Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......‏

Monday, 7 September 2015

Well you see a lot of toys everywhere but it's hot! Mom, the shoes didn´t take all of the money, but they were expensive and the largest they had to offer; they will do fine for what I will be doing with them. I´m like the author that wrote "I fish therefore I am," the other shoes had a lot of life left in them for me.  That fruit is called Mammon or mammones, I quite like them. About half the people can say Farnsworth the other half no, For this Presidente Ricardo asked that the cake shop only put half of my name with ? marks to finish.

Our families are doing well here, only 9 investigators in the chapel this week. Saylin, one of the investigators of Elder Cuevas, came with her family and bore a beautiful testimony! It has rained a lot, but it is more like the dry season right now... the puddles dry up one day and then they are full the next--before the puddles just kept filling up. When we were making visits one tarde (afternoon), we saw a rainbow in the east, and a beautiful sunset in the west! The day after Carlos and his family gave us an orange (fresh from the tree) as well as a "pipa" or coconut that has three cups worth of water! Then I ate the coco as well. I about drowned on that one. Carlos, Jessica,and Sandy are all well in their preparation to be baptized, Paola and Elias are a little bit on the rebellious side of life right now, but all in all, A Wonderful Family! I woke up Sunday morning after having dreamed that I returned home with an honorable release, but felt nothing at home, strange and with ideas of how to return because I hadn't had the opportunity to see the Baptism of Carlos. The same day in the class of principles of the gospel we read about the Fall of Adam. I was blessed with a better understanding, not knowledge, but feeling of the Fall. How indeed it is like a mission. It ended my worries about death almost completely because like my dream, it really is a stage of being in one place with loved ones and going to another place with other loved ones; there is but very little grief and mourning related with that event. You can say that there is still anxiety and a little bit of impatience if you will.

Emar and Vasti as well are progressing. We went to their house one day and they immediately told us that they no longer drink café (coffee). They were prompt in telling us that the coffee maker died, a sign for them that enough is enough. We promptly took all remaining coffee and later on dumped it out in the weeds (with their consent :) We were also involved in asking members who would buy bread from Emar to help them save up money for the Wedding! We finally managed in divying out our portion. It tastes pretty good :) 

Estiven, a young man that has been receiving us has turned hard. He did finally give us a reference, a man named Isaias. It was our mistake and sad story to contact him... A latter day follower of the teachings of Korihor and Amalakiah. He professes to be testigo (Jehovah Witness), and tried very hard to have us deny our faith. So what did we do after it all? We went to Hermano Cruz and his family to share a message and what was it they were watching? A church video about the Book Of Mormon! So we were able to have a very spiritual moment using the Book Of Mormon to mend our spiritual wounds, The cause of The Christians, the true followers and disciples of Christ will prevail! That is the purpose of Family Home Evening. (Alma 48:7-10)

What more can I say?
Oh yeah, we used machetes to "chopear" the yard of Carlos! and we also shared a wonderful message on "true Love" with Carlos and Jessica, in the which my companion bore his testimony on the family and we have been getting together fairly well ever since.

Well, tell Caleb Hi for me... and if Robert needs an extra gun you know where it is; ...make sure you polish it well.

I love you all very much! Keep being the perfect family, being perfect in always trying to become more like our Savior! I know He lives! He is The Christ and Our Redeemer! There is no other way nor means whereby ye may gain eternal life! We know there is an opposite force working hard to have us "negar la verdad y nuestro tetimonio (deny the truth and our testimonies)."
DON´T LET IT HAPPEN! They fought too hard, froze and burned too much, suffered all sorts of unfair punishment for the truth to prevail. We MUST Put the gospel to the test and never leave a possibility or doubt of the truth in our minds, "for the spirit of God teaches a man to Pray!" "therefore if there be any among you who lack wisdom, Let him Ask of God!"  This Gospel allows room to "experiment upon His words" Don´t let anyone tell you the bible is sufficient because, "the spirit of the devil teaches a man not pray."

I love this EVERLASTING Gospel, for which we fight! In the name of Jesus Christ AMEN!


Being an Agent of our own selves‏‏

Monday, 31 August 2015
(note to friends) 
Every blessing from God we receive only after obedience to the law from which it was given. These blessings give us the means that we need to act and not only be acted upon throughout our life... Obedience gives us greater control over our life, greater capacity to go and come, to work and to create.

