Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Love the Scriptures!‏

Monday, 24 August 2015
(note to friends)
First as I have been reminded, I too wish to give a special thanks to my brother Cory and his faithful service to the Lord. I have viewed him as a special and honest leader, always founded on the faith in Jesus Christ and in the holy Scriptures. If one could have the chance, in my scriptures one would read my brother's name next to the verse in the book of Alma which describes Captain Moroni, " If all men were and ever would be like unto Moroni the very walls of hell would shake and tremble" (Maybe not quoted perfectly). Thanks Cory For all you do!

I love the scriptures and want to share that I know they are true and they Testify of the Divinity of Christ as our Savior. I know He lives! Please read the scriptures "as they will lead you unto all righteousness"

 With love Elder Terrance Farnsworth

Just another day in....A very,very, wet, hot, humid, Land of Promise!‏ 

Well Dad just for that I think I'll have to go ahead and get me a pair of water mocassins, not the snake but the type of shoe ;) Water--well because here there is more than water; a flood of water from every direction as well as that which comes from inside the body. Mocassin--well because the snakes are on the Loose! Two families told us of big boas that they killed, about 6 feet in length or longer, one they found killing a rooster, the other was well.... enjoying the shower with the mother-in-law of our old ward mission leader. They did some perty work with the machete on that one;) Talking about the farmers market, here I have grown to love many types of fruit. Every day the members give me something new to try. One really good fruit here they call "mamones" almost like " Los Mamaones estan llegando!" ("The Mormons are coming")

I can hardly believe Emmett is starting school! That brings back a lot of memories from my childhood, from my perspective that's where my memory begins. It's hard to think that he can now take his own responsibility and can really think and make decisions himself and have real life worries. I don't know if that makes sense, but I imagine that's what you thought when you sent us out on missions.... it's impossible that time really marches forward.

Good Pizza! The Broadcast with President Nelson was wonderful! It changed a few things in me (as well as did completing one year in the mission). One thing I have realized is the fulness of the trust I have put in the Lord during my mission. I have rarely felt fear of the area, only room to love the people. I remember being scared to do visits down in the trailer park, but now that hardly means anything because there are people I love living there! Guillermo from Cañas says to tell yall hi. Francisco is waiting a surgery, he also had dengue. William and David still haven't made it back to church but are doing well. 

We had another 14 investigators in the church on Sunday! It was a very special day. We are working hard with a family, Carlos y su esposa Yessica, Elias, Paola, Sandy, and Rachel (will have to wait to cumplir años antes de bautizar--have birthdays before being baptized). They are a wonderful family! Carlos one day by himself gave up smoking all together, before teaching him about the word of wisdom; after teaching the word of wisdom, my companion asked for all of their coffee, and we tossed it out in the grass (we had gained permission but it was quite funny). Another family, Eddy and Elisabet, have 5 children, all the children of age have been baptized, the parents are working towards marriage, then baptism. One of the sons Wesley, will turn 9 on the 29 of September! He is a great little boy. I don´t know if I mentioned we are teaching a "Greengo"? He has been overcoming smoking and doing well. We are staying busy. I love this area. The hardest part is having enough time to visit everyone who wants a part of the gospel, because they have seen their friends and familiy members change. The other hard thing is fighting away Satan from our thoughts and actions so that WE will not interfere with the work. I was having a tough time with my companion but everything is ironing out okay, as well as the thousand ants that poured out of the iron. What a way of life down here!

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