Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......‏

Monday, 7 September 2015

Well you see a lot of toys everywhere but it's hot! Mom, the shoes didn´t take all of the money, but they were expensive and the largest they had to offer; they will do fine for what I will be doing with them. I´m like the author that wrote "I fish therefore I am," the other shoes had a lot of life left in them for me.  That fruit is called Mammon or mammones, I quite like them. About half the people can say Farnsworth the other half no, For this Presidente Ricardo asked that the cake shop only put half of my name with ? marks to finish.

Our families are doing well here, only 9 investigators in the chapel this week. Saylin, one of the investigators of Elder Cuevas, came with her family and bore a beautiful testimony! It has rained a lot, but it is more like the dry season right now... the puddles dry up one day and then they are full the next--before the puddles just kept filling up. When we were making visits one tarde (afternoon), we saw a rainbow in the east, and a beautiful sunset in the west! The day after Carlos and his family gave us an orange (fresh from the tree) as well as a "pipa" or coconut that has three cups worth of water! Then I ate the coco as well. I about drowned on that one. Carlos, Jessica,and Sandy are all well in their preparation to be baptized, Paola and Elias are a little bit on the rebellious side of life right now, but all in all, A Wonderful Family! I woke up Sunday morning after having dreamed that I returned home with an honorable release, but felt nothing at home, strange and with ideas of how to return because I hadn't had the opportunity to see the Baptism of Carlos. The same day in the class of principles of the gospel we read about the Fall of Adam. I was blessed with a better understanding, not knowledge, but feeling of the Fall. How indeed it is like a mission. It ended my worries about death almost completely because like my dream, it really is a stage of being in one place with loved ones and going to another place with other loved ones; there is but very little grief and mourning related with that event. You can say that there is still anxiety and a little bit of impatience if you will.

Emar and Vasti as well are progressing. We went to their house one day and they immediately told us that they no longer drink café (coffee). They were prompt in telling us that the coffee maker died, a sign for them that enough is enough. We promptly took all remaining coffee and later on dumped it out in the weeds (with their consent :) We were also involved in asking members who would buy bread from Emar to help them save up money for the Wedding! We finally managed in divying out our portion. It tastes pretty good :) 

Estiven, a young man that has been receiving us has turned hard. He did finally give us a reference, a man named Isaias. It was our mistake and sad story to contact him... A latter day follower of the teachings of Korihor and Amalakiah. He professes to be testigo (Jehovah Witness), and tried very hard to have us deny our faith. So what did we do after it all? We went to Hermano Cruz and his family to share a message and what was it they were watching? A church video about the Book Of Mormon! So we were able to have a very spiritual moment using the Book Of Mormon to mend our spiritual wounds, The cause of The Christians, the true followers and disciples of Christ will prevail! That is the purpose of Family Home Evening. (Alma 48:7-10)

What more can I say?
Oh yeah, we used machetes to "chopear" the yard of Carlos! and we also shared a wonderful message on "true Love" with Carlos and Jessica, in the which my companion bore his testimony on the family and we have been getting together fairly well ever since.

Well, tell Caleb Hi for me... and if Robert needs an extra gun you know where it is; ...make sure you polish it well.

I love you all very much! Keep being the perfect family, being perfect in always trying to become more like our Savior! I know He lives! He is The Christ and Our Redeemer! There is no other way nor means whereby ye may gain eternal life! We know there is an opposite force working hard to have us "negar la verdad y nuestro tetimonio (deny the truth and our testimonies)."
DON´T LET IT HAPPEN! They fought too hard, froze and burned too much, suffered all sorts of unfair punishment for the truth to prevail. We MUST Put the gospel to the test and never leave a possibility or doubt of the truth in our minds, "for the spirit of God teaches a man to Pray!" "therefore if there be any among you who lack wisdom, Let him Ask of God!"  This Gospel allows room to "experiment upon His words" Don´t let anyone tell you the bible is sufficient because, "the spirit of the devil teaches a man not pray."

I love this EVERLASTING Gospel, for which we fight! In the name of Jesus Christ AMEN!


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