These words really impacted me this week. If we want to manage our future, the tool to do it with is Obedience to God´s commandments. I love you all. Have a good week.
 Elder Farnsworth

  De los Bosques De Puerto Viejo (The forest along the river of Puerto Viejo)

¿Como están todos por allá? Nosotros estamos aquí... (How are all of you other there? Here we are ....) Sorry not everone speaks Spanish over there, I´ll have to say though ahora it´s un poco más fácil (now it's a little more easy) to mix up the languages. There are just algunas palabras que salen de la boca (there are just some words that come out of the mouth) a lot easier than others, so speaking bilingual is actually pretty fun por lo menos cuando otros (at least when others) understand what I´m trying to say.

I had an interesting week this week. To let Sadie know, I got to speak with a native ..........English Speaker from Manchester, England. If you want to talk funny accent, that one had me worried for being able to understand. When Billy (the name of the English kid) was talking to his friends I didn´t understand anything. I did affirm however that our ancestors came from England; he told me Holyoak and Farnsworth are common names there! 

I had divisions on Thursday, with an Elder Harrison. We had a blast! He loves to work hard and make sacrifices, and doesn´t mind walking. (I´ve been stuggling with my companion being a little bit on the lazy side of things.) So I really enjoyed that time with an experienced, humble, willing-minded Elder.

Only eight investigators this week in the church, we need to work harder. It is in the plans to have more Elders here in our area, maybe by next transfer? We are getting really excited for the baptism of Carlos and his family. He chose to do a fast this Sunday, before we taught him anything about the fast! Eddy and Elisabet finally came to church with all but one child. They are on the path to marriage and baptism, but haven´t (up to this point) been making the sacrifices neccesary to gain a true testimony of the Gospel. That is our challenge here, get the people to read and love the Book of Mormon. Eddy got really excited this Sunday when we had a Fifth Sunday lesson on Family History work! A good way to help get into his heart and gain a deeper testimony. Oh President came this week too. Got to see our house and then dropped us off to teach and got to know some recent converts. That really impacted President and his family! I love Presidente Hayes and all he is doing for the mission. 

Hey Emmett keep up the good work and fun! Invite your friends to come to Church! I read in the Friend that our friends like coming to church with us! To everyone else keep on keeping on and thanks for your prayers and love. I bought a pair of tennis shoes today :( I was happy with the pair I brought, but I hope these last me a good while) Thanks for sending the "Dry Heat" down here. I´ve enjoyed a few hot Utah summer days down here, and even though it gets to about 115 in the sun it´s more tolerable than when it´s humid. 

I love you all. I know that Christ Lives and He really does have mercy on us and He loves us. When I was feeling bad, someone decided to sit next to me on the bus, even though I was feeling bad I began to talk to him and he started to explain to me his worries about his family--that is is just about to the point of divorce. We were able to have a lesson with him in the bus station and Share the Family: A Proclamation to the World. He lighted up with a new hope and told us he Knew it was true! We never know with whom we may make an effect when we share the gospel! It is the Only true Source of Happiness, Through Jesus Christ!

Love the Scriptures!‏

Monday, 24 August 2015
(note to friends)
First as I have been reminded, I too wish to give a special thanks to my brother Cory and his faithful service to the Lord. I have viewed him as a special and honest leader, always founded on the faith in Jesus Christ and in the holy Scriptures. If one could have the chance, in my scriptures one would read my brother's name next to the verse in the book of Alma which describes Captain Moroni, " If all men were and ever would be like unto Moroni the very walls of hell would shake and tremble" (Maybe not quoted perfectly). Thanks Cory For all you do!

I love the scriptures and want to share that I know they are true and they Testify of the Divinity of Christ as our Savior. I know He lives! Please read the scriptures "as they will lead you unto all righteousness"

 With love Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Just another day in....A very,very, wet, hot, humid, Land of Promise!‏ 

Well Dad just for that I think I'll have to go ahead and get me a pair of water mocassins, not the snake but the type of shoe ;) Water--well because here there is more than water; a flood of water from every direction as well as that which comes from inside the body. Mocassin--well because the snakes are on the Loose! Two families told us of big boas that they killed, about 6 feet in length or longer, one they found killing a rooster, the other was well.... enjoying the shower with the mother-in-law of our old ward mission leader. They did some perty work with the machete on that one;) Talking about the farmers market, here I have grown to love many types of fruit. Every day the members give me something new to try. One really good fruit here they call "mamones" almost like " Los Mamaones estan llegando!" ("The Mormons are coming")

I can hardly believe Emmett is starting school! That brings back a lot of memories from my childhood, from my perspective that's where my memory begins. It's hard to think that he can now take his own responsibility and can really think and make decisions himself and have real life worries. I don't know if that makes sense, but I imagine that's what you thought when you sent us out on missions.... it's impossible that time really marches forward.

