Monday, July 20, 2015

The Work....‏

Monday, 20 July 2015
(note to friends)
The work is going strong and fast. Trust in the Lord and keep holding Fast.
With Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth ;)

Just another day of heat and water to breathe‏ 

Well where to start? We had one of the most memorable baptisms for me. D. finally got baptized after four months of preparation, I was pleased to be the Elder who baptized him! We were then treated the Saturday after to a party in the branch with the wonderful (but damaging) meal of "rice and beans." From painful experience I have found that meals cooked with coconut don`t set well with my stomach (I am doing better today). The same night as D.`s baptism it rained like the arc of Noah was preparing to launch once more, the little creek that separates my old home from the church filled all the way then filled the street so we had to cross "the river to the missionaries house we go." Sunday was very very special. It was the birthday of O. (one of my favorite members) and F. (O. is F.`s home teacher!) We received a phone call from D. saying that they were just about to arrive at the church, We were just arriving ourselves, and to our surprise the greeting couple at the chapel was D. (the newly baptized member) and A! We hardly recognized D. in his Sunday clothes. He received the gift of the Holy Ghost and the Aaronic Priesthood as well. We had a wonderful day, my companion teasing me the whole time about changes. We met with most of the families that have impacted me most, including D., then at 9:00 I got the call, (I would be transfering to) Puerto Viejo Sarapiqui (part of Heredia and the 'northern lowlands').
Puerto Viejo Sarapiqui is located at the upper yellow rectangle

It is a white wash (replacing both previous missionaries with two new ones). We have a new house and we are replacing Elder Cuevas and his companion.... But the members want to help and I feel they have been praying us here. I will still be in the New Stake that they will be creating next Sunday, so I have an opportunity to see my converts and members from Siquirres. It has been an interesting day and week.

I had a tough time with the weight of my luggage today; I have to go through and throw extra weight out. Thanks for everything. We`ll see you later. (sorry no pictures this week)

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