Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Puerto Viejo (Semana 1)

Monday, 27 July 2015
(note to friends)

Put your Shoulder to the Wheel‏ 

And when it starts hurting use the other one;) The work of God keeps moving along. I Know that God has a Plan for each and every one of us. Sometimes being a part of that plan means that we get to be a part of answers to prayers and help others in their journey home. The Lord really does want all to return to Him, we need to help the "one" that is nearest and dearest to us and He will provide the Miracles. After we bring one back, why not search out another one? In the end we want to be a grand family united in His love. You want to know the best part, It really IS possible. That I may do my part more fully I pray. I love you all and hope the very best for each one of you.
With Love Elder Terrance Farnsworth.

Puerto Viejo

Well, well, well, now I see what happens when you celebrate the Birthday without the "Boy". Great imagery Dad in your fiction book you wrote me.... Mind re-acting it all out but this time with the film rolling so i can really see the action, and in color, you can´t forget the color. I don´t think black and white would quite cut it. I didn´t know my family was so good for acting ;) My companion Elder De Leon says to say hi to Emmett.

My Area, well I love it. I have never seen so much unity in the members and with so much desires to help us carry on the work. I think I will be praying a drought upon this area though. They have all told us that it floods really bad here.... when I finally got a look at the river it gave me the willies, it has to raise about 25 or 30 feet just to run over the bank and then they have told us that it floods the streets at about waist level on me! One good thing is that in the place of having a nice pickup truck parked in the yard everyone has a boat of one kind or another, just a little comforting thought. This week we are going to get new mattresses!

Hey Jalysa, "It´ll quit hurtin when it feels better," but just to let you know, what you did was very impressive.... Dad even told me you found a "pretty rock" every time you fell, and you even skinned a bear or two with them. Well you know Dad--he likes painting up the story just a little.  It is a little bit cooler here so that makes me happy. Today we went to a cattle auction for a little bit. It was good to see, but made me miss "workin with cattle" because, "that´s what lets a cowboy know he´s still free."

We just had a new family move in the branch Saturday, they remind me alot of the Solis family. We were able to spend a very spiritual moment with them. They are a very strong family in the faith of Christ! They will add to this branch some very needed leadership and love.

Well I love you all lots. My goal here in Puerto Viejo is to help them create a ward and with that a real chapel. I am trying to use more faith and focus on following the spirit to help us accomplish more. I feel like here the field is white ready to harvest. May we all have a very good week and a Happy 1st of August;) 
Chow: Elder Farnsworth

(P.S. I am having problems with a rash on my skin due to constant humidity, I have been using the Gold Bond powder and hope that I'll cure up soon, meanwhile almost all of my body is itchy)

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