Good Pizza! The Broadcast with President Nelson was wonderful! It changed a few things in me (as well as did completing one year in the mission). One thing I have realized is the fulness of the trust I have put in the Lord during my mission. I have rarely felt fear of the area, only room to love the people. I remember being scared to do visits down in the trailer park, but now that hardly means anything because there are people I love living there! Guillermo from Cañas says to tell yall hi. Francisco is waiting a surgery, he also had dengue. William and David still haven't made it back to church but are doing well. 

We had another 14 investigators in the church on Sunday! It was a very special day. We are working hard with a family, Carlos y su esposa Yessica, Elias, Paola, Sandy, and Rachel (will have to wait to cumplir años antes de bautizar--have birthdays before being baptized). They are a wonderful family! Carlos one day by himself gave up smoking all together, before teaching him about the word of wisdom; after teaching the word of wisdom, my companion asked for all of their coffee, and we tossed it out in the grass (we had gained permission but it was quite funny). Another family, Eddy and Elisabet, have 5 children, all the children of age have been baptized, the parents are working towards marriage, then baptism. One of the sons Wesley, will turn 9 on the 29 of September! He is a great little boy. I don´t know if I mentioned we are teaching a "Greengo"? He has been overcoming smoking and doing well. We are staying busy. I love this area. The hardest part is having enough time to visit everyone who wants a part of the gospel, because they have seen their friends and familiy members change. The other hard thing is fighting away Satan from our thoughts and actions so that WE will not interfere with the work. I was having a tough time with my companion but everything is ironing out okay, as well as the thousand ants that poured out of the iron. What a way of life down here!

Donde Se Fue La Semana?‏ (Where did the week go?)

 Monday, 17 August 2015
Well my words of this week will be short. I have enjoyed the treats you all sent me. We changed houses today....... for the same reason I need to buy new shoes. Shortly after being here in Puerto Viejo, someone broke into the house and robbed my tennis shoes, a fan, a dvd player, and some money of my companion. I am more than grateful that nothing happened to us, that we both still have our cameras, and now that we have a new house that should be more difficult to enter and rob (the last house didn't have bars over the windows, this one does) I didn´t want you to worry too much.

We will be having a broadcast for the mission with President Nelson, who will be here in Costa Rica I believe. At some sacrifice yesterday we had 13 investigators in the church. Also yesterday we were called upon to help the members (that used to live next door) Ricardo and his family move house.

Well there really isn't rest for the righteous in this life, because if we are righteous we will be seeking to serve and help others so they too may partake of the everlasting love of The Father. We have plans to make Pizza today. Hope all is well back home. I too believe in miracles. I felt one day in this week a renewed desire and need to act in more diligence in my calling and use the sacred Authority God has given me; it takes worthiness, desire, Faith and Action. I felt this day much blessings from the Lord. It is His work, so why not Work Miracles in His Name? That We may all continue in the Fight of Faith, In the Name Of Jesus Christ Amen.

 Have a good Week! Love Elder Farnsworth

Unbreakable Faith‏

Monday, 10 August 2015
(note to friends) 
 Sometimes I think that as we talk about faith sometimes we think that it becomes more complex the more we learn about it, to the point that we lose "faith" in trying to gain it because it becomes something almost abstract. Let us remember faith is like a little seed. For us a seed is something simple, basic in form and color, yet it can grow! The plant itself may appear simple and basic in different stages of life but there is always something more of the inner potential, that shows itself to the world in it's own and proper time. But may it be said by me that all that is required is that it remains a basic principle, one of action, pattern, time, patience, and trust in the Lord. The fruits of our faith are determined by God as well as the inner workings, in this let our Knowledge become sure, That God will and does Work great and mighty miracles through the small, weak, and simple things of this life. I don't understand how the sun rises everyday, but I have a perfect faith that it will. In the small and simple things we can become sure, then when He sees fit, He will enlarge our understanding. Oh the joy that will come as we put this more into practice and act in obedience because of our simple faith that says "if God promised it, I WILL do it, and when I do it I KNOW He will Bless!" I say these things to give glory to my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ. I know they Live and They want us to be happy:
Take care until next time,
Elder Terrance Farnsworth


I thought I had sent my letter last week but found it safely tucked away in the drafts of my emails. Two letters today! I've had a great Birthday week and I have enjoyed the treats!
(So has the second counselor Hermano Ricardo; I found out he loves jerky and let him have one of my bags of jerky. He looked as happy as a little boy on Christmas day;) I am physically tired. We run to scheduled appointments like crazy here; I believe we need to take a step back and decide which of these investigators are really progressing, leave some of them and find others, if not we will spend all our time here visiting the same people every other day and not see much progress.

