week on how to help our recent converts and less active members and found peace and happiness that come from the simple steps of the gospel that keep us on the straight and narrow. As I studied I have felt my love grow, my patience, and more strength from the Holy Ghost. I decided to send messages to all of our recent converts yesterday which ended up breaking my heart. The family with whom we worked so long in Cultivez to be able to baptize M. now doesn`t want us to visit or talk with them. To make it better F. called in response to my message and the things he told me literally broke the last which I had. He is very sick, has had operations on his shoulder, in his eye, fell down on the tile in his home which further damaged him, etc. He told me that he feels as if there just isn`t love anymore from the part of the missionaries and hasn`t been able to come to church. Knowing my spiritual side and how I respond when my spirit is broken I`m sure you can imagine how that broke my heart. A change of topic; we met with D. last night, he has a strong testimony of Joseph Smith and the Prayer which changed the world and described the First vision to his sister in law! He will now be baptized this Friday at 9:00 in the morning and confirmed on Sunday. As we were wrapping up the lesson someone brought up different languages and I mentioned telling a joke of sorts, but I`m terrible for telling jokes and had to ask Elder Lopez how to say eagle. He got mixed up and was thinking of Igor, some sort of monster, and began to describe Eagle as "un burro gordo (a fat burro)" and we all lost it. I feel bad about laughing so hard with investigators like that, but it relieved a lot of stress and I learned one thing; I should never try telling jokes as a missionary or in spanish. I love you all lots. I hope that I may learn more fully to live and sacrifice as did our forefathers, Joseph Smith, and many others, love and live, serve and smile as they did in times of difficulty always choosing the better way and walk of life.
Con Amor el Elder Terrance Farnsworth

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