Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Being an Agent of our own selves‏‏

Monday, 31 August 2015
(note to friends) 
Every blessing from God we receive only after obedience to the law from which it was given. These blessings give us the means that we need to act and not only be acted upon throughout our life... Obedience gives us greater control over our life, greater capacity to go and come, to work and to create.

These words really impacted me this week. If we want to manage our future, the tool to do it with is Obedience to God´s commandments. I love you all. Have a good week.
 Elder Farnsworth

  De los Bosques De Puerto Viejo (The forest along the river of Puerto Viejo)

¿Como están todos por allá? Nosotros estamos aquí... (How are all of you other there? Here we are ....) Sorry not everone speaks Spanish over there, I´ll have to say though ahora it´s un poco más fácil (now it's a little more easy) to mix up the languages. There are just algunas palabras que salen de la boca (there are just some words that come out of the mouth) a lot easier than others, so speaking bilingual is actually pretty fun por lo menos cuando otros (at least when others) understand what I´m trying to say.

I had an interesting week this week. To let Sadie know, I got to speak with a native ..........English Speaker from Manchester, England. If you want to talk funny accent, that one had me worried for being able to understand. When Billy (the name of the English kid) was talking to his friends I didn´t understand anything. I did affirm however that our ancestors came from England; he told me Holyoak and Farnsworth are common names there! 

I had divisions on Thursday, with an Elder Harrison. We had a blast! He loves to work hard and make sacrifices, and doesn´t mind walking. (I´ve been stuggling with my companion being a little bit on the lazy side of things.) So I really enjoyed that time with an experienced, humble, willing-minded Elder.

Only eight investigators this week in the church, we need to work harder. It is in the plans to have more Elders here in our area, maybe by next transfer? We are getting really excited for the baptism of Carlos and his family. He chose to do a fast this Sunday, before we taught him anything about the fast! Eddy and Elisabet finally came to church with all but one child. They are on the path to marriage and baptism, but haven´t (up to this point) been making the sacrifices neccesary to gain a true testimony of the Gospel. That is our challenge here, get the people to read and love the Book of Mormon. Eddy got really excited this Sunday when we had a Fifth Sunday lesson on Family History work! A good way to help get into his heart and gain a deeper testimony. Oh President came this week too. Got to see our house and then dropped us off to teach and got to know some recent converts. That really impacted President and his family! I love Presidente Hayes and all he is doing for the mission. 

Hey Emmett keep up the good work and fun! Invite your friends to come to Church! I read in the Friend that our friends like coming to church with us! To everyone else keep on keeping on and thanks for your prayers and love. I bought a pair of tennis shoes today :( I was happy with the pair I brought, but I hope these last me a good while) Thanks for sending the "Dry Heat" down here. I´ve enjoyed a few hot Utah summer days down here, and even though it gets to about 115 in the sun it´s more tolerable than when it´s humid. 

I love you all. I know that Christ Lives and He really does have mercy on us and He loves us. When I was feeling bad, someone decided to sit next to me on the bus, even though I was feeling bad I began to talk to him and he started to explain to me his worries about his family--that is is just about to the point of divorce. We were able to have a lesson with him in the bus station and Share the Family: A Proclamation to the World. He lighted up with a new hope and told us he Knew it was true! We never know with whom we may make an effect when we share the gospel! It is the Only true Source of Happiness, Through Jesus Christ!

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