The Multi-zone conference that we had with Elder Duncan was very good. We also started an English class! I enjoyed recognizing some of the concepts once again. I can hardly speak it though. I got to give a talk on Sunday about the Book of Mormon--one of the main topics Elder Duncan spoke about, if someone had problems with the gospel he simply told us, "Get them to read the Book of Mormon." We then went with the second counselor last night to visit some members and he taught me a lot about the faith and how it really gives purpose and life to the doctrines we teach. It's not so much that we can teach a lesson correctly about principles and doctrines of the gospel so much as teach it with a simple conviction that it works and help them see in what way it will help them. In the end they desire to trust in the promises of the Lord and they commit themselves to act many times before we "try to convince" them.

Zone Atlantica with Elder Duncan
I feel I was sent here to learn Humility and Faith, and this mainly through Hermano Ricardo, he is a wonderful man. I have learned a lot lately about forgiveness, gratitude, humility, and a little more about the true lifestyle of one who has Charity. I love you all A LOT. I hope I can focus more on the work, in doing it in the Lord's way, and become who he needs me to be. Take care and love yall, love Elder Farnsworth.

Faith and Happiness‏

Monday, 3 August 2015

When we learn and train ourselves to develop our faith, our happiness begins to grow because as we strengthen our faith we are depending more on Christ and His Love and Power. May we all strive to Remember Him and have more faith To bring about His purposes. Faith is like a little seed when cared for it grows, give it time and love, patience and hope, and let others see your desires shine. Take care, I love you all and hope we are all still stalwart in the Path of Discipleship.
 Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Puerto Viejo (Semana 1)

Monday, 27 July 2015
(note to friends)

Put your Shoulder to the Wheel‏ 

And when it starts hurting use the other one;) The work of God keeps moving along. I Know that God has a Plan for each and every one of us. Sometimes being a part of that plan means that we get to be a part of answers to prayers and help others in their journey home. The Lord really does want all to return to Him, we need to help the "one" that is nearest and dearest to us and He will provide the Miracles. After we bring one back, why not search out another one? In the end we want to be a grand family united in His love. You want to know the best part, It really IS possible. That I may do my part more fully I pray. I love you all and hope the very best for each one of you.
With Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth.

Puerto Viejo

Well, well, well, now I see what happens when you celebrate the Birthday without the "Boy". Great imagery Dad in your fiction book you wrote me.... Mind re-acting it all out but this time with the film rolling so i can really see the action, and in color, you can´t forget the color. I don´t think black and white would quite cut it. I didn´t know my family was so good for acting ;) My companion Elder De Leon says to say hi to Emmett.

My Area, well I love it. I have never seen so much unity in the members and with so much desires to help us carry on the work. I think I will be praying a drought upon this area though. They have all told us that it floods really bad here.... when I finally got a look at the river it gave me the willies, it has to raise about 25 or 30 feet just to run over the bank and then they have told us that it floods the streets at about waist level on me! One good thing is that in the place of having a nice pickup truck parked in the yard everyone has a boat of one kind or another, just a little comforting thought. This week we are going to get new mattresses!

Hey Jalysa, "It´ll quit hurtin when it feels better," but just to let you know, what you did was very impressive.... Dad even told me you found a "pretty rock" every time you fell, and you even skinned a bear or two with them. Well you know Dad--he likes painting up the story just a little.  It is a little bit cooler here so that makes me happy. Today we went to a cattle auction for a little bit. It was good to see, but made me miss "workin with cattle" because, "that´s what lets a cowboy know he´s still free."

We just had a new family move in the branch Saturday, they remind me alot of the Solis family. We were able to spend a very spiritual moment with them. They are a very strong family in the faith of Christ! They will add to this branch some very needed leadership and love.

Well I love you all lots. My goal here in Puerto Viejo is to help them create a ward and with that a real chapel. I am trying to use more faith and focus on following the spirit to help us accomplish more. I feel like here the field is white ready to harvest. May we all have a very good week and a Happy 1st of August;) 
Chow: Elder Farnsworth

(P.S. I am having problems with a rash on my skin due to constant humidity, I have been using the Gold Bond powder and hope that I'll cure up soon, meanwhile almost all of my body is itchy)