Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Donde Se Fue La Semana?‏ (Where did the week go?)

 Monday, 17 August 2015
Well my words of this week will be short. I have enjoyed the treats you all sent me. We changed houses today....... for the same reason I need to buy new shoes. Shortly after being here in Puerto Viejo, someone broke into the house and robbed my tennis shoes, a fan, a dvd player, and some money of my companion. I am more than grateful that nothing happened to us, that we both still have our cameras, and now that we have a new house that should be more difficult to enter and rob (the last house didn't have bars over the windows, this one does) I didn´t want you to worry too much.

We will be having a broadcast for the mission with President Nelson, who will be here in Costa Rica I believe. At some sacrifice yesterday we had 13 investigators in the church. Also yesterday we were called upon to help the members (that used to live next door) Ricardo and his family move house.

Well there really isn't rest for the righteous in this life, because if we are righteous we will be seeking to serve and help others so they too may partake of the everlasting love of The Father. We have plans to make Pizza today. Hope all is well back home. I too believe in miracles. I felt one day in this week a renewed desire and need to act in more diligence in my calling and use the sacred Authority God has given me; it takes worthiness, desire, Faith and Action. I felt this day much blessings from the Lord. It is His work, so why not Work Miracles in His Name? That We may all continue in the Fight of Faith, In the Name Of Jesus Christ Amen.

 Have a good Week! Love Elder Farnsworth

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