Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Unbreakable Faith‏

Monday, 10 August 2015
(note to friends) 
 Sometimes I think that as we talk about faith sometimes we think that it becomes more complex the more we learn about it, to the point that we lose "faith" in trying to gain it because it becomes something almost abstract. Let us remember faith is like a little seed. For us a seed is something simple, basic in form and color, yet it can grow! The plant itself may appear simple and basic in different stages of life but there is always something more of the inner potential, that shows itself to the world in it's own and proper time. But may it be said by me that all that is required is that it remains a basic principle, one of action, pattern, time, patience, and trust in the Lord. The fruits of our faith are determined by God as well as the inner workings, in this let our Knowledge become sure, That God will and does Work great and mighty miracles through the small, weak, and simple things of this life. I don't understand how the sun rises everyday, but I have a perfect faith that it will. In the small and simple things we can become sure, then when He sees fit, He will enlarge our understanding. Oh the joy that will come as we put this more into practice and act in obedience because of our simple faith that says "if God promised it, I WILL do it, and when I do it I KNOW He will Bless!" I say these things to give glory to my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ. I know they Live and They want us to be happy:
Take care until next time,
Elder Terrance Farnsworth


I thought I had sent my letter last week but found it safely tucked away in the drafts of my emails. Two letters today! I've had a great Birthday week and I have enjoyed the treats!
(So has the second counselor Hermano Ricardo; I found out he loves jerky and let him have one of my bags of jerky. He looked as happy as a little boy on Christmas day;) I am physically tired. We run to scheduled appointments like crazy here; I believe we need to take a step back and decide which of these investigators are really progressing, leave some of them and find others, if not we will spend all our time here visiting the same people every other day and not see much progress.

The Multi-zone conference that we had with Elder Duncan was very good. We also started an English class! I enjoyed recognizing some of the concepts once again. I can hardly speak it though. I got to give a talk on Sunday about the Book of Mormon--one of the main topics Elder Duncan spoke about, if someone had problems with the gospel he simply told us, "Get them to read the Book of Mormon." We then went with the second counselor last night to visit some members and he taught me a lot about the faith and how it really gives purpose and life to the doctrines we teach. It's not so much that we can teach a lesson correctly about principles and doctrines of the gospel so much as teach it with a simple conviction that it works and help them see in what way it will help them. In the end they desire to trust in the promises of the Lord and they commit themselves to act many times before we "try to convince" them.

Zone Atlantica with Elder Duncan
I feel I was sent here to learn Humility and Faith, and this mainly through Hermano Ricardo, he is a wonderful man. I have learned a lot lately about forgiveness, gratitude, humility, and a little more about the true lifestyle of one who has Charity. I love you all A LOT. I hope I can focus more on the work, in doing it in the Lord's way, and become who he needs me to be. Take care and love yall, love Elder Farnsworth.

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